How To Print On NFC Stickers

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology remains a top choice for various applications. We have seen NFC mostly being used for contactless payments and access control. This makes it a good thing for those needing to streamline their business operations and add an extra layer of security.

With more applications of NFC technology coming up, there has been a need to have NFC stickers. You may also find them being referred to as NFC labels or tags. These are simply small adhesive tags with an NFC chip. They are easily attached to different surfaces or devices so that when scanned, they can allow for wireless communication between the devices.

This guide talks about how to print on NFC stickers. The process is quite straightforward, but you must have the right tools. Let us see more about the materials and tools to make this possible.

Materials and Tools

Here is what you will need;

  • NFC stickers:Get yourself NFC stickers that are compatible with your application. Make sure they have space for printing on them.
  • Printer:You can use a printer that can print on NFC stickers. An inkjet or laser printer can do the job. If you already have one, then it is okay. Ensure it is a printer designed to work with NFC stickers or related content.
  • Design software:This helps you develop the right design for your NFC sticker. You can use options like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or other free online tools.
  • Computer: A computer is necessary to design the logo or any other element you want to print onto the NFC stickers.
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Step-by-Step Guide

1. Design the Content

This is the part where you develop a design you would like on your computer. You can use several design tools to find the right design. Most brands printing on NFC stickers would want to print logos and other types of materials for promotional purposes. So, ensure the design aligns with what you want to achieve.

With many design tools available, getting something that works for you should not be hard. We recommend Adobe Photoshop, but you can use other free tools if you cannot buy premium software.

2. Preparations before printing

Now that your design is ready, power up the printer and connect it to the computer. Depending on the printer, it could be via wireless or a USB cable.

Proceed to load the NFC stickers into the printer correctly. This ensures the content you need to print onto the stickers can be aligned correctly. You may also have to adjust your computer to ensure the design is printed correctly.

Preview the settings and how the printout would look before you can start printing.

3. Print the NFC stickers

All that is remaining is for you to print the NFC stickers. This part is the easiest. So long as the printer is connected correctly to the computer, it should be easy to sit back and watch the printed NFC stickers.

Take the first sticker from the printer and check if it is what you wanted.

4. Encode the NFC Stickers (if necessary)

If you must encode the NFC stickers, use the NFC writer for each printed sticker. The writer helps you customize what you can expect the NFC sticker to do each time it is scanned.

Encoding does not usually take long, given that you have already worked on the customization part. This step is optional for those with NFC stickers encoded with the information they want.

5. Apply NFC stickers

By now, you should have your neatly printed NFC stickers ready for use. These stickers have an adhesive. Simply remove the protective backing and apply the NFC stickers to where they are supposed to be.

That is it. By now, you should have an amazing design for NFC stickers, printed and ready to be deployed to where you would like.

Best Practices and Tips

NFC sticker printing is a nice way of ensuring you end up with the best NFC stickers for promotional purposes or identification for your business. With this in mind, there are a few things to keep in mind for you to design the best NFC stickers.

  • Keep it simple. NFC stickers generally have limited space where you can print the information. So, avoid clutter and work on creating a clear call to action or concise message.
  • Branding consistency is also important. Let the design align with the brand’s visual identity. You can use consistent colors, logos, and fonts that reinforce your brand’s recognition.
  • High-quality graphics are always recommended. You should consider using images or graphics with high resolution so that the message is also passed on clearly. Poor-quality visuals may detract someone from the intended message.
  • The text should be readable. This means using legible fonts, and the text should be easy to read. Consider a font size and color that works well with the background.

You can also collect feedback and improve the design printed on the NFC stickers. This should leave you with a better design communicating with the target audience

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Use Cases For NFC Stickers

This is probably the first reason why you are getting the NFC stickers printed on. The good thing with such stickers is that they have so many applications you could consider using them for. Below are ideas.

  1. Contactless payments – NFC stickers are a convenient way of making contactless payments. All you have to do is link the credit or debit card details to the sticker.
  2. Access control– NFC stickers would also handle access control systems, mostly in hotels, offices, and public transportation. So, only authorized personnel may gain access by tapping their NFC-enabled devices on the stickers.
  3. Marketing and promotions – several businesses use NFC stickers for marketing campaigns. This means that once the customers scan the stickers, they can get more information about the business, such as the website, discounts, and more.
  4. Product tracking and authentication– a business can have NFC stickers attached to various products. This applies quite well to pharmaceuticals and luxury goods. Once the sticker is scanned, it can offer more information about the product.
  5. Medical and healthcare applicationsNFC stickers can also be used for patient identification, equipment tracking, and much more in a healthcare setup.


The versatility and utility of NFC stickers make them a good pick for many applications. You are likely to come across many uses of NFC stickers right now. What is vital is that you make them look presentable. That is where the printing comes in. With a good design in mind and a working printer, it should not take long before you have the best-looking NFC stickers.

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