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JLTcard HF RFID Inlay

The JLTcard HF RFID inlay is easily a top pick for those seeking RFID inlays. These are RFID inlays that operate using high frequency hence the name HF. They use the 13.56 MHz frequency. Such is still good for many uses, including security, tracking inventory, and more. Also, the JLTcard HF RFID inlay is available with many chips, including NTAG213, Midare, S50, and more.

Besides the diverse product range, JLTcard can also give you more service and reliability. All the JLTcard HF RFID inlays adhere to major protocols in the industry, so compatibility is not an issue. We also have competitive pricing that makes using the JLTcard HF RFID inlays value for money.

JLTcard HF RFID Inlay Series

We have already mentioned how the JLTcard HF RFID inlay has many uses. However, which one do you choose? Below we share a few JLTcard HF RFID inlay types and how well they work.

JLTcard HF NTAG213 RFID Inlay

This JLTcard NTAG213 RFID inlay the NTAG chips to make it more versatile. It can easily be used for many applications without a problem. Also, the cost-effective nature can be a deciding factor for some people. That is why you can get it more common: people want reliability while saving money.

JLTcard HF FM11R08 RFID Inlay

This JLTcard FM11R08  RFID inlay is largely loved because of its compliance with the various protocols in the market. The robust performance, low power use, and support for multiple memory configurations make it a good pick. The chip also supports NFC, which is a plus compared to some other chips.


The JLTcard MIFARE 1K HF RFID inlay with Mifare chip is easily a good choice for contactless smart card technology. The 1K is a common variant and it is mostly because of reliability. It might not have the biggest memory, but it is still good for various uses, including access control, public transport, and more.

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JLTcard HF RFID Inlay Functions

The JLTcard HF RFID inlay does offer multiple functionalities for different industries. For this reason, we can see more people going for it. Here are some functions of the JLTcard HF RFID inlay you should know.

  • Warehouse and retail

    This is the most common place the JLTcard HF RFID inlay would be used. Many people picking up these RFID inlays would consider them for inventory management, order fulfillment, and supply chain visibility. Being able to track your inventory should generally be good for knowing your stock levels and reducing the manual labor of tracking it physically.

  • Apparel and Retail
    Clothing and apparel

    It is the same if you also consider this industry. Here, brands can use the JLTcard HF RFID inlay for retail management of stocks. Expect to have improved stock accuracy and better customer satisfaction. You can also get better theft prevention with the technology. The alarm would be triggered in case of theft.

  • Tagging Assets
    Asset management

    Assets need better tracking, and the JLTcard HF RFID inlay can make it happen. The HF inlays can be attached to the assets and equipment, and their locations would be tracked easily. The aim is to always know where the asset is located. Also, this can help you know when to schedule maintenance for the asset.

  • Security
    Security and aviation

    The JLTcard HF RFID inlay is also ideal for the security and aviation sectors. This means they can be part of the access cards. As such, you can use them to secure buildings, airports, and other restricted zones. At least you end up with better security. Some brands use it for managing baggage so that there are fewer chances of losing luggage.

JLTcard HF RFID Inlay Features

  • Reliable Durability & Performance

    The JLTcard HF RFID inlay is easily a durable product for you to own. These HF inlays have a lifetime of over 10 years. In 10 years, you will have found a replacement because you need newer technology. Nevertheless, it is a good product that will serve you for longer, thus saving you more time and money.

  • Read range
    Read range

    The read range varies from one chip to another. However, expect a read range of 10cm as the average. This means contactless communication between the reader and the JLTcard HF RFID inlay exists. This makes the process faster and highly effective at the same time to save time.

  • Delivered on a Roll Format, Individually Vacuum Sealed

    The main formats for JLTcard HF RFID inlay include wet or dry inlays. The wet JLTcard HF RFID inlay comes with an adhesive backing. This makes it easy to attach the RFID inlay to its location. As for the dry JLTcard HF RFID inlay, it will not have the adhesive backing. You can use it as it is or get additional adhesive on your end to stick it into position.

  • High-Quality PET & Polyester Materials

    All the JLTcard HF RFID inlays produced at our facility must meet the strict quality protocols we have in place. The aim is to always ensure our buyers can have quality products. So, once the quality assurance team has gone through a batch, we certify it before sending it to the buyer.

JLTcard HF RFID Inlay Advantages

ISO Compliant
ISO Compliant

Our products are ISO 14443A certified. This is to make sure there is better compatibility. That is not the only certification; we also have NFC Forum Type 2 and others. Certifications and protocols aim to ensure the use of quality and compatible products. Once installed, you can easily start using them right away.

Pre encoding
Pre encoding

Encoding is simply the programming part of configuring the JLTcard HF RFID inlay to do certain functions. If that is not something you can do, you can rely on us to do the pre-encoding for you very fast. This type of encoding is usually customer-specific.

