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JLTcard NTAG215 Card

The NTAG215 card is an NFC card operating on a 13.56MHz frequency. The NFC technology makes it possible for devices to communicate wirelessly while in close proximity. The NTAG215 card comes embedded with an antenna which enables it to initiate communication with other similar devices such as compatible readers, smartphones, tablets, and more.

We recommend buying the JLTcard NTAG215 card from us because we assure the user of quality. Our company will provide genuine cards built to meet industry standards. You do not need to worry about counterfeit products since we ensure all our products go through quality checks.

JLTcard NTAG215 Card Series

When you want JLTcard to make the NTAG215 NFC card, there are a couple of options available. This helps the user to settle on a product that works well for their needs. Below are some of our options for such types of cards.

Standard ISO NFC 215 Cards

This is the standard NTAG215 card you will get on the market. It is made with standard PVC sheets and customized to a normal size. Of course, you can choose the right size you like. It is characterized by having a programmable UID with a user memory of 504 bytes. This card type complies with the ISO/IEC14443 Type A standard.

Coin Ntag215 Cards

It is common to find a JLTcard NTAG215 NFC card customized to a coin. This can help a lot in customizing the cards to a specific function. A good example is parking tickets. So, essentially you end up with an NFC card shaped like a plastic disc or coin for accessing controlled systems.

Epoxy 215 NFC Cards

Another choice for the JLTcard NTAG215 NFC card is the epoxy NFC 215 cards. In this case, the card will also have an epoxy coating to ensure better durability and protection. The cards would have the same chips as the others mentioned above, only that it offers better durability. We find them suitable for loyalty cards, access control, and ID cards.

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Features of JLTcard NTAG215 Card

  • Custom with your design and logo

    The JLTcard NTAG215 card can help you customize your card design and logo. Every client must get the right design for their use. Let us say you want to use the cards for brand awareness, then it is good to use logos, too, as part of the design.

  • Write the URL or text
    Write the URL or text

    When you need to use the JLTcard NTAG215 card for marketing, you can add URLs or texts to the NFC 215 cards. The URL can be scannable so that someone can easily visit your website to learn more about your products. As for text, it can be useful text that talks about the business and the services you offer.

  • Glossy Or matte surface
    Glossy Or matte surface

    The JLTcard NTAG215 NFC card can have two main types of finishes. You can either get the glossy or matte surface. The glossy finish is mostly for corporates who will use these cards in-house. However, the matte surface can do well for outdoor applications.

  • 100% NXP Original chip
    100% NXP Original chip

    The JLTcard NTAG215 NFC card will do well if it has the right technology. That is why we use the NXP original chip. It is good in durability, reliability, and performance. So, expect to like the value for money you get with this type of NFC card.

JLTcard Ntag215 Card Functions

  • Mobile NFC Payment

    Using the JLTcard NTAG215 card for mobile NFC payment is not unusual. The JLTcard NFC 215 cards will be configured to deduct money from your account once the card is scanned. You have nothing to worry about since the cards are mostly secure.

  • Access control
    Access control

    As expected, the JLTcard NTAG215 card can also be good for access control. You will like how well it can serve you to keep unauthorized people out of a certain place. We recommend such cards for various institutions needing access control because of their amazing security.

  • URL / Test share

    The JLTcard NTAG215 PVC card can always be customized to share information in various ways, including URLs or text. We can see that such JLTcards NFC 215 cards will be helpful in pushing out the brand so that it is highly recognizable.

  • NFC transportation
    NFC transportation

    The JLTcard NTAG215 PVC card is also useful in the transportation sector. A good example is having the card loaded with points that can be deducted each time you use the transport system. When you enter the bus, the card is scanned again when exiting to deduct the correct amount.

JLTcard Ntag215 Card Advantages

Flat & Smooth
Flat & Smooth

The JLTcard NTAG215 card is generally flat and smooth. This makes it easy to carry around in your pocket, or you could consider hanging around your neck if it is a tag you need for work.


We also make the JLTcard NTAG215 card waterproof. Depending on your application, we understand it might be what you need now. We always recommend that you talk to us more about the waterproof needs you might be looking for. We can make it happen.

The frequency range of 13.56mhz
The frequency range of 13.56mhz

The JLTcard NTAG215 card works with a range of 13.56Mhz, which is quite good for many uses. This frequency can work for many applications, including access control, transportation, etc. We see that the frequency is also stable to ensure the reliability of these cards.

