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JLTcard Custom NFC Tag

Business industries gain an edge in innovating products for a better customer experience. As a responsible market leader, you must keep up with the trends to compete in the fast-changing and ever-growing business environment. The use of smart products like a custom NFC tag is very advantageous. Learn more about its usage, features, and applications from the most-trusted NFC tag manufacturer.

A custom NFC tag is an improvised wireless tagging system. It helps you keep your products more secure and in order in cheaper, faster, and more clever ways. These three letters stand for “Near Field Communication”. They work similarly with RFID tags, except that you use custom-printed NFC tags on a more up-close level.

Transferring data for custom NFC tags happens at a shorter distance between two devices. NFC tag reader can work as close as 4 inches. Custom-printed NFC tags are friendly to marketers because of their various applications. They can be applied to labels, business cards, menus, signs, or posters. Mobile phone companies also use rewritable NFC tags.

Custom NFC tag is available in different types depending on the application. If you want to get information quickly, you can rely on ISO 15693 NFC tags. You can ask an NFC tag factory to embed a code on your flyers. Waterproof NFC tags during concerts or festivals would also be enticing. How about seek for assistance from NFC tags China manufacturers in launching your website?

There are many marvelous ways to increase your sales potential. Be partners with the right suppliers. JLTcard is the leading NFC tag factory based in China. We help businesses create unique customer experiences by maximizing the use of custom NFC tags.

JLTcard has been the top NFC tag manufacturer for several years. You are in good, amazing hands. We are ready for any inquiries about rewritable NFC tags.

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JLTcard Custom NFC Tag Different Series

Finding the right custom NFC tag for your business is easy. As a responsible NFC tag factory, we lined up the best types of rewritable NFC tags for you to choose from.

Custom NFC Plastic Tag

Usually, business owners choose a plastic custom NFC tag. Others call it PVC. It’s waterproof and easy to find. So don’t worry because NFC tag manufacturers can find a good number of supplies for you.

Custom On-Metal NFC Bubble Tag

Think about using a custom On-Metal NFC Bubble Tag for your outdoor products. This type of custom NFC tag has a waterproof plastic bubble that covers the chip inside. Its adhesive is more special than the others because you can stick it on metal surfaces.

Custom-Printed NFC Tag

Customers love to see personalized products like custom NFC tags. These rewritable NFC tags usually appear as rectangles. Whether your design is colorful or minimal, NFC tags China suppliers make it real for you.

White NFC Tag

Since custom NFC tags are very saleable in the market, NFC tag manufacturers keep a good number of stocks on hand. White NFC tags are the most neutral type. It comes in circle, square, or rectangle shapes. These waterproof NFC tags are available in different sizes too.


This is another type of custom NFC tag that uses plastic. ABS means Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is a type of plastic that can withstand so much heat, chemicals, impact, and much more. It’s perfect for super-busy industries.

Epoxy NFC Tag

This is a type of waterproof NFC tag. The permanence of epoxy’s adhesive capability lets you stick the custom NFC tag either on metal or non-metal surfaces. They are best fit for process control, inventory management, and logistics management.

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Common Uses For Custom NFC Tags

JLTcard custom NFC tag has already helped improve many businesses across the globe. How much more if you add your business to the list? Here are the top 4 uses according to the most-trusted NFC tags China suppliers. Let us understand how they work.

  • Launch A Specific Website

    Marketers use JLTcard custom NFC tags because they can maintain their branding. You can ask the NFC tag factory like JLTcard to provide a bunch of customized rewritable NFC tags for your website. Let your customer use their phones to scan the custom-printed NFC tags to access your website.

  • Share Contact Information
    Share Contact Information

    It’s fun to share contact information with the use of JLTcard custom NFC tags during reunions, business meetings, or any business transactions. It increases your confidence because not all have the same access as yours. NFC tags China suppliers are by far topnotch when it comes to tagging system innovations.

  • Share Virtual Business Card
    Share Virtual Business Card

    It’s a smart way to use a virtual business card nowadays. If in the past you often forget to bring your physical business card, this time it’s much easier. Have a mobile device and JLTcard custom NFC tag. Together they make a beautiful, innovative virtual business card.

  • Control Smart Home Devices
    Control Smart Home Devices

    Home device businesses have also adapted to the use of JLTcard custom NFC tags. ISO 15693 NFC tags can make you set devices on or off. They can also operate a coffee maker instead of you pushing the buttons.

JLTcard Custom NFC Tags Feature

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

JLTcard is a type of NFC tag factory that delivers speedy products. If you’re aiming to prepare for an upcoming concert, we will be sure to hand them over to you in time. The materials are intact for future custom NFC tags bulk orders.

