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JLTcard Hotel Key Card

The advancement in technology has made it possible for hotel owners to use hotel key cards as a secure and easy way for guest to access their rooms. The hotel key card is often the size and shape of a credit card, which can have a chip or magnetic strip with encoded information, allowing the guest to unlock their assigned room.

Hotel key card manufacturers such as JLTcard are known for making some of the best options in the market. We do this through expertise and experience. If you want to experience that, we are here to help and serve you better.

JLTcard Most Popular Hotel Key Card

JLTcard is among the many hotel key card manufacturers who understand their customer needs and makes the right products for them. Below are our top options for hotel key cards.

Magstripe Hotel Key Cards

One of the common options for a hotel key card is buying the Magstripe hotel key cards. The hotel key card manufacturers use a magnetic strip to store key information for the card’s operation. In this case, a hotel key card will have information such as the room number, the check-in and out dates, and so much more.

RFID Hotel Key Cards

Unlike the other one mentioned above, the RFID hotel key card will have a chip embedded in the card. The chip will have a unique code that opens the assigned room. All the guest has to do is hold the card near the card on the room door, and the RFID reader will pick up the information unlocking the door.

RFID Wooden Hotel Key Card

RFID hotel key cards are often made of plastic material covering the chip and antenna. However, hotel key card manufacturers such as JLTcard can also make the key cards with wood material in place of plastic. The wood material is mostly from sustainable sources such as bamboo. This is a nice way of customizing your hotel key cards.

Mifare Classic 1K Card
Mifare Classic 1K Card

Hotel key card manufacturers such as JLTcard also make this type of card. These cards work based on RFID technology, and you would also find them useful for public transportation, access control systems, and more, in addition to hotel room identification. These cards are good in terms of security, data encryption, and anti-cloning measures.

Mifare Ultralight C Card
Mifare Ultralight C Card

You may also come across JLTcard onity key cards with this type of technology. These cards also use RFID technology but will have a smaller memory capacity than the classic 1K version mentioned above. Nevertheless, they are also good in terms of their security features. Many people might like them because of their affordability.

FM1108 Card
FM1108 Card

JLTcard onity key cards with this technology are compatible with MIFARE classic 1K card. These cards were developed by Fudan Microelectronics, offering some of the best performances. Since they use the same structure as the classic 1K, they can easily work with similar classic 1K card readers and systems.

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JLTcard Hotel Key Card Function

How you use the JLTcard hotel key card can vary a lot. This mostly depends on how the key card has been programmed. Below are some of the functions of a JLTcard hotel key card.

  • Door Access Control
    Door Access Control

    Since it is a hotel, the Onity key card is important to ensure only those authorized to access a room can enter it. So, the hotel key card will be programmed to only open a specific door in the hotel rather than several doors. This can be good to boost security as guests can store their valuables away from thieves.

  • Guest Management
    Guest Management

    The JLTcard RIFD keycard can be good for guest management. This is where the cards can help provide more information on who the guest is, the check-in and out time, how many times they use the custom hotel key cards, and other information. Some hotels use key cards to know the number of empty rooms in a hotel.

  • Maintain your company’s branding
    Maintain your company’s branding

    The JLTcard Kaba hotel keycards are some of the custom hotel key cards that can be used for company branding. You can have the company logo, business name, and other information printed on the card so that even the guests can know more about your company while using the key cards.

  • Promote extra hotel services
    Promote extra hotel services

    When you get the JLTcard keycards, you can use the Onity key cards to promote the extra hotel services. This is where the services are printed onto the key cards so guests can read more and possibly consider these extra services when they use them.

The Benefits of JLTcard Hotel Key Cards

  • Guests receive secure, personalized room key
    Guests receive secure, personalized room key

    The JLTcard hotel key card can be a great way of ensuring the guests have privacy and can enjoy the secure hotel rooms. That is why our custom hotel key cards will remain some of the best options in the market. It is even hard to clone these cards; thus, security is always maintained.

  • Promote service or increase brand awareness
    Promote service or increase brand awareness

    The JLTcard RIFD keycard together with the onity key cards can be instrumental in increasing brand awareness. You can be sure to have customized hotel key cards with details about the hotel. In case you would like to list more services listed, the JLTcard hotel key cards can also have them listed on top of the cards.

