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NFC Business Card


You might be used to using traditional business cards to exchange contact information during networking events. However, technology has changed a lot, and now people are using NFC business cards. Yes, traditional business cards are still the norm, but it would not hurt to upgrade to smart business cards.

The NFC business card will contain more details about you and the business so you can easily share them with potential clients. Still, many people at these events are familiar with the NFC technology. You could demonstrate how NFC works straight from your phone. So, there is so much you can do with such business cards. Let us learn more about it in detail below.

Benefits of Using NFC Business Cards

Benefits of Using NFC Business Cards

NFC business cards can be what you need to create that first impression that you know your industry. This can be important when attending a tech event, and it helps you showcase your industry knowledge. Below are more benefits of the technology.

Instant Contact Sharing


The blank NFC business cards can be customized with your contact information so it is easy to share them with potential clients. With a simple tap of an NFC device, the receiver can get all the details they need to know about you. This eliminates the need for manually entering your information into their contact book.

Sharing Multimedia Content


Besides sharing the usual contact information, such business cards also help share multimedia content. This includes things such as portfolios, promotional videos, and product catalogs. You can now enhance the ability to showcase your work better.

Improve User Experience


NFC technology can make the user experience memorable for those who are going to receive your business cards. That is how you stand out so that people can relate to business even better. Such an experience can show you are forward-thinking and a tech-savvy person.

Effortless Updates


The NFC business cards make it easier for you to make updates to the business cards since it is digital. This is not the same as compared to the traditional business cards. You can simply encode the business cards with new details so that you can only share updated information with your potential clients.

Networking in Multiple Industries


The NFC business cards make it easier to share contact information in various industries. It does not have to be just tech events. You can be in a creative field and still use such a type of technology. That is why the technology is common with marketing, design, sales, and other business professionals.


Who Needs NFC Business Cards?

Who Needs NFC Business Cards

Plastic NFC business cards can easily find use in several industries. Below are some of the people who can find such business cards useful.

  • Entrepreneurs and startups
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Creative professionals such as designers, artists, and writers
  • Tech and innovation enthusiasts
  • Event organizers and attendees
  • Environment-conscious professionals etc.

The list keeps going on. So long as you need to embrace technology and have a better way of sharing your contact information, consider such business cards.

How To Make NFC Business Cards


You should remember a few things on how to create an NFC business card so that you can end up with the best business cards. Here is a method you can follow to understand better how to make these business cards.

  1. You might want to take the time to learn more about the NFC so that you have all the information necessary to focus on using it to make business cards.
  2. Get yourself the materials necessary for making the business cards. This includes NFC tags, an NFC-enabled smartphone, and a computer.
  3. You must also get a content management system for encoding the information you want into the NFC tag. Install and open the CMS on the computer. Connect the NFC tag to the computer via the NFC reader and encode it with your desired information.
  4. Of course, make sure the business card is designed quite well so that when someone scans the NFC tag, the receiver can love what they see. You can always hire a graphic designer where necessary.
  5. You can still print more graphics onto the NFC business card so they look good.
  6. Go ahead to test the NFC business card before distributing. Make sure to network more often to have more of your contacts out there.

Traditional Business Cards vs. NFC Business Cards

Traditional Business Cards vs. NFC Business Cards

When you decide to get an NFC smart business card, some of you might wonder how it compares to traditional business cards. This is an important consideration since not everyone knows NFC technology. Understanding how well they compare and which one to pick is vital.

Traditional business cards are tangible and familiar to many people as the common way of sharing information with others in your industry. These cards have been around for a long time and are universally recognized as a common networking tool.

However, traditional business cards can store limited information. You might only have information such as the name, title, physical address, email, and phone number. Also, if you ever want to access a business website, you would have to enter it manually compared to NFC business cards which offer better digital interactivity.

NFC business cards are better for digital use they give you instant access to contact details, websites, portfolios, and much more than what traditional business cards can do. You can also improve the user experience with business cards that can leave a lasting impression that you are tech-savvy.

Since the NFC business card relies on technology, it might be the biggest downside. This is because if someone does not have a device to read the cards, it becomes hard for them to use them.

Choosing between the two largely depends on many factors. We can vouch for NFC business cards because the technology is readily available in many smartphone models. Also, more information can be encoded into the business card which can be important to growing your business compared to traditional business cards.

How to Effectively Share NFC Business Cards


A custom NFC business card can be a good way to share your information with others at a networking event. However, how do you make sure that the process is effective?

Start by educating your contacts on how NFC works and how they can use the business card. Describe the many benefits of using such a type of business card so that they can know what to expect.

Choose the right moment to share the NFC chip business card. We can often see people sharing such business cards during networking events, business meetings, or any other professional setting where exchanging information might be common.

Personalize the interaction even further. Let us say you are at a creative industry event. You should customize the business cards to have a theme similar to the event so potential clients can easily relate to using such cards.

You must also set up your smartphone to demonstrate how the technology works. Since many phones now have NFC capability, it should be hard for you to have people enjoying the exposure to NFC business cards.

We still advise that you offer traditional cards as an alternative. Not everyone might be familiar with or have access to NFC technology. In such a case, it is best to consider traditional cards as the alternative so they can still reach out whenever possible.

How to Choose Your NFC Supplier

How to Choose Your NFC Supplier

A supplier such as JLTcard will only help you get NFC business cards if you know what you want. There are a few things you may have to put in mind before you can get yourself the NFC business cards. Here are some ideas on what you can do to get the right supplier.

  1. Define your project needs. Once your project needs to be defined, it becomes easier to tell the supplier to get it done. Also, you would know whether the supplier has all the products you need. Identify the project’s technical requirements and overall compatibility with the current different devices.
  2. As part of deciding who the supplier will be, verify product quality. It should not be hard for a company to supply samples of their NFC product. This is important to assess the material quality, how well it can work with NFC technology, and more. This is also when you can test the compatibility of the technology to work with other devices.
  3. You can also evaluate NFC technology to see if it conforms to NFC standards. As you have evaluated the compatibility, check if it conforms with common standards to know it will work extensively with your needs.
  4. Are there any customization options? This includes options for design and printing. Assess the supplier’s capabilities in designing and printing the NFC business cards. Also, customization is still based on the programming options so that you can program the functionality that suits your business.
  5. Evaluate the supplier’s production capacity in addition to scalability. This means the supplier can scale the production to meet your possible deadlines. You would also want a company that offers realistic lead times that work well with your timeline.
  6. The supplier’s reputation is also key in deciding who should work on your project. Look at the customer reviews and testimonials to see if the supplier performs well. The last thing you need is a company that can barely deliver on the customer’s needs.


The best NFC business card has a way of scaling your business to higher levels better than what you might have experienced before. It might be why more people are interested in choosing this type of business card. Also, the business card allows for sharing more details about your business without manually entering such details into a smartphone or browser. So, such a business card has a lot more to offer compared to what you get with traditional business cards.



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