Manufacturer In China Since 2010
The Leading Custom RFID Products
One Stop Purchasing Supplier / Professional R&D Team / Numerous Success Case
Manufacturer In China Since 2010
The Leading Custom RFID Products
One Stop Purchasing Supplier / Professional R&D Team / Numerous Success Case
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  • ISO9001 Certification
  • CE Certification
  • ROHS Certification
  • SGS system
  • FC

JLTcard’s Core Values

JLTcard has been advanced in making RFID Products for different industries. Since its foundation in 2010, JLTcard maintained these values to manufacture RFID products for your needs.
Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery
JLTcard ensures that your order will reach you earlier than expected. We can ship the product to your door as fast as three days. It will be delivered in secure and well-packaged condition.
Pretty Competitive Price
Pretty Competitive Price
We make sure that our clients acquire the satisfaction they got from us. JLTcard gives a cost-effective price for every client around the world. The company manufactures high-quality products at cost-effective price.
Professional Design
Professional Design
JLTcard maintains high-quality designs for your orders. Our state-of-the-art facilities are more than capable to meet your expectations. RFID products were designed with long durability status.
Tech Support
Tech Support
JLTcard maintains 24/7 tech support for every individual's inquiry. This is to assure efficiency in our warm relations with everyone. Our end is ready to welcome your recommendations for our improvement.

JLTcard RFID Products Portfolio

JLTcard is capable of making the following RFID products for different industrial purposes. These RFID designs are modifiable upon the desire of your inquiry.
RFID wristband

JLTcard RFID Wristband is a wearable technology device for a person. It is said to have a tiny chip that is programmed to have your identity within it. This product would work as a wristband ID for specific purposes


RFID Tag is a sticker or tag technology device vital for a piece of product information.JLTcard RFID tag has an integrated antenna and chip that would be useful for logistics and product tracking purposes.


JLTcard RFID Card can be used to store data,worked as identification retention,wireless payment system,RFID Card has a unique serial number and description for the owner’s identity.we can product blank and printing RFID card

RFID label

JLTcard was also manufacturing and selling RFID Inlay,which has a chip and tag antenna within the film face.RFID Inlay was the readable part of all the RFID products we made.

RFID keyfob

RFID Keyfob is a key-like,high-tech device designed for data storage and identity tracking.RFID Keyfob may look like a simple keychain,but it has a chip and antenna to track information.

RFID Prelam

JLTcard was also a manufacturer of RFID Pre-Laminated Sheets. It is a blank RFID sheet that can be used for future designs. The size and shapes of RFID in JLTcard are said to be customizable.

Why should you consider JLTcard as RFID manufacturer?

JLTcard has always been the top choice of many industries from around the world due to our capability in handling the demand for RFID.
RFID chip & RAW material

JLTcard uses different raw materials for our chips and designs that are considered to be durable for the product. We use NXP Chip, Compatible Chip, Silicone Material, Paper Material, PVC Material, Wood Material, and many others. Aside from that, JLTcard manufactures these products as well in the factory.

Professional Team & Rich Experience

JLTcard would not last up to this time without the role of our efficient workforce. As of the moment, JLTcard hired 12 Senior Engineers to handle the manufacturing process. We have also 24/7 stable Customer Service Representatives responsible for taking care of you and your inquiries.

RFID Products Custom Service

JLTcard’s RFID Products can be utilized for different industrial purposes. These products were manufactured with customized shapes, sizes, colors, frequency, logo, serial number, design, and materials. We guarantee you that the design you prefer for the product you purchased from us will be strictly followed. We are after your preference to offer you the utmost satisfaction you hope.
Should you have any concerns or messages about our products? Feel free to send us your message.

What Kind of RFID Products and Services We Can Supply?

The JLTcard manufactures any RFID cards available in the portfolio. JLTcard is capable of manufacturing RFIDs, but not limited to, RFID wristbands, RFID tags, RFID cards, RFID Animal Tag, RFID Keyfob, RFID Prelam, RFID blocking card, Contact Card, RFID Labels and In lay, and more.

what is your MOQ?

The JLTcard can produce small to large-scale orders. However, our minimum order quantity was limited to 100 pieces. Aside from that, the JLTcard is generous enough to give free samples for small orders as well.

what is the production standard of your products

JLTcard is an ISO-certified, internationally-recognized factory that received many awards from lots of institutions. The company has been consistently compliant with international standards when it comes to RFID, manufacturing, inventory management, delivery, and quality control. The RFID products we produced underwent a strict quality control process to meet your utmost satisfaction.

what kind of chip do you offer? Can you help me choose A chip

The JLTcard offers any kind of chips that suit your purpose and would be willing to provide any tips about the RFID products you should purchase. Your chip selection will depend on your inquiry should you buy RFID products from us.

what are your payment method and terms

The JLTcard used telegraphic transfer or PayPal for cashless payment methods and terms. Please take note that in every inquiry you purchase, you should pay 30% advance payment and we allow you to pay the remaining 70% on an installment basis. If you are planning to become our long-term customer, our payment terms will be fixed upon the contract signing.

How long Does the Shipment Take

The JLTcard provides two types of shipment to your products. The first choice would be through air express which would take up to 5 to 7 days. However, this shipment is slightly expensive for your budget.
The second choice would be through sea express which would take up to 15 to 20 days. This is considered the budget-friendly choice for those who wish to order in a large quantity.

How to purchase any of JLTcard’s RFID Products?

You need to message us first by email or through our customer service to inquire about the RFID products we manufacture. In this way, you will be guided on what to purchase that suit your purpose. After you send us your message, our end will send you the requirement and contract to proceed with your order.
Please take note that once a contract has been signed, you ought to pay the order in full before it will be delivered to you. The JLTcard will give you freedom over your preferred design, mode of delivery, and maintaining its quality.

JLTcard Factory equipment

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