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JLTcard Mifare Card

The JLTcard Mifare card is a contactless smart card mostly used in secure identification and access control applications. The card operates on RFID technology and works at a 13.56MHz frequency. NXP Semiconductors developed the chip, and has grown in popularity because of its robust security features, versatility, and compatibility with multiple RFID systems.

JLTcard Mifare cards are among the industry-leading RFID cards. This is mostly because of their robust encryption, multiple applications, customization options, and other advantages. The continued support and positive customer feedback have helped others see that our Mifare cards can do the job quite well.

JLTcard Different Mifare Card Types

JLTcard can help you get the right Mifare card for your needs. We have many options for those seeking to buy the JLTcard Mifare cards. Here are a few examples to expect.

MIFARE Classic 1K 4K Chip Card

While buying the JLTcard access card mifare and mifare contactless smart card, you will see this type of card. It is among the many variants of the Mifare cards. Its purpose is to ensure that contactless smart card applications are easily achieved. The numbers 1K and 4K denote the memory capacity. The 1K type has 1024 bytes, while the 4K  type has 4 kilobytes or 4096 bytes.

MIFARE Ultralight / Ultralight C Chip Card

Depending on the chip insider, the JLTcard custom mifare card and mifare proximity card can be Mifrare ultralight or ultralight C chip card. The Ultralight chip card is designed mainly for single-use applications or simple ticketing systems. The card also has a small memory limiting its uses sometimes, but it is an affordable option.

The ultralight C chip card is an enhanced version with more features and better security. It also offers more data storage which is vital for many applications. The card also supports cryptographic security features key for improving the overall security of where they are used.

MIFARE DESFire Chip Card

This is another variant of the Mifare access cards. This JLTcard mifare contactless smart card is known for being highly secure. As such, it works best for applications that need better security and data protection. The card still operates at 13.56MHz and complies with the ISO/IEC 14443 standard. Such a feature enables it to be compatible with many RFID readers.

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The Functionality Of JLTcard Mifare Card

We definitely have to see the functionality of the JLTcard Mifare card to help you see why you need them. Below is a quick overview of the various functionalities of the JLTcard Mifare cards.

  • Access Control System

    The JLTcard access card mifare and mifare contactless smart card are common choices for those who want to use the cards for access control. The cards contain unique identifier information stored in their memory, ensuring only authorized cards can open the doors.

  • Loyalty Systems
    Loyalty Systems

    One of the ways of using JLTcard custom mifare card and mifare proximity card is customizing them to work as loyalty cards. The JLTcard mifare RFID card is essential for connecting the loyalty cards to the existing systems. As such, the card can easily be scanned, and the loyalty points added to the card. These points can be redeemed for rewards once they accumulate.

  • Time Recording
    Time Attendance Solutions

    You can use the JLTcard Mifare access cards and mifare contactless smart cards for time attendance solutions such as school class attendance. The cards have to be scanned at the door when students get in and also record when they exit. You can use the same to record attendance at a company physical meeting.

  • Transportation
    Public Transportation Systems

    The JLTcard mifare proximity card or mifare RFID card makes integrating with the transport system easy. Let us assume you have a bus card loaded with points once you pay for it. The card is scanned as you enter the bus, and points are deducted based on the destination. This eliminates the need for walking around with money.

The Key Benefits of JLTcard Mifare Cards

  • Identification

    The JLTcard access card mifare and mifare contactless smart card are common types of RFID cards from us that aid identification processes. These hards have a microchip and memory encoded to certain personal details. Once the card is scanned, it can show who is using it.

  • Authentication

    Your JLTcard custom Mifare cards and Mifare NFC cards will rely on a 128–bit AES authentication to access the card’s card. This is a secure authentication process, which ensures only those allowed in a certain space get in.

  • Store information

    The JLTcard Mifare access cards and Mifare NFC cards can store only critical information for its operation. The information is stored on the Mifare chip card so that the reader can go through it, authenticate that it is real, and perform the next expected functions.

  • Enhanced security encryption
    Enhanced security encryption

    Using a JLTcard access card mifare and mifare proximity card is a good way of protecting the company premises or any other place the cards are used. This is because the cards employ the AES-128 encryption algorithm. It is more significant than the Crypto-1 algorithm that was in use before.

JLTcard Mifare Card Advantage

High level of encryption
High level of encryption

Many companies choose the JLTcard custom mifare card because of the impressive encryption put into the cards. We use the AES-128 encryption for our mifare NFC cards and mifare RFID cards, ensuring better protection of the stored data.

Frequency of 13.56 MHz
Frequency of 13.56 MHz

The JLTcard access card mifare and mifare NFC cards use a mifare chip card that operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz. This frequency offers a good reading range of 10 cm to 1m. With such impressive sensitivity, you can expect faster transfer of data.

NXP and passive RFID chip
NXP and passive RFID chip

The JLTcard Mifare access cards and mifare NFC cards use the NXP mifare RFID card chip. The best part about such cards is their overall robustness and reliability. Also, the cards do not have onboard power, thus making them passive. This reduces their weight and maintenance needs.


JLTcard is a top Mifare card supplier that delivers quality Mifare classic cards utilizing the Mifare chip card, which is all contactless in its operation. Unlike some cards where you have to swipe to activate it, this one only needs you to be close to the reader for the signal to be picked.

MIFARE 1K Card Chip Structure And Memory

These JLTcard Mifare access cards were developed by NXP Semiconductors to work as contactless mifare classic cards. These mifare chip cards come with a memory capacity of 1 kilobyte or 1024 bytes, hence the name 1K. The chip structure is hierarchical, consisting of multiple sectors and blocks, which enables the card to store and access data more efficiently.

