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The JLTcard expertise and experience play a key role in making us a top supplier of NFC cards. The company has a track record of delivering clients the best quality NFC cards. We still provide after-sale services to keep you satisfied.

JLTcard NFC Card

NFC card relies on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to establish a wireless connection between the card and the reader. The card contains an NFC chip and antenna vital for setting up the communication channel. The cards are also designed to be read or written to NFC-enabled devices such as tablets and smartphones to perform specific functions.

The JLTcard NFC cards are some of the best choices in the market because of their usability. JLTcard NFC cards work well for various uses, including payment systems, public transportation, electronic ticketing, and access control. The best part is how they can handle all these applications without breaking down. We assure you of the best quality NFC cards.

JLTcard Different NFC Chip Card Series

The JLTcard NFC cards come in different forms and uses. We want to discuss them below to see which one can work for your needs for NFC Cards.

NFC Business card

JLTcard, like other NFC card manufacturers, also makes NFC business cards. They are vital cards that enable digital interactions between different NFC-enabled devices. They provide a convenient way of sharing business information with another person with similar NFC devices. Since smartphones can read NFC cards, most people should not have a problem using such cards.


The JLTcard NFC chip card can also work as an ID card. It simply means that it is a form of identification that uses NFC technology. The cards will easily communicate with the NFC readers to identify the owner’s information from the ID card. A common application is government-issued IDs, student identification, and more.

NFC Access Card

The JLTcard NFC chip card can also work as an access card. The work of an access card is to grant authorized access to restricted areas. So long as the card has the right authorization information, it can open doors to office buildings, secure facilities, and campuses.

NFC Blank Card
NFC Blank Card

JLTcard, like other NFC card manufacturers, also makes blank cards. In this case, it is still an NFC card, only that no programming or personalization is done. It is a blank slate card that the client can program later, or we can still do it for them. Once programmed is when you can use it for specific applications. When it is blank, there is nothing it will do.

Customer Cards
NFC Membership Card

You may own a gym, club, or any other membership-based establishment. In this case, you need the JLTcard PVC NFC cards to manage the members better. They access specific facilities, privileges, benefits, and services. A good example having a membership card to a golf club.

NFC Proximity Card
NFC Proximity Card

NFC card manufacturers such as JLTcard also have the NFC proximity card. This card type is similar to contactless smart cards, only that they use NFC communication as standard. The cards contain an NFC chip and antenna for exchanging information wirelessly with other NFC-enabled devices.

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The Benefits of JLTcard PVC NFC Cards

This is where you see why choosing JLTcard NFC cards is important. Let us see the benefits you get from using the NFC cards.

  • Security badges

    The JLTcard NFC chip card can work as security passes issued mostly to employees or visitors to a company. The security department will determine the clearance levels the card can access when issued. As you can see, the clearance level of a guest and an employee will differ.

  • Access Control
    Access Control

    The JLTcard PVC NFC cards are also good for access control. This is where the card contains specific programming to allow the user access to a restricted area. An example is when you have to access the server room. You can only do so if your card is programmed to allow you entry.

  • Supply Chain Management
    Supply Chain Management

    The JLTcard NFC chip cards and NFC tag cards can be vital for supply chain management, where they improve efficiency, authenticate products, and track them. The result is enhanced inventory management. An example of product authentication is when each product carries a unique identifier that allows easy scanning with an NFC-enabled device to know what kind of product it is.

  • Visitor ID badges
    ID Badging

    Organizations may also find the JLTcard PVC NFC cards helpful in making ID badges for their workers. The cards are assigned to individuals carrying their personal details. All the details are displayed for easy identification each time the card is scanned. You may also use the same for events to identify those who should attend them easily.

The Key Feature of JLTcard NFC Plastic Cards

  • Two Data Encoding

    JLTcard NFC card printing is just one of the features. Having customizable data in the NFC tag cards is another top feature we have to look at. In this case, you easily get the programming you want to be incorporated into the cards so that they work in a certain way, just as you would have liked.

  • Custom shapes and sizes
    Custom shapes and sizes

    The JLTcard PVC NFC cards, and NFC tag cards come in different shapes and sizes. We first have the standard size, but it is possible to customize it to your liking. Because of this, you can always find the right shape and size to ensure the cards are not a hassle to carry around.

  • Customizable Material

    NFC card manufacturers such as JLTcard can use multiple materials to ensure the cards suit the buyers’ needs. The materials used to make NFC cards include PVC, PET, cardboard, and more. Expect to find plastic NFC cards as the most popular in the market.

JLTcard NFC Tag Cards Advantage

Excellent Read/Write Range
Excellent Read/Write Range

The JLTcard NFC cards come with excellent read/write ranges. It is from a few centimeters to 10 centimeters in most cases. The aim is to ensure the device can work well in close proximity without generally being in contact with the reader.

13.56 MHz Frequency
13.56 MHz Frequency

The JLTcard NFC chip cards and NFC tag cards operate at 13.56MHz, which is one of the best compared to lower frequencies. Because of such a high frequency, the cards are more secure and compatible with NFC readers.

Less Than 10 cm Distance
Less Than 10 cm Distance

NFC card manufacturers such as JLTcard make NFC cards with a read distance of less than 10cm. The benefit is enhanced security with this feature, as the person has to be close to the reader for the card to work. As such, it minimizes the chances of granting access to anyone close to the door while you are far from it. Also, there is better privacy protection with such a feature.