Customized printing
Customized printing

You can also get customized printing with the JLTcard HF RFID inlay. Depending on the material used, there can be space for custom printing, mostly the business logo. If the space is enough, some brands opt to add their services. It is just good to know that customization is possible for your brand.


You can also like the JLTcard HF RFID inlay because it is generally compact. The sizes vary but consider the compact JLTcard HF RFID inlay. As such, it is possible to find it in tight spaces and have it deliver on its performance without taking up too much space. The common dimension is 22 x 12mm, ideal for different applications.

Installation Process

The installation process is generally easy. We can focus on the dry JLTcard HF RFID inlay for our case. It is even better if you have the wet JLTcard HF RFID inlay. Since it is a dry RFID inlay, get some adhesive for the installation part if necessary.

You can start by cleaning the surface of where you want to put the JLTcard HF RFID inlay. If it is the equipment you want to track, small space for the RFID inlay should be enough. Apply an adhesive, and you can now attach the dry RFID inlay correctly. Just like that, you are done.

What if you want to attach it to apparel? For such a case, you can use staples to hold the RFID inlay on the cloth. Make sure to attach it to the cloth label so that you do not damage it before the buyer gets it. So, different surfaces may have different ways of attaching the JLTcard HF RFID inlay. Just make sure you follow our guides, and you should be good.

Custom NFC Tag Manufacturing Process
Anti Metal NFC Tags Structure

Anti-metal performance

When the JLTcard HF RFID inlay has anti-metal performance, it means that even if it is stuck on metal, it will still work as it is supposed to. Normally, metals can cause interference with the radio frequency signals emitted by the reader. However, with a special layer added to the JLTcard HF RFID inlay, it is possible to minimize this interference.

Another special thing about the JLTcard HF RFID inlay for anti-metal performance is that it has a special antenna design. This is key in further minimizing the interference and enhancing the read range. You can now have better wireless or contactless performance even when attached to a metallic surface.

Not all JLTcard HF RFID inlays have this feature. You have to communicate with us while making the order so that we can give you the right quotation. Nevertheless, the standard HF RFID inlays will still perform best regardless of the surfaces you attach them to in your application.

Optional Features

The JLTcard HF RFID inlay is no exception when it comes to optional features. One of them is choosing the memory size. This mostly depends on the chip type. Some chips have more memory than others. As an example, the Mifare 1K has a memory of 1KB, while the Mifare 4K has a memory of 4KB.

You can still include a printable surface as part of the option. This is if you are considering printing more information on top of the JLTcard HF RFID inlay. This could be your brand name or include the brand logo. Still, on the same, you also get to choose the color and shape of your RFID inlay.

We have already mentioned the anti-metal layer, which you now know its importance. The other option includes using tamper-evident features. The aim is to help you know if someone has tampered with the JLTcard HF RFID inlay since the last time you installed it. This is generally a good choice for many people who want more security.

Optional Features

Why Choose JLTcard HF RFID Inlay

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02

The biggest reason to get the JLTcard HF RFID inlay is because of quality and reliability. Our quality RFID inlays are great for assuring the buyers of the best performance. Even when you make bulk orders, we can always assure you of getting high-quality products. This is vital for those who want value for money.

Our product range is quite diverse under the JLTcard HF RFID inlay. You will find various chip options which vary in terms of capabilities. Also, you can get different customization options to help you enjoy personalizing the JLTcard HF RFID inlay to your brand needs. The same goes for the encoding process.

Expertise and support are key pillars of JLTcard. At least you are sure to get the right support from us on everything we sell you. Besides selling you the product, we also offer support and guidance on the installation process. This kind of support is valuable so that you can use the JLTcard HF RFID inlay correctly.


Beauty products
Beauty products

Retailers who have beauty products can use the JLTcard HF RFID inlay to showcase how good they look with interactive displaces. In such a case, the user can easily scan the product and get a simulation of the product looks. Also, this can help with personalized marketing for each customer.


You can also consider the JLTcard HF RFID inlay for the healthcare system. One of the ways is to provide access control and security to different parts of the hospital. This includes the operating rooms, labs, and medication storage areas. Only authorized personnel can access such areas.

Food Industry
Food Industry

The food packaging can have the JLTcard HF RFID inlays for product traceability. You can always know the position of the type of food in the supply chain. Some use them to tag the origin of ingredients, the distribution center, and the production date. These are all key in helping you run your company.

Product authentication
Product authentication

Various companies often face the issue of counterfeiting and, thus, the need for embedding the JLTcard HF RFID inlay to help address this issue. So the product can easily be scanned and checked against the inventory. Customers can even scan to know if the product is genuine or counterfeit.

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