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JLTcard NFC Wristband

The JLTcard NFC wristbands are basically wristbands with NFC integration. Near Field Communication or NFC is a technology that allows for short-range wireless communication. This means the wristbands can now be used for exchanging data with the readers in a short range. Because of such, the NFC wristbands can be good for multiple applications including access control, cashless payments, and so much more.

JLTcard has seen a growth in demand for NFC wristbands. It is, for this reason, the brand has focused more on creating the best NFC wristbands for its customers. We research and deliver NFC chips that will leave you loving their operations. Also, we make them reliable and cost-effective to ensure we are the best in the market.

JLTcard NFC Wristband Series

You are likely to find many options for NFC wristbands in the market. Below is what you can expect JLTcard to deliver and their functionalities too.

Customized Full Printing RFID Elastic Fabric Wristband

Using the fabric RFID NFC wristband means you get both comfort and durability from the fabric material. Unlike paper wristbands that would easily tear, fabric JLTcard NFC wristbands last quite long. They are still lightweight so you may wear them for long hours

NFC Disposable Wristband

In case you need custom NFC bracelets for short-term use, you might as well consider the NFC disposable wristbands. We make them from materials such as paper, which we expect should be durable enough to last through an event before disposing of them

125Khz Adjustable RFID Silicone Wristbands

The custom NFC bracelets can also be made of silicone and work great for event access. Silicone is a durable material and resists water for a long time. As such, these are good wristbands for applications involving water such as water parks and pool parties

NFC Wristbands For Hotels
NFC Wristbands For Hotels

The JLTcard NFC bracelets also remain a convenient and efficient way of accessing your hotel room. The same would also work for other hotel amenities. Some hotels can also link the wristband to your account for ease of making payment during your stay at the hotel.

RFID Tyvek Wristband
NFC Tyvek Wristband

A custom NFC bracelet can also be made of Tyvek material. This material is tough and still tear-resistant. That is what makes them even better for wristbands at festivals, parties, and events. Other than being good for events and cashless payments, we still find them ideal for interactive experiences with other NFC devices.

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JLTcard NFC Wristband Features

  • Various Materials

    The JLTcard RFID NFC wristband may be made of many materials. This is vital for ensuring you can only choose the material you like. The options for materials include silicone, vinyl, velcro, Tyvek, and many others. We can quickly explain the different materials of the JLTcard NFC wristbands so that you can only choose those that work for your application

  • Multiple Colors
    Multiple Colors

    The custom NFC bracelet can also come in different colors. We can see that the colors include red, orange, black, white, and many others. Such customization means the users can pick the colors that work for their events. Let us say you want the bracelets to have company colors, we can make that happen.

  • Waterproof

    The custom NFC wristbands are also built to be water-resistant. You would not have to worry about using them in applications that involve water. That is why we would recommend them for applications such as water parks. As compared to the traditional paper wristbands for water parks, these ones will perform exceptionally well during the entire time.

  • Multiple sizes
    Multiple sizes

    We also have NFC bracelets in multiple sizes. The size options include adult, young, and child. Each of the options differs in terms of wrist size so you can always get the right one depending on the demographic of where you would be using them. We highly recommend taking note of who will use them to choose the right size.

JLTcard NFC Wristband Advantages

Ease of Programming
Ease of Programming

JLTcard RFID NFC wristbands need proper programming for them to work as you would want. Luckily, our technical team can easily handle this part to ensure you get the best results and performance for your NFC wristbands.


Any JLTcard NFC bracelet is durable. This is thanks to the materials we use to make them. Most materials are resistant to water, dust, and other elements. The result is being able to enjoy using the JLTcard NFC wristband without worrying it might come off easily when you least expect it.


The custom NFC wristbands all show it is possible to get the best look for wristbands depending on what you like. The sales team will tell you more about what you can customize so that you are happy with your purchase. Most people often customize the colors, sizes, and chip types.

