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JLTcard NTAG213 Stickers

The JLTcard NTAG213 stickers are small Near Field Communication (NFC) devices that can store and transmit information. Such stickers are mostly used for wireless or contactless transfer of data. They can be read and written by devices having NFC features. Such include computers, smartphones, and tablets. The NTAG213 stickers come with a storage capacity of 144bytes and operate using the 13.56MHz frequency.

JLTcard has established itself by making reliable and quality NTAG213 stickers. We also have the expertise to advise you on which NTAG213 sticker to choose, depending on the application in mind.

JLTcard NTAG213 Sticker Series

JLTcard NTAG213 stickers are available in different configurations. We always want to ensure the buyer has the right product. Here are NTAG213 sticker series options you can buy from JLTcard.

Anti-metal Ntag213 Sticker

The anti-metal NTAG213 NFC tags are designed to work correctly even when they are attached to metal surfaces. This is possible with the addition of a specialized layer to the tags to prevent communication interference simply because the sticker is attached to a metal surface.

Custom Print NTAG213 Sticker

Customization is possible with the JLTcard NTAG213 stickers. The customization option means we can print the design you like, the logos, and other graphics that suit your company’s needs. Custom printing is mostly done for branding, promotions, and marketing purposes.

Blank Paper NTAG213 Sticker
Blank Paper NTAG213 Sticker

Unlike the custom print NTAG213, the JLTcard blank paper NTAG213 stickers will not have any pre-printed graphics or designs on them. The blank paper allows writing your own personalization once the products are delivered. They will still work like the other sticker types, only that they have blank paper for labeling.

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JLTcard NTAG213 Sticker Characteristics

760 Micron
Small size

The JLTcard NTAG213 stickers are small for ease of use on different surfaces without looking off. Also, these NTAG213 NFC tags can still work correctly, even if they are small. People like their size as it makes them also flexible.

Available with adhesive
Available with adhesive

We also offer the JLTcard NTAG213 stickers with strong adhesive so that you can stick them easily. The NTAG213 NFC tags come with a strong adhesive that will last long to keep using the stickers for a long time.


The durability of the JLTcard NTAG213 stickers has never been an issue, even for those that attach these stickers to outdoor surfaces. Such durability is what makes people trust us to deliver performance NFC stickers for various uses.

Customized size
Customized size

The NTAG213 stickers are also available in customized sizes. It is possible you might need a custom size than our standard size options. We can readily help you find the right size for NTAG213 NFC tags.

Customized Crafts

When you want the JLTcard NTAG213 stickers, it is possible you need a bit of customization to suit your needs better. One such option is to include the anti-metal layer in the construction. This layer keeps ensures the NFC sticker can maintain communication with the other NFC devices.

The other option will be having custom logos, artwork printing, and laser engraving on the stickers. It can be a good addition to ensure that you keep track of what sticker is attached and where or use the printing information to promote your brand.

Additional things you can print on the stickers include ID numbers, URLs, barcodes, QR codes, and so much more.

Customized Crafts
ntag213 vs ntag215

NTAG213 vs NTAG215

The NTAG213 and NTAG215 are both NFC tags but have subtle differences. The first difference is the storage capacity. NTAG213 has a storage capacity of 144 bytes, while NTAG215 is 504 bytes. The NTAG215 can hold more data, thus ideal for applications needing more storage space.

The read range of NTAG215 is mostly longer compared to what you get with NTAG213. On average, the NTAG215 has a read range of 10cm, while NTAG213 will have a read range of 5cm.

Because of the more features that come with NTAG215, it is more expensive than NTAG213.

These two types of NFC stickers have the same compatibility. They will all work with all NFC-enabled devices you need to use to write and read the stickers.

NTAG213 vs. NTAG216

As mentioned before, the NTAG213 NFC tags will have a sto rage capacity of 144 bytes. However, NTAG216 stickers will have a capacity of 888 bytes. You can see that the NTAG216 tags are better for applications needing more data storage space.

