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JLTcard Mifare 1K Card

The JLTcard Mifare 1K cards use NXP chip technology to work as contactless smart cards. These cards are highly effective for a wide range of applications, including access control systems, library access, and so much more. The 1K in the name of the card refers to its memory which is 1 Kb or 1024 bytes.

JLTcard, as a brand, prides itself on meeting customer needs always. It does this by listening to the customer and delivering the right Mifare 1K card. We also ensure you control the creative part, such as the customization. The aim is to leave you enjoy the process too, and get the best cards you need for your organization.

JLTcard Different Mifare 1K Card Types

Three main types are available if you ever pick the JLTcard Mifare 1K card. Below are more details about them.

MIFARE Ultralight C Blank Card

The JLTcard Mifare classic 1K card can be a blank white card without anything written on it. This means you can customize it independently and print it using a desktop card printer. Also, blank means the card has not been programmed in any way, and you are responsible for programming it before using it.

MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K (4Byte NUID) Card

Such as JLTcard Mifare 1K RFID card is a subclass of the Mifare classic 1K card where it comes with a 4Byte unique identifier. This is something issued during the manufacturing process and is unique to each card. Because of such an identifier, it is good for many uses, including infrastructure and transport system.

MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K (7Byte UID) Card

While the other JLTcard Mifare 1K RFID card had a 4-byte UID, this one features a 7-byte unique identifier. This generally means more security compared to the others. The card is better at protecting data and would ensure secure communication. That is why you can use it where high security is needed.

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The Functionality of JLTcard Mifare 1k Card

The JLTcard Mifare 1K cards are loved because of their functionality. Below are some of the functions the card can help you achieve.

  • Mobile NFC Payment

    Yes, the JLTcard Mifare 1K card and Mifare 1K RFID card can all be linked to your accounts. As such, each time you do shopping, the card could be used for cashless vending. If it is a business that you do not want cash to be used all the time, this would be a nice choice.

  • Hotel Access Control
    Physical access control systems

    The JLTcard Mifare classic 1K card are ideal for granting access to restricted areas. This is where the systems are programmed to work best for only that restricted area. As such, it becomes easier to control who gets where and that information is logged.

  • Transport

    You will also like using the JLTcard Mifare 1K RFID card, and Mifare classic 1K card in the transport sector. The idea is always to leave you with an easy time using the transport system without worrying about handling cash. Of course, this method also makes scanning of people onto the bus faster.

  • Event Spaces
    Event Ticketing

    Our JLTcard Mifare 1K RFID card, and Mifare classic 1K card are also great for event ticketing. The cards would be great for ensuring no cash at the entrance and people can be scanned fast to get into the event. The cards can then be repurposed for another even in the future.

The Key Features of JLTcard Mifare 1K card

These features below help you see how best the Mifare 1K cards can be used for your applications and why they are best sellers also.

  • Easily over-print the card with a desktop card printer

    You can print details on your JLTcard Mifare 1K card. Well, you can add details or print information on the Mifare 1K classic card by using a desktop card printer at home. This can be easy work for anyone that wants to customize their cards even further once they receive them.

  • ISO/IEC 14443 type A compliant
    ISO/IEC 14443 type A compliant

    Such compatibility and compliance of the Mifare 1K classic card and Mifare IC card means they can work for various uses that require cards with such compliance. We are talking of access control, managing secure points, access to libraries, and so much more.

  • Operate at 13.56MHz

    Such a high frequency for the JLTcard Mifare 1K classic card and Mifare IC card means they are fast in data transmission and have better reading range. These cards are able to make the operation smooth and fast. You do not have to wait for long before the card is read. Since they also operate wirelessly, they are faster.

  • Enhanced security encryption
    Enhanced security encryption

    The JLTcard Mifare 1K card, and Mifare 1K classic card all offer the best encryption methods. Some of the options include Crypt01 algorithm, stream cipher, initialization vector IV, and more. At least you are now assured of the best security for the Mifare 1K cards.

JLTcard Mifare 1K Card Advantage

Read/Write protect by password
Read/Write protect by password

The JLtcard Mifare 1K classic card and Mifare S50 card both support reading or writing functionalities. This means you can program the card to work based on your needs. However, to protect the cards from easily being reprogrammed by anyone, you can add passwords to protect them further.

