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  • Printable ,Can be used on variety of printing machine
  • High quality plastic pvc material
  • Multiple thickness options
  • RFID chip inside

JLTcard Blank RFID Card

Before you can start using an RFID card, it has to be programmed for certain functionality. So, it will be a blank RFID card before this can happen. As such, a blank RFID card means it is yet to be programmed or encoded with specific information to make it usable for certain applications.

JLTcard makes various RFID cards, including the blank RFID card. In this case, we give you a card with an antenna and chip so that you can do the programming later. It is amazing how such cards are flexible for different uses. The blank cards are available in different types; thus, we will guide you to pick the best one for your business

JLTcard Blank RFID Card Series

The JLTcard blank RFID card series is all about options. Some clients might want certain features over other clients. So, we make this possible by offering several card types under this section.

White Smart Card

The JLTcard blank RFID card series includes the white smart card as an option. In this case, the white color is the distinguishing factor. This means you can get other colors for an RFID smart card. We can work with your brand colors.

Blank NFC Cards

Blank access cards can also be in the form of NFC cards. The technology works the same considering NFC is part of RFID which is meant for short-range communication. The blank NFC cards are flexible since they allow for ease of programming to suit your needs.

Blank PVC Cards With Chip

The JLTcard blank PVC cards with chip are also a good consideration. The PVC material is affordable while still making the card durable. Also, the cards can be made of other materials other than PVC, depending on the users and customer budget.

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JLTcard Blank RFID Card Features

  • Customizable Material

    The JLTcard blank RFID card is an example of a blank access card that you can use to improve the security of a building or any similar use. These cards can be made of various materials, including plastic, PET, and more. You can still customize the size, and functionality straight from JLTcard.

  • Ease of Use
    Ease of Use

    The white smart card and blank PVC cards with chip are easy to use. You only need to get the card close to the RFID reader, and the signal will be picked. As such, you can end up with a contactless form of operation. It is that simple.

  • Slim Design
    Slim Design

    The blank PVC cards with chip and blank access cards come with a slim design. Such a design means the card can easily fit in your wallet or pocket and will be easy to carry. The cards can also be access tags meaning you can wear them, and they will not be heavy.

  • Scope of Application
    Scope of Application

    The blank PVC cards with chip have various applications, including access control, hotel management, the transport sector, and much more. The aim is to give you a versatile card whose capabilities are limited by its programming on what to do.

JLTcard Blank RFID Card Functions

  • Multiple Operating Frequencies

    JLTcard blank RFID card can be available for specific transmission frequencies. Most JLTcard blank access cards will operate on 125KHz or 13.56MHz frequencies. Because of such flexibility, we can tailor the blank card to the frequency type that works for you.

  • Easy Programming
    Easy Programming

    The JLTcard blank PVC cards with chip are easy to program. You would not have to do a lot of programming to get them working as you want. We can still do that for you and ensure all you have to do is start using the cards once you receive them.

  • Privacy

    The JLTcard blank NFC cards come with a unique ID number that is read only and cannot be changed. The code is compatible with EM4100, COBRA, APCIK, HID, and other protocols that allow ease of using the card without changing the RFID system.

  • Security

    The overall security of the JLTcard white smart card is quite good. This is because the JLTcard blank access cards can help prevent data loss, fraud, theft, and privacy breaches. Of course, expect better access control whenever you use the JLTcard RFID card.

JLTcard Blank RFID Card Advantages

Contactless Identification
Contactless Identification

The JLTcard blank RFID card, and blank access cards allow for contactless identification. This is vital, especially when you want quick identification so people can access a facility. Expect our RFID cards to make it possible.


The JLTcard blank NFC cards are also lightweight. You may not have to think so much about the weight because they weigh the same as credit cards. Also, it is the same size. This size is good for even carrying the card in your wallet with ease.