Multiple chip types
Multiple chip types

Any NFC bracelet will have a chip inside which is the brain of the whole operation. That is why having the right chip may determine how well the bracelet works. There are many options for chip types and they include NTAG210, DESFire, Ultralight, ICODE SLIX, Plus, and many others. We have plenty of options in our stock and we will give you the right bracelet chip for you to achieve the functionality you are looking for.

How Does NFC Wristband Work

RFID NFC wristband works by using short-range wireless communication technology NFC. This technology operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz. Through NFC, the wristband and the reader can exchange information and something is done in return. It can be accessing an event, getting into a hotel room, and more.

The JLTcard NFC wristband contains an NFC chip. This chip is what communicates with the reader such as an NFC-enabled smartphone to perform a certain function. It is important to have the reader in close proximity to the NFC wristband to get an easy time reading the information from it.

Once the communication has been initialized, the reader can get the information from the NFC wristband and process it for authenticity. The best part is that the wristbands are encrypted, so there has to be a proper verification by the reader before doing anything. With everything confirmed, the NFC reader will perform several functions depending on the programming.

How Does NFC Wristband Work
NFC Wristbands for Smart Home Access

NFC Wristbands for Smart Home Access

The JLTcard custom NFC wristband can also work quite well for home access. The most common would be entry control. Rather than using traditional keys or access cards, you have the option of using NFC wristbands. Users can also have each family member get the NFC wristbands so that they can access the home with ease.


We also see the same working well for AirBnBs. This is where the guests are given wristbands with temporary access. You would only need to use them for a few days and they will no longer work.

It is still possible to use the NFC wristbands in addition to other automation options in the house. Let us say the NFC wristband can easily open the door and then in addition turn on lights or disarm the alarms in the house. Such is vital for making entry into the house smooth and easy

Why Choose JLTcard NFC Wristband

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Access Control Wristbands01
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Silicone Wristband01

The JLTcard NFC bracelets are popular because of how good they are at their jobs. JLTcard does a good job of researching about them and implementing them just as the client wants. The best part is that they are also durable to give you the best performance even in cases where there is water such as water parks.


Compatibility is not an issue with the JLTcard NFC wristband. With several devices on the market right now being NFC-enabled, it becomes so easy to use them with your existing devices. Examples include smartphones that readily have NFC integration. So, it can be a good thing for those who do not need to spend more money on readers.


Security is another reason for the JLTcard NFC wristbands. Our wristbands come with multiple security options including encryption. The encryption makes sure that the wristbands cannot be cloned easily and that your sensitive data is protected. That is why it is possible to use them for secure access to different systems.

JLTcard NFC Wristband Application Areas

Schools and Campuses

Expect that an NFC bracelet would be good for school applications because the management can use it for tracking attendance. The students will wear the wristbands and then they are scanned when getting into and out of school. The same can also be applied to teachers as well.

Fitness & Sports

We find that the custom NFC wristband is essential mostly for member access to gyms and sports centers. The JLTcard NFC wristband works as the key to accessing the different gym facilities such as the locker rooms, the gym itself, and other specific workout areas.


The programmable NFC bracelet finds itself useful in festivals and concerts. Such a JLTcard NFC wristband will mostly be used for ticketing. Only those who have the wristbands can get in after scanning is done. Such wristbands help replace traditional paper tickets, meaning you get more convenience also.

Sauna clubs

A programmable NFC bracelet is what you need for accessing some types of saunas. It depends on the location. The JLTcard NFC wristband is a good way of restricting access to the sauna unless you have paid for it. Also, they can be personalized to the guest’s preference.

Spa Hotels

The custom NFC wristband from JLTcard is another common pick for spa hotels. Here, they are ideal for payment and billing. This means the JLTcard NFC wristband can be linked to the guest account for seamless payments of meals, spa treatments, among other services.

Theme parks & Attractions
Water parks

Expect to find many people interested in water parks as a place to have fun. A programmable NFC bracelet should make it easy for visitors to gain access to the parks. Also, they can be a way of securing their lockers. Some parks use the same wristbands for cashless payments reducing the need for carrying cards or cash.

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