Easy to program
Easy to program

The JLTcard Mifare 1K card and Mifare S50 card are easy to program on overall. So long as you have the tools and the right skills, you can start programming the cards with ease. Many people love them for such flexibility as it allows for ease of customization.

Simple integration and user convenience
Simple integration and user convenience

Users of the JLTcard Mifare 1 card, and Mifare NFC cards enjoy their ease of integration and user convenience. Integration in this case, we mean the cards can work with existing RFID readers. No need to change them. As for user convenience, the scanning speed is fast for you to use the card for various applications.

Without the need for a battery
Without the need for a battery

The JLTcard Mifare 1 card, and Mifare NFC cards are all passive RFID cards. This means they do not need a battery to operate. This is a good thing since there will be no need for additional maintenance of having to replace the battery just for the card to work as you want.

MIFARE® 1K Card Chip Structure

The JLTcard NXP Mifare 1K card  have the same card structure. First up is the antenna. For the card to communicate wirelessly with the card readers, it needs the antenna.

After the antenna, you have the chip or micro controller. The chip is essential to execute the commands, processing data, and the overall functionality of the Mifare card. So, it is responsible for managing the communication between the external reader and the card.


As part of the chip structure, you also have the memory. Since it is a 1K card, it has a total memory of 1 kilobyte or 1024 bytes. The memory is subdivided into blocks and sectors, which can easily be accessed by authorized devices only.

As expected, the card also has security features vital to protect the data on the card and ensure that communication remains secure. The chips are built to support both read and write operations, but some operations require additional authentication.

MIFARE 1K Card Chip Structure And Memory
Available Crafts

Options Craft and Material to Choose

Customization is a big part of ordering the JLTcard Mifare 1 cards. Luckily, that should never worry you since we make NXP Mifare 1K cards to suit your needs. One way of customizing the cards is by choosing the type of material. Our options include PVC, PET, and wood material. We ensure you always get the best materials that suit your needs better without worrying about anything.

Still, you may get other options, such as a signature panel, LOCO/HICO magnetic stripe, embossing letters and numbers, and more. We cannot forget to mention the kind of finish you can also enjoy with our cards. You may end up with gold or silver cards, frosted cards, and much more.

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare 1K Card

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02

The JLTcard Mifare 1 card, and S50 RFID card generally offer the best compatibility. You would not have to think about changing your existing infrastructure that much to accommodate the new S50 RFID card. This minimizes the time that would have been needed to make upgrades and also the overall cost.

You can rely upon JLTcard to deliver on its timelines. We understand sometimes suppliers may delay your package. That is not a problem you will face with us. We always offer realistic timelines ensuring you can get your cards on time. You would also get quick updates from our sales and support team each time you place a request.

Another reason you may want to choose our Mifare 1K cards is how much customization we offer. You will get cards that talk to your brand just as you like it. Of course, the cost-effective nature of our products should make you enjoy using them also. You will not have to go over your budget when we offer cost-effective solutions for Mifare 1K cards.

JLTcard Mifare 1K Card Application

Staff Access
Access Control Cards

The JLTcard Mifare 1K card and S50 RFID card are the best to use for access control. Even the basic Mifare card will have a good level of security that anyone needs to control access to certain areas of the business or organization. We also use the same for schools and other institutions.

Vouchers and Coupons for Loyalty
Loyalty Cards

It is not uncommon to see the JLTcard Mifare 1 card being used as loyalty cards, especially for stores such as supermarkets. Once the customer has bought something from the store, then the customer earns loyalty points, which are added to the card. The customer may later redeem the same loyalty points for something in the store.

Hotel Key Card
Hotel room Cards

Hotel management also needs the JLTcard Mifare 1K card for handling how their guests check in and out of the hotel rooms. These key cards will offer better security and ease of use compared to locks. Also, the room cards can be reprogrammed each time the guest is done with the room.

Mobile Payments
Payment Membership card

We also recommend the JLTcard Mifare 1K card for payment membership cards. A good example is when you use the cards for club membership. Even a gym membership can also work quite well. So long as there is the membership for several people, it should not be hard.

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