What Can RFID Laundry Tracking Do For You?

Anyone who has run a laundry business before knows the importance of streamlining the business and have it run effectively. One way of streamlining your laundry business is by employing technology. In this case, we emphasize the use of RFID for laundry tracking and how good it can be for revolutionizing how you run the business.

If you can manage your business better, you can save on costs, improve customer satisfaction, and have a seamless laundry process. Let us get to know about using RFID for laundry tracking below.

Reasons to Use RFID in Laundy Tracking

We have already mentioned how RFID technology can be beneficial for your business. However, is it really good? The short answer is YES. Below we want to see how RFID laundry tracking is good for business and more reasons to get it for yourself today.

Better inventory

Businesses with RFID laundry tracking will easily tell you how the system has improved their inventory management. One of the benefits is that you can have real-time tracking of the laundry at different stages. Since this information is updated in the central database, you can always see it in real-time.

So, business owners can easily track the amount of laundry at each stage, including washing, sorting, drying, and packing. As such, you can also know how to stock your consumables effectively to keep the laundry business running.

Enhances laundry process efficiency

Anyone who manages laundry knows the importance of proper sorting and handling of the laundry. Traditionally, people would sort the laundry manually based on color, fabric type, and wash type. The manual work takes too much time and can be prone to errors, thus leading to misplaced items.

However, RFID laundry tracking means the process is more streamlined and error-free. Once each laundry item is equipped with an RFID tag, it should be easy to encode all the relevant information. With automated systems, it means you save time, and the sorting is done more efficiently.

Save on costs and improve ROI

Most people who want automation are hoping to save cash on their operations. Traditional laundry management methods include having multiple personnel handling the sorting and machines. However, you can reduce such overhead by having an RFID laundry tracking system.

The system helps automate multiple manual tasks as you can easily scan and identify various items. Other than reducing the cost, the same helps with reducing the time and effort that would have been spent on laundry handling and processing.

It is also not easy to lose track of things. This is because items are serialized and correctly managed in a system. With less theft and better management, people can trust your business more.

Quality control
Quality control

You can also have better quality control on how laundry is done when an RFID laundry tracking system is in place. This means that you can always have the laundry cleaned based on its requirements. This includes the water temperature, washing cycles, and detergent types.

When the correct steps are followed, it becomes easier for you to maintain the quality of your laundry services. Also, you would have this information stored in the database, where you can always review it to understand the data better and improve your services where necessary.

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Applications of RFID in Laundry Tracking

Expect to find laundry tracking a good thing for various industries. We look at that below to see where it is possible to use such a system.

  • Hospitality

    This industry comprises hotels, resorts, and many other accommodation facilities. Such industries rely heavily on an effective RFID laundry tracking system to ensure the guests can experience a seamless service while at the facility and maintain a strong brand reputation.

    If the laundry is managed exceptionally well, then you can easily end up with a better reputation as the guests are happy with your services.

  • Healthcare facilities
    Healthcare facilities

    Healthcare professionals will tell you the importance of tracking laundry and ensuring the right cleaning procedures are done. If it is a hospital, the right cleaning methods should be done for the patient gowns, lab coats, and scrubs. This ensures proper well-being for the patients, visitors, and staff.

  • Commercial laundries
    Commercial laundries

    Commercial laundries tasked with managing laundry on a large scale definitely need this type of RFID laundry tracking. You may be handling laundry from hotels, restaurants, and healthcare facilities simultaneously. Proper tagging ensures high customer satisfaction and avoids mixing up the laundry.

  • Retail and apparel
    Retail and apparel

    Sometimes the retail and apparel industry faces challenges managing inventory and ensuring a proper customer experience. However, with RFID laundry tracking, it is possible to have the best way of tracking and managing the inventory. The tag can have information such as the type of garment, size, color, and style. So it becomes easier to manage your inventory.

RFID in Laundry Tracking

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID technology, uses electromagnetic fields for identifying and tracking objects containing RFID tags. The tags store special information that can easily be identified once the RFID reader is brought into close proximity to the laundry. The information can be the owner of the laundry, preferred wash type, final destination if it is a hotel room, and so much more.

RFID laundry tracking means you will get many more benefits for your business. This includes better speed and efficiency, improved security, better inventory management, and more. We will look at these benefits in detail later in this guide. First, we need to understand the components of an RFID laundry tracking system.

RFID in Laundry Tracking
Parts of the RFID laundry tracking system

Parts of the RFID laundry tracking system

Below are the main components you will come across in an RFID laundry tracking system.

  • RFID tags: These are small devices containing RFID chips attached to the laundry items such as uniforms, garments, and linens.
  • RFID readers:The RFID readers are essential for communicating with the RFID tags to retrieve the information stored in them. This now helps you easily identify a certain type of cloth.
  • Laundry management system: This software is important for managing all the data coming from the RFID readers and presenting it in a friendly interface. As such, you can easily monitor inventory, track laundry cycles, and generate business reports for better analysis.

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Laundry Tracking

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Laundry Tag02
Why invest in RFID Tokens

Choosing to use RFID laundry tracking from JLTcard comes with a number of compelling benefits, making it an ideal solution for your business. The industry experience JLTcard has to offer will leave you enjoying the benefits for a long time. The best part is how we can customize the solution to your needs.

Also, JLTcard promises you of getting high-quality RFID tags and readers for setting up the whole system. Even if you expose such equipment to harsh conditions, expect them to last quite long and perform as expected. We also expect these RFID tags to offer you seamless integration with the existing systems you already have in place.

Customization options are also available for you to consider using our RFID laundry tracking options. This means that our technical team can easily customize the system and RFID tags to your specific needs. You will always engage the professionals in our team before deciding which option works for you best.

JLTcard RFID laundry tracking can be what you need for your business. Our RFID tags for laundry will do a great job in ensuring you get the most out of the system and run the business smoothly. JLTcard will give you all the details you need to understand how RFID tags can help improve your laundry business service.

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