The card consists of 16 sectors for its memory and 4 blocks. The first sector, also known as sector 0 is reserved for storing the manufacturer data and any other security information. The blocks in the cards’ memories are further divided into sections such as data block, sector trailer, and value block. Each has a function to keep the information secure and easy to access.

The chip also implements security measures vital for protecting stored data. JLTcard employs cryptographic algorithms and other access control mechanisms to ensure data integrity, authentication, and confidentiality.

MIFARE 1K Card Chip Structure And Memory


Getting a JLTcard custom mifare card is quite easy. We make customized mifare classic card, mifare RFID card, and other card variations to suit your needs. One of the ways would be to leave the card blank or have the company information printed on the cards.

If you want your OEM design printed on the cards, let us know. It can be the company logo, services you offer, and much more.

Clients can expect to find the standard card size of 85.5*54mm or get a customized size. It comes down to what you want. The standard size is already small and light for many people. However, we can make the cards happen if you want the cards to be smaller.

You may also customize the finish of the cards. The main options are a glossy surface or a matte surface. You can choose what resonates with your style or applications. We often recommend matte surfaces for outdoor applications and glossy surfaces for indoor uses.

What is UID in Mifare Cards

The UID abbreviation in JLTcard Mifare access cards is “unique identifier.” This is a key component of the JLTcard mifare classic card and mifare chip card, as it is the unique identification number assigned to an individual card when it was manufactured.

The UID can be numeric or alphanumeric, depending on the manufacturer. JLTcard will encode this type of information within the card’s chip and can only be read with compatible RFID card readers.

The length of the UID number varies depending on the JLTcard Mifare card type. As an example, the classic 1K cards have a 4-byte UID, while the classic 4K cards have a 7-byte UID.

What is UID in Mifare Cards
How to check the authenticity of a MIFARE Card with the NXP Taginfo APP

How to check the authenticity of a MIFARE Card with the NXP Taginfo APP

JLTcard as a Mifare card manufacturer, can direct you to authenticate a mifare RFID card or mifare chip card to see it is good or not. Here is how you would do it.

  • Download and install the NXT Taginfo App onto your mobile device
  • Launch the Taginfo App and make sure the mobile device’s NFC functionality is enabled
  • Bring the JLTcard Mifare card close to the NFC antenna for automatic detection
  • Once the card is detected, the relevant information is displayed via the app. Examine this information by looking at the UID, manufacturer details, and other characteristics
  • Cross-reference the information you see on the app with the official documentation to see if they match.
  • You can contact JLTcard for further information if the details on the Taginfo App have discrepancies with what you expected from the official documentation.

MIFARE Chips Available

  • MIFARE Classic EV1 1K
  • MIFARE Classic EV1 4K 13.56 MHz
  • MIFARE Ultralight EV1 13.56 MHz
  • MIFARE Ultralight C
  • MIFARE Ultralight Nano
  • MIFARE Plus S 2K 13.56 MHz
  • MIFARE Plus S 4K 13.56 MHz
  • MIFARE Plus SE 1K
  • MIFARE Plus X 2K
  • MIFARE Plus X 4K
  • MIFARE Plus EV1 2K
  • MIFARE Plus EV1 4K
  • MIFARE DESFire Light
MIFARE Chips Available

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Card

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02
Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card

JLTcard is a top Mifare card supplier that relies on high-quality manufacturing to ensure the best products. We keep reinvesting in our manufacturing process to have faster turnaround times while maintaining the production of quality Mifare smart cards.

We are also a verified company that makes RFID mifare cards, among other related products. We have the right certifications showing that what we make meets industry standards. Buying from us means getting quality products to deliver your desired performance.


Our JLTcard mifare card also comes with verified compatibility. We have to put the cards through rigorous testing so that even if you have an older RFID system, it should still work with our cards. The users do not have any integration issues. Expect to put the cards to use in no time.

With our excellent customer support, you are bound to be happy with the help we provide to you. Our support team is quite efficient in how it responds to your queries. Most of the time, clients might not be sure how JLTcard Mifare cards can help them. But with the technical advice from our support team, they find the cards useful for them.

JLTcard Mifare Card Application

Visitor ID badges
Visitor ID badges

The JLTcard Mifare card manufacturer recommends using the Mifare smart card for visitor ID badges. The badges can be activated to only grant access to the visitors to specific areas around the premises. Then, the clearance is revoked later. It helps control just how many places the visitor can get to.

Member cards
Member cards

As a Mifare card supplier, JLTcard has often advised using mifare smart card and RFID mifare cards for membership applications. Let us say it is an organization or club that needs to control the number of people accessing its facilities. Using the membership cards helps ensure only those with clearance can get in.

Customer cards
Customer cards

JLTcard Mifare card manufacturer recommends using the mifare smart card as customer cards. We are talking of applications such as stores in your area. You may have seen them issuing customer cards to collect loyalty points. It is an easy system that can be implemented with such cards.

Student ID cards
Student ID cards

JLTcard Mifare card supplier is also promoted with institutions that want to control who accesses the school facilities. In this case, students are issued with RFID mifare cards with a special encoding that grants access to the school facilities such as a library, resource center, and more.

Parking lots
Parking lots

It is not a surprise that JLTcard a Mifare card supplier, also makes RFID Mifare cards for parking lots. The cards make managing traffic flow from and into the parking lot much easier.

Fuel cards
Fuel cards

Companies may also contract JLTcard Mifare card manufacturer to make RFID mifare cards to work as fuel cards. Using the point system, these cards would be programmed to work as a fuel card. The company then settles the bill with the gas station at the end of the month. It makes it easy to fuel the company cards without having to issue money each time fueling is needed.

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