Mifare Classic 4k Card & Mifare S70 Card

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  • Printing Mifare 4k Card
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JLTcard Mifare 4K Card

The JLTcard Mifare 4K card is a contactless RFID card that operates at 13.56MHz. This card is among the Mifare family of cards developed by NXP Semiconductors. The best part is that it complies with the ISO/IE 14442 Type A standard. The 4K in the card’s name denotes the memory capacity of 4 kilobytes.

JLTcard , a top Mifare 4K card manufacturer, recommends using this card type for various applications. The card has the capacity and security features to restrict access to certain areas. We also offer quick delivery time regardless of the order size. As such, you can bank on us as your best mifare card supplier.

JLTcard Different Mifare 4K card types

The Mifare 4K card type can be put into various categories based on functionality and performance. Below are the top common Mifare 4K card types.

Mifare 4K Blank White Card

This JLTcard Mifare 4K card has not been programmed or personalized with any information or data. It is still in its blank state but ready to be encoded with specific data depending on its use. Also the card can also be blank on its surfaces. Meaning it will not have pre-printed company information on top of it.

This JLTcard Mifare Classic 4K card is one that has personalized printing techniques added to it. The aim is to add visual elements to the surface of the card. This can have several wordings or graphics on the surface, unlike the blank white card discussed above. Some printing techniques we use include digit printing, offset printing, and others.

The JLTcard Mifare S70 card is still a common type of the Mifare 4K card as it has a storage capacity of 4KB and operates at 13.56MHz. This card is also customizable depending on its functionality and aesthetics. JLTcard will work with you in customizing it until it is what you need.

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The Functionality of JLTcard Mifare 4K Card

Maybe you are interested in the JLTcard Mifare 4K card but unsure about its functionality. Worry less as we take a deep dive into how the JLTcard Mifare 4K cards functions and use.

  • Secure Your Office

    The JLTcard can help secure your office because the card must be scanned and authenticated, and the office door opens. The cards have impressive encryptions, which is vital for keeping the cards secure and not easily cloned. Still, the cards can be used for logging and monitoring when someone enters the office and when they leave.

  • Control Access To Sensitive Areas
    Control Access To Sensitive Areas

    If you have sensitive areas in your organization, consider using JLTcard Mifare 4K card. The cards will be programmed to only open if it is the right information in the card. Once you get to the door, simply scan it using the issued card, and the door opens only if authentication shows it is supposed to do so.

  • Manage Employee identification
    Manage Employee identification

    The JLTcard Mifare classic 4K card is also instrumental for managing employee identification. The employees are given the cards with their personal information encoded in them. So, the employee will be uniquely identified based on their card information. Only employees with valid cards can enter a business premises.

  • Public transportation
    Public transportation

    You can also use the JLTcard Mifare S70 card in public transportation for collecting fares and controlling who enters the public transport medium. Always make sure the card is updated with the right information, such as the funds, so you can use public transport. For example, once you enter the bus, the fare will be deducted automatically based on when you end the trip.

The Key Features of JLTcard Mifare 4K card

  • 4Kbytes of read/write memory

    The JLTcard Mifare 4K card has up to 4KB of memory space. The memory is divided into sectors and blocks vital for storing different types of data. The card has up to 40 sectors, each with a unique key for authentication and access control. Knowing that the usable memory will be slightly smaller than the actual memory size is vital.

  • ISO 14443A standard
    ISO 14443A standard

    The JLTcard Mifare classic 4K card complies with the ISO 14443A standard. This standard is widely adopted by manufacturers making contactless smart cards and proximity cards. This includes Mifare 4K cards too. The standard outlines the cards’ communication protocol and physical characteristics operating at 13.56MHz frequency.

  • Operates at 13.56 MHz

    The JLTcard Mifare 4K card operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz with a range of benefits. That is why the card is quite popular. Many people are continually adopting these cards because of their compatibility. Since it is an internationally recognized standard, using these cards with existing RFID readers is easy. Also, the frequency offers a good reading range for easy use of the cards.

  • Don’t require a battery

    The JLTcard Mifare S70 card does not need a battery because it is a passive type of RFID card. The card operates based on electromagnetic induction. This is where the energy from the electromagnetic field of the card reader activates the card making it possible to read its contents. Without a battery, it means no need for maintenance, and the card can be slim.

