The NFC Chip: A Single-Chip for Numerous Uses

NFC Chip

The technological advancement brought comfort to the lives of humanity. The former routine that loads of tasks must be done through human hands is now slowly being performed with the help of technology, reducing the amount of effort that man can exert. So far, humanity achieved a remarkable development that forever turned us all efficient- accomplishing loads of tasks in a short period.


The introduction of RFID and NFC Technology to the world significantly brought beneficial things to your homes, offices, commercial spaces, retail shops, institutions, facilities, large-scale industries, and more.

The introduction of RFID and NFC Technology

When the NFC Chip was introduced in 2010, it helped lots of industries to access faster transactions wherever they were located. Not just effective, but capable as well in performing many different tasks instantly. The NFC Chip was a one-for-all chip that promoted a smartcard lifestyle. From your financial transactions to household usage, the NFC Chip allows you to gain the services you need.


Should you try to look for the RFID device that suits your lifestyle or needs? Here are a few of the people or organizations that are suitable enough to purchase their NFC Chip:



  • Businessmen
  • Professors
  • Parents
  • Security Personnel
  • Health-Conscious
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Plantations
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Retail Shops
  • Logistics
  • Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Exhibits
  • Museums



And many more…


What is an NFC Chip

What is an NFC Chip?

The Near-Field Communication Chip

The Near-Field Communication Chip, also known by its name as NFC Chip is a high-technological chip manufactured for numerous, programmed purposes. Unlike the EMV cards, the NFC chip can be programmable and is powered by the NFC technology. However, NFC Technology provides access only to short distances, the exact opposite of RFID Technology, and can be accessed even in farther proximities.


The NFC Chip has different types, components, and specifications that one must consider before purchasing one. Since NFC Chips tend to be different, their purposes and features are different as well. Thus, the need to differentiate these NFC Chips is critical for the buyers before purchasing.


Now, continue reading this article as we will provide you all the information you must know about the NFC Chips and their specifications.


Specifications of Programmable NFC Chip

Specifications of Programmable NFC Chip

The data embedded in the NFC Chip has something to do with your personal information and every transaction that you will make in the future.

As you purchase the NFC Chip, you can freely use this one on any NFC-powered device, NFC-enabled payment terminal, and smartphones that can read or scan NFC chips. This is possible because of the Chip’s components: the NFC chip reader, antenna, and the NFC tag.


The NFC chip reader will process a specific response by revealing your personal information should you decide to make a transaction. The transaction can be made through the antenna and the chip’s passive component- the NFC Tag- which is the outer layer of the NFC Chips, the outer covering of the antenna.

The NFC Tag would leave you the impression that it was like a printed design on the outside. As you try to tear it out, the NFC Tag would appear as shreds of thin lines connected to a magnetic field.

The NFC chip reader

The NFC Chips have different types where you can choose what to purchase- the NFC Reader, NFC Controlling Chips, and the NFC Tags.

The NFC Chips have different types


  • The NFC Reader is an active type of NFC Chip. This type of NFC can make a transaction due to its magnetic field. This Chip can perform contactless transactions wherever you go. However, this can only be read through an NFC Scanner and other limited NFC-powered devices.


  • The NFC Tag Chip is the passive type of NFC Chip. This type of NFC can serve as a person’s ID that can only be read on NFC-powered devices. Unlike the NFC Chip, its main aim is to store your data and can be used for limited payment transactions. However, the information it contains can only be read through an NFC Reader.


  • The NFC Controlling Chips are a combined passive and active types of NFC Chips. This type of NFC Chips could do a lot of transactions and store bigger personal information. However, NFC Controlling Chips are always used on many NFC-enabled devices such as, but not limited to your e-wallet, digital car keys, smartphones, and more.

How Does an NFC Chip Work?

How Does an NFC Chip Work

The NFC Chip works through numerous functions that access your needs in one scan. It can be applied only to NFC-readers or scanners that are near your proximity.

Since it requires you to go nearer the NFC-powered devices, it functions like you have been connected to your Internet Service. Once you go farther to the NFC-powered devices, you are unable to be provided by its service.


The NFC Chip works like the following, but is not limited to what was listed below:


  • Identification Card
  • Payment Card
  • Transportation Ticket
  • Tracker System
  • Access Control
  • Vital Stats Checker
  • Strong Security Feature
  • Inventory Tracking

However, you can ask your trusted NFC Manufacturer to understand how the NFC Chip may help you in the long run.

The NFC Chip works

Best NFC Chip

Best NFC Chip

Various NFC manufacturers have sold different NFC Chips to different industries around the world. Most of these NFC Chips are either common or not personalized.

Choosing the best NFC chip must first consider how it would help you, what features it offers to you, and where you can buy it at a cost-effective price.


The Best NFC Chip may vary on the needs of the customers. Despite its differences, let’s differentiate some of the NFC Chips available in the world market today.

NFC Chips available

  1. NFC Ticketing Chip- Manufactured to solely act as your transportation payment means and receipt reader.
  2. Ultralight NFC- Old version of NFC Chip.
  3. NXP ICODE– Manufactured as an NFC Chip with medium-range proximity when applied to the device.
  4. NXP NTAG215– An NFC Chip that is popular in gaming.

these NFC Chips have various uses

As you can see, these NFC Chips have various uses and they are intended for different purposes. To identify what’s the best NFC Chip for you, please contact your most trusted NFC manufacturer.


Who Makes NFC Chips

Who Makes NFC Chips

Now a million-dollar question left on your mind was the one what manufacturing company can be trusted in making these NFC Chips? One of the best NFC manufacturers in the world was the JLTcard Company, a factory in Shenzhen, China that produces both RFID and NFC products, serving numerous clients from around the world since 2010.

that produces both RFID and NFC products

The JLTcard Company supplies high-quality RFID and NFC products, wherever you are. From government institutions around the world to homes, the JLTcard provides you with the best user experience for any RFID and NFC products that you will purchase.


The JLTcard Company will provide you with personalized, cost-effective, durable, and internationally recognized RFID and NFC products. Here at JLTcard, we don’t just help you choose the right product for you, but we also guarantee your ultimate satisfaction with our service.



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