Excellent Reading Distance
Excellent Reading Distance

The JLTcard NTAG215 card has a reading distance of about 10 cm. As you can see, it can work as a contactless card. You just have to get it close to the reader without touching it, and it will work quite well.

Card Dimensions & Material

The JLTcard NTAG215 card comes in the perfect size. The NTAG215 PVC card is 85.5 x 54mm, which aligns with what you get with credit cards. Because of such, people would not have a problem carrying it around. As for the thickness, it is around 0.84mm, which is still very manageable.

If this size does not work, we can also make a custom size for you. The custom size works well for those wanting bigger or smaller NTAG215 cards.

How about the material? We make the NFC 215 cards using PVC material. This material is strong while at the same still affordable. We expect the cards to last long without generally spending too much money.

Card Dimensions & Material
How to use NFC NTAG215 Cards

How to use NFC NTAG215 Cards?

For you to use the JLTcard NTAG215 card, there is the need for proper hardware, software, and compatible devices. Before you can use the NFC 215 cards, make sure to have NFC-enabled devices such as a tablet or smartphone.

Enable the NFC settings on the device and bring the NTAG215 card close to the reader. Make sure you locate the antenna on the card and bring it close to the reader. Depending on the card’s configuration, expect a certain action to happen. Let us say it is configured to open a door; that happens when you bring the card close to the NFC reader next to the door.

The operations of an NFC card are often fast. It should not take long before you see the command executed. In some cases, it can feel that the card works in real-time because of how fast it works.

Difference Between NTAG213 and NTAG215

In addition to the NTAG215 PVC card, you may also come across the NTAG213 card. They might seem similar because of how they work, but there are some notable differences you should know about.

The first difference is the memory capacity. NTAG213 has a memory capacity of 144 bytes, while NTAG215 has a larger memory of 540 bytes. As such, you can store more data on the NTAG215 cards.


Looking at the physical size of the antennas of each card, we see that the NTAG215 antenna is slightly larger. Having a larger can mean improved read range and overall performance for certain conditions.

As for applications, it is possible you would need something with more memory capacity, which is why the NTAG215 cards might have more applications. The NTAG213 is another good choice but best suited for simpler applications.

We also see a difference in terms of cost. NTAG213 is generally more cost-effective than NTAG215. This is because of its smaller memory size. However, if your application needs extra storage, you are advised to use the larger capacity NTAG215 card.

Difference Between NTAG213 and NTAG215

Why Choose JLTcard NTAG215 Card

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02

When you want to get a JLTcard NTAG215 card, you may wonder why you should even do it. We do have a couple of reasons that can make you consider the NFC 215 cards from JLTcard. The first one enjoys a bigger memory capacity than other NFC tag types. More space means storing more data, such as URLs, text, and other information.

Still, the cards are compatible with many uses and NFC-enabled devices. So long as it is a device with NFC capability, you can easily program functionality into the card, and you are good to go.

The cards are also highly versatile. That is how we get clients doing different things wanting to get our cards. They are good for access control, promotional items, loyalty programs, etc.

The read range is generally okay for most of the operations. You would not have to worry about the card not working as you want. Get it close to the reader; it should work well for you.

JLTcard NTAG215 Card Application

Game Cards
Game Cards

The JLTcard NTAG215 PVC card can provide you with an interactive gaming experience. The cards can be programmed to work with NFC-enabled devices such as smartphones. So, each time you play a game via an app, you only need to scan the card to play. It is quite fun and interesting.

Business Cards
Business Cards

We find making a business card out of an NTAG215 card possible. Such a card will include important details about your business, including the name, contact details, website URL, and so much more. When you give out such NFC 215 cards, people will see how well you use technology to make your brand noticeable.

Vouchers and Coupons for Loyalty
Vouchers and Coupons for Loyalty or Membership Cards

The NTAG215 PVC card can be good for loyalty or membership cards because of its durability. They will last long even if customers use them to earn and redeem their loyalty points. They should be easier to carry since they are also slim and compact.

Outdoor Marketing
Outdoor Marketing

You could also use the JLTcard NTAG215 card for outdoor marketing. This is where you can have additional information printed on the card showing the business name, website, and so much more. Still, you can use them in promotional offers that the business might offer to ensure you reach many more people.

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