How Can NFC Be Used at Festivals

Festivals are a fun place to be. What is not fun is standing in long queues waiting for your turn to get into the event space. Many companies hosting events have opted to consider using new technology to improve the customer experience. One such technology is Near Field Communication or NFC.

The use of NFC at festivals has to do with a lot more than just improving the ticketing experience. We want to look at more benefits of including NFC as part of the festivals to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Uses of NFC At Festivals


The NFC wristbands or cards can work as digital tickets, granting the attendees hassle-free entry into the event space. The NFC readers can scan the tickets at the gate. Once they are validated, you can now access the space.

This technology eliminates the need for paper tickets. This can reduce the risk of fraud and speed up getting into the event space.

Locking mechanism

NFC-enabled payment systems are also now available at festivals. They make it easy for you to purchase food at the stalls, bars, and merchandise booths. There is no need to carry physical cash around.

You could use your NFC-enabled phone or bracelet that is linked to your account. Simply tap on the reader for a scan and authorize payment.

NFC Wristbands For Hotels

You could also get NFC at festivals offering interactive experiences. Attendees would simply tap on the NFC devices, allowing them to participate in various activities. It can be art, games, or informational displays.

This can easily foster attendee engagement, allow for ease of data collection, and enhance the overall festival experience.

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Personalization and recommendations

The festival organizers can use the information collected from NFC readers to offer personalized schedules at the event. This allows the attendees to have a custom itinerary and get suggestions on what to attend based on preferences.

Such a feature means that the attendees can easily discover new events or activities in the same festival space.

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Lost and found services

Some people can lose their belongings at festivals. This happens quite a lot more than people would want to admit. However, with NFC tags attached to various items, such as wallets and bags, it becomes easier to identify them when you go to the lost and found section.

You need to streamline this process to reduce the chance of permanently losing valuable items and improve attendee satisfaction.

increased security
Enhancing security

NFC technology is also good at ensuring security is better at the festivals. This is because NFC technology has encryption and authentication features that offer better access control.

The personal information stored on the NFC devices is highly secured, and the organizers can easily assure their clients that the data is well-secured.

We have seen a few examples above. We are sure you can find more ways in which NFC can be useful at festivals and other spaces.

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How to Implement NFC At Festivals

After going through the potential uses of NFC at festivals, you could be interested in implementing it in your store or even the next festival you organize. With that in mind, how best can you implement such technology?

  1. Start by setting clear objectives. You have to know what you would want to achieve, such as improving access control, increasing revenue, and enhancing engagement, it is always better to have a strategy and goal in mind.
  2. Work on choosing the right NFC infrastructure.This could be the NFC wristbands or cards for the attendees. You also need to set up the NFC readers at the entry points, vendor stalls, or any other spaces you would like.
  3. Start the ticketing integration process. If you want the attendees to enjoy the festival, cut short the waiting times in line. The good thing about NFC tags or cards is that they are easy to implement and have them working just as you like.
  4. Training has to be done also. This is for the staff and attendees. Train the staff on using NFC readers and other related devices to help the clients if they are stuck.
  5. Continue to monitor and adapt to changes. We always recommend taking the time to learn more about the system and improve its weaknesses. As such, you can easily know if the system works for your business. With the implementation of NFC, you can be sure to be more competitive than the other providers.
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NFC technology remains a big deal to many companies right now. They need it to streamline their operations and make things run smoothly. It is the same thing you will get when you are using it for your festival management. People would have a shorter time standing in line and generally be better at making purchases without needing physical cash.

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