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The 4305 is a CMOS integrated circuit intended for use in electronic Read/Write RF transponders. It is suitable for low cost solutions

  • Hight quality plastic PVC material
  • Multiple thickness options
  • RFID chip inside
  • Printable can be used on a variety of printing machine

JLTcard EM4305 Card

The JLTcard EM4305 card is among the many available RFID cards. This is a top consideration for many applications simply because of the operating frequency range. The card operates at a frequency of 125KHz, making it suitable for various uses. The card chip is made by EM Microelectronic, which is a top brand specializing in chips for RFID technology.

JLTcard prides itself on offering the EM4305 card to its customers because of how reliable it is. The chip plus antenna are robust to offer the right functionality always. As such, you end up with cards that do not fail when you need them to work. Also, JLTcard is known for its reputation for helping you decide which RFID cards to buy. Expect to find the best cards with us.

JLTcard EM4305 Card Series

When you need the JLTcard EM4305 card, you may come across a few options under the card series. This simply means the card can be tailored to your needs. Here are the notable options for you.

125KHz EM4305 Card

The JLTcard 125KHz EM4305 card is the most common choice for most buyers. Just as the name suggests, the card operates at 125KHz frequency. This is vital for making it good at its functionality. Also, it is based on the EM4102 protocol, which you get with most access control RFID cards.

PVC EM4305 Card

You may also get the JLTcard EM4305 card based on the material of choice. Using PVC material is definitely the most common choice because of the price. It is also durable to give you value for money. As such, it is a worthy purchase for anyone that needs EM4305 cards.

Customized EM4305 Card

JLTcard is also big on customization. The idea is that you can have the card customized to your liking. We can print logos, designs, change shapes, and so much more. Considering the cards are for different companies, we expect each to have different needs. You may still opt for the blank EM4305 cards and customize them on arrival.

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JLTcard EM4305 Card Features

  • Security

    The JLTcard EM4305 card is one great choice for those looking to secure a location. The card has updated security features that ensure the best performance, and it would not be easy to clone such cards.

  • ISO 11784 & 11785 Compliant
    ISO 11784 & 11785 Compliant

    These cards also need to operate according to certain protocols. That is why we make them ISO 11784 and 11785 compliant. The result is that they can now handle different applications as our clients expect.

  • Two Data Encoding
    Two Data Encoding

    The two data encodings for the JLTcard EM4305 card are vital to ensure better security and a fast processing rate. As we can see, you can have better information encoding than the other types of RFID cards in the market.

  • Multi-Purpose Data Rates
    Multi-Purpose Data Rates

    The JLTcard EM4305 card is generally fast, thanks to its multiple data rates. The rates include 8, 16, 32, 40, and 64 RF clocks. Such a data rate would also make the cards versatile and useful for various uses.

  • Very Low Power Consumption
    Very Low Power Consumption

    The power consumption is generally low. Considering these cards are mostly passive, they do not have their own power supply. It does not take much more to activate the card by the reader, and you should have access to a facility.

JLTcard EM4305 Card Function

  • Student Cards

    The biggest use of the JLTcard EM4305 card for students is accessing their dorms, classes, and other facilities. Students would be issued with cards to help prevent outsiders from using facilities meant for students.

  • Club Cards
    Club Cards

    Clubs generally have cards that help ensure you get the most out of their facilities as a member. The exclusivity is further enhanced with JLTcard EM4305 cards to ensure all members with valid memberships can get inside.

  • Hotel Key Cards

    Hotels are always in need of a proper way to protect the belongings of their customers. That is why you get most having the JLTcard EM4305 cards. The cards have impressive security and would not be easy to clone as compared to what you get with other brands.

  • Visitor Badges
    Visitor Badges

    The JLTcard EM4305 card may also be a good choice for those who need to implement visitor badges. These badges can be designed to be active for a certain duration and then deactivate. This ensures that the visitors can only use the badges for a specific period.

JLTcard EM4305 Card Advantages


Customization of the JLTcard EM4305 card is one of the biggest selling points. We can customize the card to your liking. Of course, we have a list of customization options to consider. We have tried to make this list as accommodating as possible so that you always get the right card for your needs.

