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General Questions

What are your payment method and your terms of payment?

Here at JLTcard, the payment method would be purely telegraphic transfer. To proceed with your order, we oblige you to pay at least 30% as an advance deposit and the remaining fee will follow. It is important to take note that the product will be delivered once you paid in full. For long-term customers and to suggest better payment terms, you can email us anytime.

How do you ship the goods? How long does it take to arrive?

We can deliver the goods to you through two options: by air or by sea. Shipping the goods by sea will take 15 to 20 days but it is the most cost-effective shipping transportation. However, shipping the goods by air will only take you 3 to 5 days; although fast and secure, this transportation is also expensive.

Do you o ffer customized services?

Yes, the JLTcard allows all of you to choose the style and design of the RFID products you purchase from us. The color, shape, form, design, size, and aesthetics depends on the customer’s desire for the product.

Could I get free samples for testing?

Yes, we are giving free test samples to you, so you could have an idea about the service we made here at JLTcard. These samples are necessary for the customers to get in touch with us should they have any concerns or suggestions for their future orders.

How do you guarantee the printing color correctly?

Our latest technologies in the factory allow us to match the color with the customer’s design file or original card. We made sure that all of our RFID products are long-lasting before we deliver it to you, including the color and outer design of your purchased RFID products. Moreover, we also adopt CMYK printing colors to ensure that all of our products are of high quality.

What type of artwork file can you accept?

If our customers have created a design for their RFID product that they purchased from us, we accept the AI version and the PDF format of the designs. This is to ensure that the artwork’s quality and graphics are well-preserved and would not look pixelated.

What is the lead time?

Production time would take up to 7 to 12 days, depending on the quantity you ordered from us. If you ordered a higher quantity of RFID products, production time would take 15 or more days to ensure the product’s fine quality. To know more about the delivery time, you can see it on the second concern.

Do you have any experience with other large projects?

The JLTcard have had been the producer to many enterprises in different parts of the world. We have accomplished large projects such as the voter card in Nigeria, airline member card in Singapore, Shakey’s member card in the Philippines, Driver’s License Card in Kenya, RFID producer for Marriott and Hilton, and others. Currently, we are looking for more enterprises, industries, and customers from any part of the world to partner with us.

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