A Guide on how to use NFC on iPhone

A Guide on how to use NFC on iPhone

iPhones are now trusty companions for many people. We have noticed how these iPhones can be more than just communication devices. Because of such versatility, we have seen them evolve into doing more. A good example is making contactless payments via Near Field Communication or NFC with Apple Pay.

Since NFC is here to stay, we might as well as look at how you can use it on your iPhone for various uses.

Steps On How to Use NFC on iPhone

Below are the steps you can follow to use NFC on your iPhone.

1. Hold the NFC tag close to the iPhone

Newer versions of the iPhone will automatically detect the NFC tags, and a notification pops up asking whether you want to pair with the NFC tag.

Tap on the notification on your iPhone to allow pairing. Once it is done, the tag can be used to open a website on your phone or make payment wirelessly.

iPhone has quite impressive security measures whereby NFC is only active when you are using the phone. This means the screen is lit. sometimes, it is deactivated when apps such as Camera and Apple Pay Wallet are running.

All you have to do is move the NFC tag close to the iPhone and wait for the notification to pop up.

2. Turning on NFC on iPhone manually

Some older iPhones do not have the support for background NFC reading. This means you have to turn on NFC manually.

Start by swiping down from the top bar of your iPhone to open the Control Center. Tap on the NFC symbol that appears. It looks like a Wi-Fi symbol that has been rotated to its side.

Now that the NFC feature is turned on, move the NFC tag close to your phone for detection. Once it is detected, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the pairing and start using it.

3. Using NFC to make contactless payments

Before you can do this, make sure you have an Apple Pay account. Have it activated and add a card to your wallet to enable you to make contactless payments in different stores from your iPhone via NFC technology.

When presen ted with the chance to pay with NFC, use your passcode, Face ID, or touch ID to verify that you need to use Apple Pay.

Hold the iPhone close to the NFC symbol or Apple Pay sign until you see that the transaction is complete. The message will have the word Done at the bottom of the screen.

You can add several cards to the wallet and choose only the one you want to pay with NFC each time the prompt is initiated.

4. Use NFC on iPhone for App Clips

App clips are what the iPhone does once it reads an NFC tag. For example, it can be used to open a website link, text, order a meal from a specific restaurant, and more.

App clips can also be good for acting on your iPhone without downloading the entire app of an organization. This means you can save on space also.

So, once the iPhone reads the NFC tag and it shows App Clip, simply tap it and wait for it to do something as per its programming.

5. Add custom NFC automation

You could also have NFC automations as part of your iPhone settings. This means that each time you scan an NFC sticker, it triggers a certain function. A good example is opening a workout playlist or switching on a smart lamp as you enter the bedroom and more.

It is possible to get blank NFC stickers from local stores or online and create such automations.

To do this, open the Shortcuts app and tap on the Automations option at the bottom of your iPhone screen. Proceed to tap on Create Personal Automation and choose NFC as the preferred method.

Next, scan the NFC tag or sticker to associate it with a certain automation. Tap on Next to add action. This is the fun part. You get to choose what action it does each time the NFC sticker is scanned.

Tap on Next to review and confirm your settings. That is all. Go ahead and start using your iPhone for other NFC automations.

Common NFC Issues On iPhone and How to Deal With Them

  1. Check if your iPhone model has NFC support. Not all models came with this feature.
  2. Make sure the NFC reader mode is activated. This is what enables the iPhone to scan NFC tags and work with other NFC-enabled devices.
  3. Ensure the iPhone is positioned close to the other NFC device so the scanner can pick it up.
  4. Check to see if your iPhone is busy with another NFC device before thinking it does not work on your phone.


NFC is a powerful piece of technology that will help you realize a lot when using it on your iPhone. The setup process is usually straightforward, as explained above. Go ahead and try out a few things to see how well the NFC technology works on your device.

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