Read and Write
Read and Write

As fast as a single tap on the mobile device, JLTcard custom NFC tags will transfer the data. The NFC encoder writes the data being read from the NFC tag. It’s accurate and reliable.

Anti- Fouling and Moisture Proof
Anti- Fouling and Moisture Proof

JLTcard is among the trusted NFC tag manufacturers. Our anti-fouling custom NFC tags are perfect for outdoor uses. In case your assets are exposed to moisture, you can lean on these waterproof NFC tags.

Information Worry-free
Information Worry-free

Our incredible line-up of experts and engineers are gathered as one in JLTcard to offer the best custom NFC tags ever. JLTcard has available ISO 15693 NFC tags, assuring you they are of quality even at an affordable price.

How To Program An NFC Tag With iPhone

For iPhone users, you can download and install an NFC app. It’s a user-friendly program. To use custom NFC tags, you must tap on the “Add a record” button. Simply select the data you wish to write. It’s either a text, mail, application, URL, or others.

After which, tap on the “Write” button. Then, place your iPhone near the NFC tag. Be sure it’s placed at the center.

Be sure to test and scan the custom NFC tag. Tap them on NFC-enabled devices. If they are properly executing, it means everything works fine.

How To Program An NFC Tag With iPhone
Custom NFC Tag Manufacturing Process

Custom NFC Tag Manufacturing Process

Before spending a huge amount of money as an investment on custom-printed NFC tags, be sure you have read this first. Here we will discuss how JLTcard manufactures custom NFC tags.

JLTcard NFC tag has three parts. They are the antenna, integrated circuit (IC), and substrate. The latter means any material like PVC, silicone, epoxy, or ABS.paper

First, the antenna is manufactured from a conductive material like aluminum. We can also produce it with the use of copper, conducive inks, and graphene. It will undergo etching, laser cutting, and printing.

Then, IC manufacturing takes place. It’s also called “chips”. Usually, chips are made from silicon. We will grow silicon ingot. Then, we will cut it into slices. The necessary circuitry will be deposited into the slices. Finally, it will be cut into individual ICs.

The IC will be attached to the antenna. After that, the converting process takes place. It’s when an inlay converts into a label. Then, an adhesive is added to the bottom. Next, it will be mounted inside a case.

ISO 15693 NFC tags may be standard. But, we can always give it a personalization. JLTcard is capable of manufacturing custom NFC tags with prints on them.

NFC Tag Works

The best custom NFC tags are distributed by NFC tags China manufacturers. They are commonly used for ticketing systems, payment cards, key fobs, marketing labels, and web addresses.

These efficient products are usable in many ways. Custom NFC tags have unique features like not being easily cloned by scammers. Burglars hate custom-printed NFC tags because of the upfront recording of locations. It’s hard for them to take away your best-selling luxury bags!

Additionally, custom NFC tags can contain visual information like barcodes, company logos, prices, and product information. You can see the necessary information in a matter of seconds.

Lastly, waterproof NFC tags are made from durable materials. The case containing the microchip prevents it from cutting, slitting, or being soaked wet from continuous rain.

NFC Tag Works

Why Choose JLTcard Custom NFC Tag

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01

JLTcard is proud to serve businesses from different countries for so long. We have produced a large number of ISO 15693 NFC tags. If talking about innovation and investment, you have come to the right people.

We have good engineers who are capable of personalizing custom NFC tags. Choose the best substrate for your business. Our sales experts will advise you about it. We can add your logo or tagline to the tags. We have large and up-to-date machines to manufacture more tags. It’s very in demand so better get going.

JLTcard Custom NFC Tags Application

Mobile Payments
Mobile Payments

Custom NFC tags can help you give customer satisfaction. It makes payment transactions timely, paperless, and convenient. Your customers will surely appreciate it.

Home Automation
Home Automation

Homes are our haven. Create a stress-free environment with custom NFC tags. Clean your house, turn on the music, and make a coffee using NFC-enabled home devices.

As a Smartcard or Smart poster
As a Smartcard or Smart poster

Smart posters are unique and eye-catchy. You will see not only wordy posters but also ones having custom NFC tags with QR codes. It’s pretty smart.

Library System
Library System

Sometimes we have to point our fingers at the library cards to find the target books. Thanks to the newest custom NFC tags. You can scan the tags and search for your favorite book in a few moments.


Manage your patients by using custom NFC tags. Have a color coding or ask us to print words on the tag. That way you can control the flow of patients, visitors, healthcare providers, and staff; all for the benefit of everyone’s safety and security.

NFC Signature Clubs
NFC Signature Clubs

You can never go wrong choosing custom NFC tags at the clubs. They are fashionable and hard to lose. The party place will be safe from bar crashers.

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