JLTcard Mifare 4K Card Advantage

User convenience
User convenience

You will find the card being user convenient in many ways. One of them is that the card offers contactless operation. This means no need for physically insert the card into the reader. This should save you a lot of time. Also, the card offers a fast data rate. This means even if it is for validating tickets; it takes just seconds.

A unique serial number
A unique serial number

The JLTcard Mifare classic 4K card comes with a unique serial number vital for card identification. It helps the system identify one card from one to the other. Also, the number is vital for card authentication. When the card is presented to the reader, it checks the unique serial number before authenticating it.

RF Communications
RF Communications

We recommend using the JLTcard Mifaire 4K card because of the range and proximity in RF communications. The card has a range of 10 cm and offers the best proximity functionality for applications such as ticketing, access control, and identification. Also, the interoperability of the card in RF communications makes it great. This means no need to replace the current RFID readers to use the new cards.


You will like the security features of the JLTcard Mifare 4K cards. These security features are vital for protecting user data and preventing potential unauthorized access. A good example of the security feature is the unique serial number or UID, which is different for each card. Also, there is data encryption that prevents card cloning and tampering.

The Difference Between MIFARE 4K and Mifare 1K

You may come across Mifare 4K and Mifare 1K cards. However, how different are they? Which one to choose? The main difference is in the memory capacity of the two cards. The Mifare 4K has a storage capacity of 4KB, while Mifare 1K has a storage capacity of 1 KB. As such, storing more information on the Mifare 4K card is possible.

The applications between the two cards can also differ, with the Mifare 1K cards mostly being used for basic applications such as access control systems, loyalty programs, and ticketing systems.

The Mifare 4K cards can have more complicated applications because of their memory size. Such applications include public transport systems, multiple application systems, and more.

As for compatibility, these cards are the same. Since they operate at 13.56MHz and use the same Mifare technology, they are all compatible with the same card readers or systems.

The Difference Between MIFARE 4K and Mifare 1K
The Key Specification of MIFARE Classic EV1 4K cards

The Key Specification of MIFARE Classic EV1 4K cards

  • Special Features   :    contactless, passive
  • Communication Interface  : RFID, NFC
  • Customized support :   Customized print
  • Frequency : 13.56Mhz
  • Protocol :  ISO14443A
  • Size :  CR80 (85.5*54mm), or Customized
  • Thickness :  0.84mm, or Customized
  • Printing :  CMYK Printing, silk screen printing, Pantone color
  • Operating Mode :   passive
  • Reading distance :   1-5cm, depend on the antenna size and reader
  • Data retention :  10 years
  • Operating life :  Can be read and encode more than 100,000 times
  • Card surface  :  Glossy/Matted/Frosted
  • Material :  PVC, PET, PET-G, Teslin, PC, Biodegradable / Recycled material, Metal

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare 4K Card

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02
Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card

The first reason for picking the JLTcard Mifare S70 card, and Mifare 4K card is its security features. The card features multiple authentication mechanisms and encryption capabilities that make the card secure. The JLTcard customer support team is also effective at helping you understand the usability of the cards before buying them. You also get technical assistance if you need it.

The JLTcard Mifare 4K card also comes with the certification and compliance you need for good Mifare cards. Compliance with specific ISO standards makes the cards highly compatible. Of course, we also make the cards cost-effective. You would not spend much to get the cards. Even if the cards are affordable, the quality remains the best.

The customization options such as Mifare 4K card designs, branding, and others remain the top reason to consider our cards. We work with genuine cards that can also be customized in terms of aesthetics to suit your needs.

JLTcard Typical applications with MIFARE Classic EV1 4k Card

Car parks
Car parks

The JLTcard Mifare 4K cards can work well for access control in car parks. That is not all; they will also do well to identify and pay for the parking spaces. The car park system can also be integrated with the cards to show the remaining slots.

Student cards
Student cards

The JLTcard Mifare classic 4K card can be instrumental in identifying the students getting into the intuition. Also, the same can work for access control so that the cards allow the students to enjoy specific facilities. We see some schools using the cards to track attendance.

Hotel room Cards
Hotel room Cards

The JLTcard Mifare S70 card may also work great as hotel room cards. Their job would be to provide secure access to the hotel rooms. If the guest has valuables, they are sure there is enough protection to keep them safe. Also, the cards can be programmed to manage the check-in and check-out processes.

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