White Or Customized Printing
White Or Customized Printing

JLTcard NFC card printing is another reason you may buy cards from us. We have worked with different companies before, and we know they can want things done differently than the standard. You have to tell us more about what you need to be added as part of the card design, and we will print it. The alternative is getting the standard white blank cards with no printing.

How to Print on NFC Cards?

The JLTcard NFC plastic cards can be customized regarding what can be printed. If you want to do it independently, it is still possible. You will need the white blank NFC card, NFC-enabled printer, and NFC-enabled device to complete the printing process.

You can easily find NFC-enabled printers in the market with a quick Google search. Once you have connected your smartphone or tablet to an NFC printer, you can choose the design you want to print.

Choose the print option from the document, and it will prompt you to choose the right printer from the list of printers you get. Click or tap on print so that the printer can start printing on the NFC card. You should now have the logo or design you wanted to print on the NFC card.

How to Print on NFC Cards?
Choose the Crafts for Your NFC Chip Card

Choose the Crafts for Your NFC Chip Card

JLTcard NFC plastic cards can have all types of crafts added to them. This is possible because we can easily customize what you want to see on the cards. One of the options is to get a transparent card showing all the internal working mechanisms of the card. This is mostly for those who enjoy the geek side of things. You can still have a frosted finish if the transparent look is not for you.

Users will also like the way information is added to the NFC cards. The most common choice is UV spot embossing. This ensures the added details do not easily fade. You may also add barcodes, QR codes as part of the customization process.

We also have the option of NFC card hologram stamping. This is where the hologram images or patterns are added to the NFC card by using a stamping technique. This is usually a security feature vital to identify certain cards belonging to a certain company.

NFC Plastic Cards with Different NFC Chips

Other than NFC card printing, JLTcard still offers options in terms of chip types. The first one is the NFC NTAG 213. This card type operates at 13.6MHz, like most NFC cards, and has quite a wide range of applications, including access control, product authentication, interactive marketing, and more.


You will also find other NFC card chips, including the NTAG215, Mifare 1K, DesFire EV1, Icode SLI-X, and Ultralight EV1. These are all vital chips that can be used with NFC-enabled devices. If you need to use NFC cards, these are all chips you can consider getting.

It is more than the versatility that you get with these card chips. Different chips offer different robustness in terms of security and functionality. As such, JLTcard is placed better to advise you on the best chip based on your company’s needs. Our support and technical team are here to help you out.

NFC Plastic Cards with Different NFC Chips
Technical Details

Technical Details

  • Core material: PVC/PET/ABS/RPVC/PC/PETG/PLA/Metal/Paper/Wood, etc.
  • Core color::White, Colored core( Black, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, etc.) or Others
  • Surface Craft/ Finish:Glossy/Matte/Frosted/Cloth grain or Customized
  • Size:ID-1/ISO Standards or Customized
  • Chip Brand:NXP, Infenion, ST, Sony, Fudan, Huada, Datang, Tongfang, Giantec, etc.
  • Frequency:13.56Mhz, 125Khz, UHF or Others
  • Card Type:Contactless/Contact/Dual interface/Magnetic stripe/Printed card/Invisible magnetic stripe
  • Protocol:ISO14443A/ISO15693/ISO18000-6C/ISO7816/FeliCa
  • Certification:ISO9001, ISO14001, CQM, VISA, Unionpay, MasterCard, Dun&Bradstreet, BOMcheck, etc

Why Choose JLTcard NFC Card

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02
Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card

The JLTcard NFC plastic cards are popular because we make them highly compatible. So long as you have an NFC-enabled device, the cards should easily work. This allows you to program the cards to your needs easily.

Also, expect to find a wide range of card types of JLTcard. This includes access cards, ID badges, membership cards, and more. We make sure everyone is taken care of.

The JLTcard expertise and experience play a key role in making us a top supplier of NFC cards. The company has a track record of delivering clients the best quality NFC cards. We still provide after-sale services to keep you satisfied.

With customization options, there is nothing to worry about. We will make sure the cards look like what you want. The same goes for functionality programming. So, expect the NFC cards to have your branding, logo, and other specific artwork you would like.

JLTcard NFC Card Can Work For Many Different Industries

Events and Conferences

During the JLTcard NFC card printing, we can customize the cards to have the event name. Yes, the cards will be useful for controlling access to events. The cards have to be scanned at the event entrance to see whether you qualify for the event or not.

Hotels and Hospitality Industry

The NFC plastic cards can also be essential in the hospitality industry. That is where they work for a seamless check-in and check-out of a hotel. This is where they are programmed to work as electronic key rooms. The security team can also use them only to access certain spaces in the hotel.

Supermarket membership card

The JLTcard NFC tag cards are useful in the retail sector in many ways. The most common one would be for recording the customer’s loyalty points. The other uses are contactless payments, product information and marketing, and more.

Care homes
Care homes

Care homes may also use the JLTcard NFC tag cards for resident identification. Only those with the cards are given admission to the care homes. The cards can also be used as ID badges to list the details about the user, such as their name, photo, and medical history. These cards are also good for access control and medical administration.

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