Impressive Frequency Range
Impressive Frequency Range

The card can operate from a frequency of 100KHz up to 150KHz. The sweet spot is 125KHz, which should be ideal for most people looking for RFID cards. They are able to enjoy this functionality as the card’s operation is smooth. It is even contactless to make the process faster.

Wide Operating Temperatures
Wide Operating Temperatures

The operating temperature is from -40 to 85 degrees C. It is expected to work well in both hot and cold environments. Since companies of all kinds are likely to buy such cards to reinforce security, at least they are assured of versatile cards.

Fast in Operation
Fast in Operation

The JLTcard EM4305 card is also fast in terms of how it operates. It takes a couple of seconds to initiate and execute commands. Let us say you want to go through a door; the moment you get the card close to the RFID card reader, the door opens almost simultaneously.

EM4305 vs. T5577

We had to compare EM4305 vs T5577 cards to see which ones are the right ones for you. We can see that the EM4305 operates on the 125KHz frequency while the T5577 card can operate on the 125 KHz and 13.56MHz. So, if you need a card operating at a higher frequency, the T5577 can be a better choice.


Another difference is the working protocol. The EM4305 card is based on the EM4102 protocol. As for the T5577 card, it works with various protocols, such as EM4100, EM4102, and the HID Prox. However, the read/write capabilities of these cards are the same. They also both allow data to be written onto specific memory blocks.

Both cards are compatible with a wide range of RFID systems and readers. However, make sure that you check each specific reader to see if it works with the cards.

EM4305 vs. T5577
EM4305 vs. EM4450

EM4305 vs. EM4450

After looking at EM4305 vs. T5577 comparison, we also have to consider EM4305 vs. EM4450 cards. Starting with frequency, we can see that EM4405 operates on the frequency 125KHz or 134.2 KHz. We already know the JLTcard EM4305 operates on 125 KHz. As such, we see the EM4450 having a broader compatibility spectrum. Nevertheless, the EM4305 card will still work with the most common RFID systems.

Another major difference between the two is how they are used. The EM4305 card would be best for access control, while the EM4450 is best suited for livestock management and pet identification. It is good to see how they can both be good for different aspects of our lives, providing the functionality we need.

EM4305 Operation

The JLTcard EM4305 card operation is like any other RFID card you have used before. It basically has an antenna and chip for storing the information. The card is powered when brought close to the RFID reader. The electromagnet waves from the reader activate the card allowing it to respond to the signal from the reader.

Once there is established communication, it is easier for the reader to get all the vital details and take the right steps that should follow. Let us assume the card is supposed to open a door. Once the reader confirms the details, then the door opens.

EM4305 Operation

Why Choose JLTcard EM4305 Card

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02

Choosing the JLTcard EM4305 card is one of the easiest decisions you would make simply because the cards are cost-effective. They are cost-effective while also remaining reliable for RFID card solutions. We can say they have the right balance between functionality and price.

The read/write capabilities also make the cards good for various applications. You can easily have them programmed to your needs. A good example is having them unlock doors only for a specific duration and stop when it is after office hours. Such flexibility is key to having the right RFID cards.

The JLTcard EM4305 card also offers the best security you would ever want. This includes things such as additional data encoding and encryption. The result is enjoying the best security that keeps unauthorized personnel at bay.

Applications of JLTcard EM4305 Card

Entrance Guard
Entrance Guard

Looking at EM4305 vs. T5577 cards, they are both good for providing restricted access to certain facilities. So, in case you need to implement an additional layer of security to your facility, you now have the cards to do it right.

Manage Library
Manage Library

So long as it is a library, it could use the JLTcard EM4305 card. Such a card is vital for helping the users check out their books or even check in while returning the books. It may also act as a membership card to the library.

Track Assets
Track Assets

It is still possible to track assets with such a card. It is attached to the asset, and each time it gets past an RFID reader, its location is logged. Such is mostly used for a hospital setup to track equipment location.

Security Check Points
Security Check Points

The comparison of EM4305 vs. T5577 shows that such cards are vital for security checkpoints. The aim is to have the best security, especially for offices with sensitive data. You may use the cards also for secure event access.

Loyalty Points Programs
Loyalty Points Programs

Us looking at the EM4305 vs. T5577 card comparison helps you see how they can be good for the loyalty points program. A good example is if you shop in a certain shop and you need to accumulate loyalty points, simply swipe the card, and your details are updated.

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