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JLTcard has years of experience and expertise in making the Mifare key fobs

JLTcard Mifare Key Fobs

JLTcard Mifare key fobs are similar to normal key fobs you have used before, only that they come with a Mifare chip instead. The chip makes it possible to use the key fobs for contactless communication via RFID technology. As expected, the JLTcard Mifare key fobs are designed to be compact and, thus, easy to carry. Also, the key fob design makes it easy to attach them to the key chain for carrying them.

JLTcard has years of experience and expertise in making the Mifare key fobs. With an outstanding customer support team, we are always available to help identify what can work best for you. We also offer you multiple options for those who might be in the market for Mifare key fobs.

JLTcard Mifare Key Fobs Series

JLTcard makes multiple types of Mifare key fobs. Because of this, those seeking key fobs have multiple options available. Let us see what your options are.

Mifare Classic Key Fob

The JLTcard Mifare Classic key fobs are the most commonly used Mifare chip versions in the market. You get two main options classified based memory called 1K and 4K. These key fobs provide you with basic security features, thus the reason they are used in access control systems.

Mifare Plus Key Fob

This is the other option for JLTcard Mifare key fobs. It is an upgrade of the Classic option. This means improved security features and better compatibility. So, if you ever want to make upgrades, this should be a smooth transition always.

This option for JLTcard Mifare key fobs is the best for cost-effective and lightweight applications. These key fobs work best for single-use tickets, event access, and disposable applications. Expect to get basic security applications with them too.

Mifare DESFire Key Fob
Mifare DESFire Key Fob

This is the most secure JLTcard Mifare key fob you can buy right now. This is because it supports advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms. If you need something for high-level security, then this is your option. Expect them to be common in payment systems and transportation ticketing.

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JLTcard Mifare Key Fobs Functionality

JLTcard Mifare key fobs are some of the best in terms of functionality. Let us see how best these key fobs work below to consider getting themselves for your brand right now.

  • Contactless Communication

    The JLTcard Mifare key fobs use RFID technology for communication. This technology is vital for establishing wireless or contactless communication between the key fob and compatible readers. So, simply get the key fob close to the reader, and it will be read easily without contact.

  • Identification

    The JLTcard Mifare key fobs offer identification and authentication features. This is because the chip has a unique identifier the reader with uniquely read before performing the set functions. The reader declines the key fob if the credentials are not in the system.

  • Access Control
    Access Control

    The JLTcard Mifare key fobs are also vital for access control, mostly in buildings, hotel rooms, parking lots, and more. Because of the security levels included in the chip design, they ensure that the chips are not easily cloned.

  • Contactless payments
    Contactless Payments

    Many people now opt for JLTcard Mifare key fobs to make contactless payments. The key fob would be linked to a payment account, and each time it is scanned, the stated amount is withdrawn from the account. This is similar to contactless debit or credit cards.

Features of JLTcard Mifare Key Fobs

  • Contactless Performance

    People enjoy using the JLTcard Mifare key fobs because they offer contactless performance. Unlike some other forms of key fobs, these ones come with a 10cm reading distance. Once the key fob is scanned, expect a certain action. Examples include opening a door or authenticating an identity.

  • High-Speed Data Transmission
    High-Speed Data Transmission

    Good performance should be matched to high-speed data transmission. Yes, the JLTcard Mifare key fobs have high-speed data transmission to improve performance. Expect the key fobs’ information to be read fast and certain functions performed. An example is opening a door. These key fobs can be scanned in microseconds and open the door simultaneously.

  • Accreditation

    Accreditation makes it easy for you to know if the Mifare key fobs are good or not. Our Mifare key fobs come with multiple accreditations, including ISO and IEC. Since they are built according to certain standards, using them for various systems is also easy.

  • Anti-conflict

    Another reason for using JLTcard Mifare key fobs is the anti-conflict feature. Even when there are multiple key fobs in the vicinity, only one can be read at a time. This is vital for the privacy and security of the key fob users.

JLTcard Mifare Key Fobs Advantages

Multiple Security Levels
Multiple Security Levels

We understand the importance of security in Mifare key fobs. That is why the key fobs come with the best security levels vital for protecting the premises they are supposed to. Also, no one will easily clone them and masquerade as you at a premise entry.