  • Turn the room lights on and off
    Turn the room lights on and off

    The JLTcard kaba hotel key cards can be programmed to do more than open a room. These hotel smart cards can also turn on or off lights in a hotel room. An example is where the light turns on automatically when the guest opens the door or turns off when the guest exits the room. There can be a lot more functions we can program into the hotel key cards.

The Advantage of JLTcard Hotel Key Card

Cost-effective option
Cost-effective option

The JLTcard RFID keycard is one of the affordable options compared to other hotel key card manufacturers in the market. Yes, you do not have to spend so much on getting these key cards and setting up your hotel to run more effectively.

Easier to Manage
Easier to Manage

The JLTcard onity key cards are some of the most common because they are easy to manage. You can always encode the hotel information into the cards just like you want. The idea is to ensure the hotel key cards serve you quite well all the time.

Harder to Copy
Harder to Copy

The JLTcard Kaba hotel key cards are hard to clone or copy. The last thing you would want is for someone to copy or clone your hotel room keys and then access the rooms without paying for the room. This ensures you have the security that you need to keep the hotel running smoothly.


The JLTcard RFID keycard, and other types of cards from us are made to be lightweight. Unlike some hotel key card manufacturers, we make our key cards using light material but still durable. Expect the RFID hotel key cards to work well over the years, even if they are lightweight. They should not feel like a burden in your pockets.

How Hotel Key Cards Work

Whether you buy the JLTcard custom hotel key cards or Kaba hotel key cards, they all work similarly. Of course, it depends on the technology. The main options in terms of technology are using magnetic stripes or RFID cards.


The JLTcard hotel key cards come encoded with information that helps access control, mostly to the hotel rooms. They can also include other information, such as the room number, the times the key card is used, and more.

When guests arrive at their designated room, they can swipe their magnetic strip hotel keycard or tap if it is an RFID keycard on the reader, mostly located on the hotel room door. The reader will validate the card information and only open the door if the guest has the right card to access the room. Sometimes the card can be programmed to offer temporary access to the room and will no longer work once the guest checks out of the hotel.

How Hotel Key Cards Work
JLTcard RFID Hotel card can work for following hotel locks

JLTcard RFID Hotel card can work for following hotel locks

  • ASSA ABLOY (VingCard)
  • Onity
  • Kaba
  • ILCO
  • Saflok
  • Tesa
  • Sargent
  • Cisa
  • TimeLox
  • Miwa
  • Inhova
  • Betech
  • Adel

Why Choose JLTcard Hotel Key Card

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02

When looking for an RFID hotel key card or a hotel smart card, you will come across options from JLTcard. You might be wondering if getting such cards from us is a good idea. Well, JLTcard is your best manufacturer because of the quality of our products. We have continued to pursue the aspect of quality for a long time, and we are sure you will like our products.


Also, our hotel key cards are the best in terms of security. These cards have advanced security features, including encryption and anti-cloning features. These are vital so that access to rooms is limited, and you also enjoy the overall performance of our hotel key cards.


JLTcard understands that guests will use the hotel key cards more often. That is why we made highly durable key cards. They can withstand frequent use at the hotel. Also, we make these cards compatible. So long as it is the same technology, they would be compatible.

If you also want customization, we can do that for you. We will customize the design, color, shape, size, and other aspects of the hotel key cards. We also print information on the cards to advertise your hotel services.

JLTcard Hotel Key Card Application


The JLTcard RFID hotel key card can be a good hotel smart card option that ensures you get the most out of your hotel management. When you use hotel key cards, you can streamline how the guests can access their rooms and ensure they feel safe inside the rooms too


Owning a resort might need custom hotel key cards that ensure your guests have easy access to the services they have paid for around the resort. A good example is the use of JLTcard kaba hotel key cards that work well to grant access to certain rooms and services the hotel has to offer.


You can also use the JLTcard RFID hotel key card for condo access. Maybe you are renting out your condo, this means someone will need access to it. We recommend opting for a hotel smart card to help control who can access the condo and also secure it from burglars.


The JLTcard hotel key card can also be useful for apartment access. The apartments also need proper security; our key cards can do that for you. Only those with the right key card can access the apartment, especially if it is for a short rental or you own it personally.

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