Long Term Functionality
Long Term Functionality

You will enjoy the blank NFC cards’ long-term functionality. We can see that these cards will remain the best choice for those who do not want to keep changing their RFID cards. The materials are quite strong and will always remain in great shape to leave you wanting more.

Maintenance Free
Maintenance Free

The JLTcard blank RFID card is maintenance-free. This is because these blank access cards do not need any maintenance. Since they are passive, they have no use for a source of power, so it is nothing to worry. Also, in terms of overall maintenance, you have to do nothing. Just keep it clean, and you are good.

How JLTcard Blank RFID Works

This is one of the best options for using RFID cards. However, how do these RFID cards or blank NFC cards work? The RFID system comprises the RFID reader and the card itself. Most of these cards are passive, meaning they do not have a power supply. So, you must bring them close to the RFID reader for them to work.

The RFID reader emits electromagnetic waves, which the RFID card picks. The card is now activated, and it becomes easy for the information stored in it to be read. The RFID reader checks the information against what is in its database and performs a certain function in return. An example is that the card can unlock a door to a hotel room.

How JLTcard Blank RFID Works
Blank RFID Card Durability

Blank RFID Card Durability

The JLTcard blank smart card works quite well for you because of the overall durability. Starting with the material, JLTcard makes the cards using durable materials such as PVC and PET. These materials are resistant to physical damage, wear, tear, and much more. As such, the cards can withstand daily usage and handling.

Water and moisture resistance is another reason for using the cards. They can even function in humid environments. So, in case of accidental spills, simply wipe the card dry, and it will still work. It is worth mentioning how the cards are also temperature tolerant since they can work at high or low temperatures. Such is vital for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Blank RFID Anticloning Benefit

The JLTcard blank smart card and NFC cards have features that help prevent the anticloning effect. Unauthorized cloning can generally make it risky for anyone trying to boost the security of his facility. One of the ways this is possible is that there is a unique identification embedded in the card. The number is checked each time the card is scanned to be checked with details in the system. This is to prevent access by cards not in the system.

Our cards are also good for secure data transmission. The cards use an encrypted communication protocol for transmitting data between the reader and the card. The encryption used cannot easily be broken. The idea is to ensure proper functionality without the potential of cloning.

Blank RFID Anticloning Benefit

Why Choose JLTcard Blank RFID Card

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02

The JLTcard blank smart card is what you need when you want to offer the best secure access to facilities. With the right programming and encoding, cloning will not be easy, and you are rest assured of a secure card that works just as we promise.

Depending on the card, you can also get RFID barrier material. The material for such use mostly includes PVC material. Its job is to help effectively block any scanning attempts. The cards are also splashproof and will remain in good working condition for a long time.

Having a slim design is what you need for the best portability. The blank RFID cards are the same size as other personal cards. As such, they will easily fit in the wallet and remain easy to carry daily.

The cards also have a wide range of uses. They are used for membership management, ID cards, vending machines, and more. Since the cards are also compatible with many RFID card readers, there is no need to ch ange the whole system to use them.

JLTcard Blank RFID Card Applications

Membership Cards
Membership Cards

The JLTcard blank access cards are the best for membership cards. You can use them for a gym, club, or organization where membership is necessary to utilize some available facilities

Voucher Cards
Voucher Cards

The JLTcard white smart card can be a good voucher card, especially for supermarkets that want to reward their customers. You can have the same being used as a loyalty membership card for the same chain of stores.

Hotel Management
Hotel Management

JLTcard blank smart card can also be great for hotel management, especially for operating the doors to various hotel rooms. The cards can also be programmed for temporary access depending on the nature of the stay of a client.

Events Management
Events Management

JLTcard white smart card is a good fit for event management. This can work as a ticket for those attending the event. In case you want a solid way of ensuring only those who pay for the event get in, such cards would do a good job.

Public Transportation
Public Transportation

The public transport system could use the blank smart card. An example is when you have to board a bus to work daily. The card is loaded with key details about your account, and then points are deducted each time you board the bus.

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