Great Storage Time
Great Storage Time

You do not have to worry about the information stored on the Mifare key fobs being erased easily. The key fobs can hold the information for a long time, meaning the card will always perform as expected each time you use it.


The JLTcard Mifare key fobs are mostly affordable. You do not need to worry about spending so much money to get them. We recommend you talk to us to get discounts depending on how many key fobs you buy.

Best Warranty
Best Warranty

The Mifare key fobs also come with the best warranty. The idea is to ensure you never have to worry about the functionality of the key fobs. If you face any issues, our support team can help resolve them quickly. Also, we offer replacement key fobs in case the need arises.

Latest Mifare Technology

JLTcard Mifare key fobs utilize the latest Mifare technology. This is something we make sure that we stay ahead of the competition with all the time. With the latest technology, expect that the key fobs will have enhanced security. This includes encryption algorithms such as AES-128 and diversified keys. With improved security, the key fobs can be used even for payment applications.

The newer and latest Mifare key fobs have improved performance. As such, expect faster transaction times and write/read performance than the previous generations. The results are that now you have efficient operations, especially for applications such as ticketing, access control, and payment systems.

Depending on the chosen type of Mifare Key fobs, you can get some having more memory too. The aim is to make them store more data to improve the functionality. So, they can now handle demanding uses rather than using the key fobs for simple applications.

Latest Mifare Technology

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Key Fobs

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Key Fob02
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Key Fob01

Now that you know more about the JLTcard Mifare key fobs, it is possible you are comfortable ordering from us. This is mostly because we remain the best brand quality and reliable Mifaire key fobs. Many customer feedbacks have helped us improve our services over the years to the point that we are happy with the quality of our products.

JLTcard also assures you of the best compatibility with these key fobs. Let us assume you are upgrading your key fobs to mifare key fobs; the last thing the company needs is to change the readers also. The JLTcard Mifare key fobs will leave you enjoying the new key fobs while maintaining the existing infrastructure.

We cannot forget about the customization options. If you want the key fobs in standard colors or corporate colors, we can make it happen. Also, we can shape them in the design you like. As such, expect to always get the best design that suits your brand. Of course, we do all this but also ensure security is the best. Since we expect the key fobs to also be used in payment systems, we have to keep them secure.

Fast Production
Fast Production

The reason you can get your JLTcard Mifare key fobs fast is because of having the capacity to produce them. We have invested a lot in ensuring that our production process is streamlined for efficiency. This includes using modern equipment and techniques to produce more Mifare key fobs and reduce lead times.

We also have a large production capacity. We are always improving our capacity each year to meet the demand of our clients. This has helped us gain the skills and capacity vital for handling bulk orders. The best part is that we also get a fast turnaround.

A dedicated production team oversees the Mifare key fobs’ production. The team’s work is to ensure that quality standards are met and the production schedules are always on time.

Customer Support

Another reason why you may like working with JLTcard is because of the support team’s responsiveness. This is the team you meet first before engaging with our other teams. The customer support team remains highly responsive to ensure that it can promptly address any questions you may have about our products.

The JLTcard support team does not just answer promptly; it also answers correctly. This is because the team is knowledgeable about the Mifare Key fobs and other products we make. This includes the types, their use, production times, and customization options you might like.

You can rely on the customer support team to help with order tracking and updates. Since the support team is here to give you all these updates, you would not worry about the production of the key fobs falling behind. You also get post-sales support, which is vital for the overall trust in our brand.

JLTcard Mifare Key Fobs Applications

Event Ticketing
Event Ticketing

The JLTcard Mifare key fobs are now popular with event management and ticketing. The event organizers use the key fobs as tickets for those who have paid for the event, such as concerts, conferences, and exhibitions. The key fobs can be reprogrammed for other events in the future.

Hotel Key Rooms

Hotel management could also use the JLTcard Mifare key fobs to ensure proper control of who accesses the hotel rooms. Still, the guests can lock in their valuables in the hotel room knowing no one would easily gain access to them.

Public Transportation
Public Transportation

JLTcard Mifare key fobs are not new in the public transport sector. They are mostly used in buses, subways, and trains to ensure users can easily pay fares without using cash. It eliminates the need for using physical tickets.

Facility Management
Facility Management

It is possible to use JLTcard Mifare key fobs for facility management. A good choice would be in educational institutions or corporate offices. This is where you manage access to key areas in a setup.

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