10 Ways To Use RFID Wristbands For Theme Parks


10 Ways To Use RFID Wristbands For Theme Parks


Theme parks are generally fun. Ask anyone who has been into one as a kid, and they would claim it was among their favorite memory growing up. Theme parks have also been incorporating new technology in their operations to make them more convenient for users. One of such technology is using RFID wristbands.

Do RFID wristbands work well for theme parks? To answer that question, we share with you 10 ways theme parks can utilize RFID wristbands.

1. Reducing queues with streamlined entry

Theme parks are fun until you have to wait in long queues to gain entry into the park. However, that has to change. Using the RFID wristbands makes it easier to quickly scan the people and get them into the theme park.

It is still a way of using contactless entry into the park. This generally means you would not have to worry about a tedious manual process when there is a fast option for you to take.

If there is a streamlined entry process, the park management gets more clients, and people do not have to remain in queues for long.

2. Use RFID wristbands as virtual wallets

One thing that often leads to long queues is because of cash payments. Some might need change, and that takes time to get done with so many people waiting. The solution is to introduce RFID wristbands to provide a cashless payment option.

RFID wristbands can work as virtual wallets by simply linking them to your card or bank account. You get a prompt to authorize the payments as soon as they are scanned. As such, the lines are largely reduced because the transactions are faster.

No need to walk around with a lot of cash. The last thing you need is attracting potential thieves who might want to steal your money.

3. Exclusive perks

Sometimes, people want the VIP stuff. As the park owner, make such stuff only accessible with the wristbands. So, the wristbands would be issued to only those who have paid for the access.

Each time you get to a VIP facility at the park, simply scan the wristband and get in.

Having such VIP zones with a fancy way of getting in means that the park can generate more income for such exclusivity.

4. Child safety

You may also find the RFID wristbands good for ensuring child safety at the theme parks. This is where the wristbands can be good for tracking the movement of children around the theme park.

The system can frequently update the different locations of the RFID wristbands based on the number of scanners or readers around the theme park. If a child is lost, they can use the unique identifier to see where the wristband was last scanned.

This is vital for parents as they can now have peace of mind knowing their children are safe and there is nothing to worry about.

5. Promoting the theme park business

Theme parks can buy the RFID wristbands and have them customized to reflect on their brand. It can be the brand colors, logos, and much more. Each time someone sees the wristbands, they get an idea of why it is a great place to visit.

JLTcard is one company that can make this possible for you. We are open to helping you learn more about the customization options available and get you the best designs possible.

Ordering food and beverage

6 . Ordering food and beverage


Remember we had talked about how you can link your card or account with an RFID wristband. If this is done, then you can still use the same to order food and drinks while at the theme parks.

The use of wristbands reduces the waiting times at food outlets. It can save you a lot of time, especially when many people use the same method. As such, the dining experience will be better too as compared to when you would have to wait in long queues to get served.

1. Increased security

Theme parks also end up with more security when they have this kind of wristbands. They are able to only admit those who have the right RFID wristbands.

Once the theme park buys the wristbands, it has to program them into its system to ensure there will be no unauthorized entry into the park. This should make it possible to make more money as people now trust the theme park.

It is the same thing with the kind of information the theme park gets from the customers through the wristbands. If the wristbands remain encrypted, you are assured that you will not miss out

2. Souvenirs

Those visiting the theme parks would like souvenirs to take home as a way of remembering their experience at the park. For this reason, we recommend offering RFID wristbands. The wristbands can be used for various activities in the theme park, but once the day is over, the users can take them home as souvenirs.

To make this fun, consider having a wide range of options so that the customers can pick something they like. Also, you now have merchandise to sell to the users as they come to the park. That is more income for the theme park.

3. Less ticket fraud

One problem that some theme parks experience is ticket fraud. You would get people printing their own tickets and presenting them as genuine ones. This does not have to keep happening when you can use RFID wristbands as an option.

We recommend supplying the wristbands as the tickets for getting into the theme parks. Only those wristbands in the database can be allowed into the theme park. Even if someone comes with other different wristbands, they would not work at the gate.

4. Make data-driven decisions

There is also the option of getting the data from the use of RFID wristbands to fully understand your operation as the theme park management.

The data can tell you more about which theme park attractions get more people. When you learn about them, it is easier to invest in similar entertainment spots around the theme park. Also, you can know which ones to promote during the next marketing video or brochure.


It is important that you always spend more time working on streamlining the operations of a theme park to make it the best place for everyone. With that in mind, you can always use the RFID wristbands for such operations. They are secure, can reduce waiting lines, improve cashless transactions, and more.



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