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JLTcard MIFARE Wristband

JLTcard MIFARE Wristband is a very efficient tool for big events. It is a type of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) wristband made with alkali-proof silicone. It’s comfortable enough to wear because of its ergonomic design. It also comes in two sizes: adults and kids.

JLTcard is renowned for providing access control and contactless ticketing solutions throughout the whole world. We have partnered with big businesses that deal with public transport payment systems, event ticketing, car parking, legal access control systems, and many more.

JLTcard is proud to carry MIFARE Wristbands. Deal less hassle and inefficiency. Work faster and of quality!

The Functionality of JLTcard MIFARE Wristband

JLTcard MIFARE Wristbands are both technology and fashion. It’s commonly used in campaigns, parties, ticketing systems, festivals, events, concerts, etc. Other than its actual function, the use of MIFARE Wristbands represents an organization’s image. Some say wearing one is a symbol of a group’s unity.

  • Public Transport Payment Systems

    Public transport has adapted the use of  MIFARE bracelets. It’s the big innovative ticketing option ever designed. There are many people going to and for public transport. To manage the payment systems, the JLTcard MIFARE Wristband can be used.

  • Car parking
    Event Ticketing

    It was a breakthrough to a newer event experience. Organizers embraced the use of JLTcard MIFARE Wristbands because it cuts entrance queues shorter. Remember that customers hate long queues.

  • Event Ticketing
    Car parking

    Maintaining orderliness and security inside the parking area is hard. You can let your customers use JLTcard MIFARE wristbands to keep everything in order. Rather than using a small piece of paper as car parking access, you can opt-in for wristbands. It’s smooth, making it comfortable to wear and preserve on your wrists.

  • Legacy Access Control Systems
    Legacy Access Control Systems

    As a business owner, your responsibility is your customer and team’s security. With the help of JLTcard MIFARE Wristbands, you’ll be able to register profiles of people only allowed to access your business facilities.

JLTcard MIFARE Wristband Advantages

13.56 MHz Operating Frequency
13.56 MHz Operating Frequency

It means JLTcard MIFARE Wristband is a high-frequency (HF) RFID. This band ranges from13.56 MHz. It can read a tag ranging from 2 cm to 10cm.

ISO 14443A Compliance
ISO 14443A Compliance

This is another indicator that JLTcard MIFARE Wristband is a good one. This HF standard is commonly used in RFID wristband

100% Waterproof
100% Waterproof

MIFARE bracelets don’t absorb water, unlike paper RFID wristbands. This makes it more applicable to resorts, hotels, public baths, and swimming pools.

Durable and Safe
Durable and Safe

JLTcard MIFARE Wristband is made with an alkaline-free silicone material. It’s safe for your customers to use. Hence, now that almost everything is contactless. In addition to that, your guests can keep on wearing them for up to three days.

Craft Options

Here are several options to customize your MIFARE Wristbands. It depends on the voice of your business’ brand.

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Engraved No Color
  • Laser Engraved with Color
  • Embossed
  • Heat Transfer printing
  • Divided Color
  • Mixed Color
  • Combination Multi-color Laser Number
  • Laser Number with Color
  • QR Code
  • Bar Code
Craft Options
MIFARE Wristband Chip

Types of JLTcard MIFARE Wristband Chip

These are the four types of JLTcard MIFARE Wristband Chips. Below are their components and features.

 MIFARE Classic®

This chip is the first in the contactless smart ticket ICs revolution. It operates in the 13.56 MHz frequency range. MIFARE Classic® was the first one to have a read/write capability with ISO 14443 compliance.

This led to many applications including access management, employee cards and campuses, public transport, and more. The need for contactless ticketing increases over time.


This also consists of various contactless ICs. It is suited for identity, access, micro-payment, and transport schemes. MIFARE DESFire® products are required to fulfill fast and highly secured data transmission. They must have a flexible memory organization and must be interoperable with contactless infrastructures.

MIFARE Ultralight®

This chip provides system integrators. They are of maximum flexibility for complete system solutions like time-based, zone-based, single-ride tickets, and multiple-ride tickets.

This type of chip is low-cost. You can best apply it on public transport, loyalty cards, or event ticketing. MIFARE Ultralight® replaces the use of a barcode or magnetic stripe. The trend has shifted to using purely contactless solutions.


It’s designed for both smart applications and security upgrades for legacy infrastructures. They have an effortless and seamless upgrade of the existing MIFARE Classic® chips for product-based installations.

This results in being fully backward compatible with system environments prior to infrastructure security upgrades. When a security upgrade is done, MIFARE Plus® products use AES security. It’s used for authentication, data integrity, and encryption based on global standards.

Why Choose JLTcard MIFARE Wristband

Why Choose JLTcard mifare wristband
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Silicone Wristband01

We are the top manufacturer of MIFARE Wristbands for service industries in the past couple of years. We are partners with hotels, resorts, amusement parks, event organizers, and other big industries. It’s our pleasure to serve your access management, ticketing, purchases, and location tracking needs.

JLTcard is very much open to wristband customization. With MIFARE Wristband’s High-Frequency RFID feature, you can lead the competition. Choose the best color and style combination. Customize your own business’ JLTcard MIFARE Wristband!

JLTcard MIFARE Wristband Application

Swimming Pools
Swimming Pools

You don’t want to spoil your customers’ enjoyment because you have to mark their arms with ink. Why not use a fashionable MIFARE wristband?

Bath Center
Bath Center

Goodbye cards, hello JLTcard MIFARE wristbands! Experience a new access system for your bath center. It’s completely waterproof.

Hotel Management
Hotel Management

You’ll be able to administer your hotel’s services with the assistance of JLTcard MIFARE Wristband. It helps you with your payment systems, hotel team, customer access, and partners’ access

Amusement Parks
Amusement Parks

These are huge areas with high customer traffic. In order to make everything faster and more efficient, JLTcard MIFARE wristbands are recommended. With just one swipe of the arm to the tag reader, transactions are made.


You don’t want to ruin your exhibit because an unexpected burglar, pretending to be a staff, comes in. At least with the MIFARE wristband, there’s an assurance that only registered people can come inside.


This place is supposed to be filled with fun. JLTcard MIFARE wristband adds up to the color of the whole carnival. Thus, it gives the whole place safety because only paid ones can access it.

Music Festival
Music Festival

It’s time to add the MIFARE wristband to your upcoming music festival’s checklist. It’s easy to use and very light to wear. Your attendees will definitely say it’s a one-of-a-kind festival because of the added festival experience.

Event Ticketing
Event Ticketing

There’s no need for you to get your card from your pocket. Pay with only one swipe using the JLTcard MIFARE wristband. Events ticketing can also be a lot of fun. It can give you access to booths and the event’s hall itself.

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