Another big difference is the read range. NTAG216 offers a read range of around 10cm, while NTAG213 has a read range of 5cm. So, you would only use the NTAG216 if the application needs a longer read range.

NTAG216 is also more expensive. This is mostly because of superior features such as the storage capacity and read range of the NTAG213 stickers. Nevertheless, they are both compatible with all devices with NFC capability.

ntag213 vs ntag216
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

material :  Coated Paper, PET,  PVC, etc.

Antenna:etched Aluminum

Chip : Ntag213

Printing  : Digital printing or offset printing,silk pritning ect

Craft   :  Bar code/QR Code, Glossy/Matting/frosting ect

Dimension  :  30mm, 25mm, 40*25mm, 45*45mm or customized

Frequency  :   13.56Mhz

Read range  :   1-10cm depend on the reader and reading environment

Program:  Encode URL,Text,Number,Social networks,Contact,Data,Mail,SMS,Address,Location,etc.

Antenna Size: 10mm round;15mm round; 18mm round; 21mm round; 22mm round,;27mm round;30mm round;35mm round;11*26mm;8*18mm;76*45mm,customized

Protocol : ISO14443A/ISO15693

Why Choose JLTcard NTAG213 Sticker

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01

Our customers love the JLTcard NTAG213 NFC tags for several reasons. The most common reason is that we use high-quality materials to manufacture the tags. The result is having long-lasting and durable stickers as they withstand different conditions.

Customization is also a reason to use the JLTcard NTAG213 stickers. Customization is key in personalizing the stickers to your needs. Examples include printing information to help with the identification or adding logos on the stickers to help with promoting the products.

The affordability of the NFC 213 tags makes the companies looking for such stickers have an easy time choosing JLTcard. Even with customization, we still keep the prices within the affordable range.

The NFC 213 tags are also easy to use. The main reason is because of the compatibility feature. They are easily compatible with all NFC-enabled devices. Still, they can be programmed with the NFC data you need to put on the tags.

The JLTcard NTAG213 stickers are multipurpose. We often see them being used by our clients in different fields. Examples include inventory management, personal identification, event ticketing, and so much more.

JLTcard NTAG213 Sticker Application

Smart advertisement
Smart advertisement

JLTcard NTAG213 stickers are good for smart advertisements because they can provide the customer with key information such as product features, price, and availability when you scan the sticker with your phone. They can also display discounts or promotions available on the product.

Visit a website URL
Visit a website URL

The JLTcard NFC 213 tags can be programmed to redirect you to a specific website whenever you read them using your NFC-enabled device, such as a smartphone. A good example can be a restaurant menu.

Share a text file
Share a text file

For such an application, come up with the text file you want to be shared. Next, we can program the sticker to have the text file. Once the NFC devices read the sticker, they can get to see the text files. You can even password-protect such a file so that only authorized personnel can see the text file.

Contactless ID/ticketing
Contactless ID/ticketing

JLTcard NFC 213 tags can also be used for event access mostly. These tags are programmed with key information showing that someone with the tag has paid for the event. All the user has to do is scan it through the gate, and access is granted. It generally makes things easier and faster

Launch a specific app
Launch a specific app

Maybe you want to use a specific app each time you scan the NFC 213 tags. It could be parking apps and other specialized apps. It starts by programming the tags to send the command for opening the specific app once you scan them. If such is used in parking slot control, you can pay for parking or know if the parking space is available.

Public transportation
Public transportation

Passengers in public transportation can have an easier and more convenient way of using the transportation system. A good scenario is when the tag has the passenger’s information and will allow them to use the transport services. The fare is automatically deducted from the passenger account, and the ticket is validated.

Embedding in devices
Embedding in devices

Embedding devices with the JLTcard NTAG213 stickers is possible to improve overall functionality generally. Let us say you want to improve the security, functionality, or convenience of accessing the storage room. It is easier to have the workers equipped with devices embedded with stickers that allow fast access to the room. You can also use the same for other fields, including manufacturing and logistics.

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