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JLTcard NTAG215 NFC Tag

JLTcard manufactures the popular NTAG215 NFC Tag. Tags like this come in a form of a sticker or wristband, containing a microchip. The chips hold information like name, mobile number, and wi-fi password. Devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and NFC readers can read the chips in short proximity.

If you’re gearing towards innovation with your business operations, we suggest you use an NTAG215 NFC tag. NTAG215 tag is a type of NFC tag highly recommended and used with smartphones.

NTAG215 NFC Stickers with NXP® NTAG215 NFC chips are a good investment. One of its features is being compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones and devices.  NTAG215 NFC Tag is helpful for a website launch, product post, or menus. It uses a frequency of 13.56 MHz making it usable for Android or iOS. Furthermore, it’s in accordance with the standard ISO14443A.

JLTcard is the best choice in terms of NFC tag products. We manufacture a wide range of NFC tags including the sought-after NTAG215 Tag Sticker. We have been serving multiple business owners from across the globe by smart-tagging their assets, inventory management, logistics, and payment transactions.

Ntag215 Tags Series

The JLTcard NTag215 Tags Series is the company’s portfolio, of all-in products that fit your specific needs. The JLTcard NTag215 Tags Series are effective in product inventory, tracking, and high-security uses. Here are the JLTcard NTag215 Tags Series that you must choose from

NTAG215 Anti-metal Nfc Tag

The JLTcard NTAG215 Anti-metal NFC Tag is manufactured to make the RFID technology perform well even on metal surfaces. The JLTcard NTAG215 Anti-metal NFC Tag has a metal-resistant feature, high-security feature, and other beneficial features. The JLTcard NTAG215 Anti-metal NFC Tag is designed to work on every metal surface

NTAG215 Self-adhesive Coin Tag

The JLTcard NTAG215 Self-adhesive Coin Tag is manufactured as an adhesive RFID chip that has a coin shape. The JLTcard NTAG215 Self-adhesive Coin Tag boasts of its memory backup and accessible RFID scanning feature. The JLTcard NTAG215 Self-adhesive Coin Tag can be used personally or in any specific industry

HF NFC NXP Ntag215 Sticker

The JLTcard HF NFC NTag215 Sticker is manufactured as an adhesive-type RFID device known for its accessible compatibility. The JLTcard HF NFC NTag215 Sticker has RFID-reader compatibility and data protection features. The JLTcard HF NFC NTag215 Sticker can be used for personal usage or specific industrial uses

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The Functionality of JLTcard NTAG215 NFC Tag

When it comes to functionality, the NTAG215 NFC Tag is on-point in terms of mobile NFC payment, library management, URL/text sharing, and NFC Transportation.

  • Mobile NFC Payment

    Use  NTAG215 NFC Tag in your retail business. It’s not a problem if the customer prefers using his android phone or card in paying. The tag on the phone or card communicates with a payment terminal. Then, it sends a message of payment information from the customer to the retailer. That’s how fast it is!

  • Library Management
    Library Management

    NTAG215 NFC Tag is also helpful in managing libraries. You can use this tag to track your library’s inventory movement. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable that books get lost or damaged. In order to know who was the last touch of the book, you need to have a record of book borrowers. NTAG215 NFC Tags allow users to store data like names and contact numbers.

  • URL Text Share
    URL / Text Share

    Have a creative and interactive way of  launching your website. NTAG215 NFC Tag is fun to use. You can customize the tag to keep your branding. Perhaps you have to partner with physical retail stores where you can leave the tags. Your customers can get those tags from there and participate in your website launching activities.

  • NFC Transportation
    NFC Transportation

    NTAG215 NFC Tag is very popular in cities that use NFC transportation. Commuters don’t need to worry about a paper ticket being torn during wet seasons. Use an NTAG215 NFC Tag since it’s more durable than any other ticket.

JLTcard NTAG215 NFC Tag Advantage


NTAG215 NFC Tag uses a two-way process. Apart from accepting information, the tag can also write data up to 100,000 cycles. You can write an URL length of 492 characters and a text length of 490 characters.

Good Reading Range
Good Reading Range

NTAG215 NFC Tag is advantageous for your business because it only requires up to 12mm away from the tag reader. This protects thieves from being attracted to breaking into your store. It also means you can check your customers in a shorter range and get to know them better.


NTAG215 NFC Tag is like any other amazing NFC tag. It has self-adhesive making it ready to use anytime from now. It helps maintain cleanliness on the surface where you’ll stick it.

Classical Antenna
Classical Antenna

NTAG215 NFC Tag uses a classical antenna to transmit data to the tag reader. This is tiny and keeps the overall tag clean. Although it’s very small, it works faster too.

How to use NFC NTAG215 Stickers?

Ntag215 Stickers are user-friendly. It’s not complicated, instead simple to use. Business owners like you can just write on it easily. Pull off the adhesive’s cover and place it on the surface of the item you wish to tag. NTAG215 NFC Tag might be delicate so you have to store them properly.

Additionally, JLTcard’s NTAG215 NFC Tag doesn’t need to be recharged. The tag reader absorbs magnetic energy from the tag to receive information from the tag. It’s trendy and cool to use. Goodbye to messy long wires! Hello to clean, fast, and secured Ntag215 Stickers!

How to use NFC NTAG215 Stickers
What Is Ultralight C Chip

What Is An NTAG215 Chip?

An NTAG215 Chip is a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag. It has a medium size memory capacity of 504 bytes. Its ultimate feature is being password protected. This surely entices business owners who’d treat security as a big deal. JLTcard’s NTAG215 NFC Tag chip is cheaper than an NTAG216 but also worth it. It works excellently by letting you read and write data onto it.

NTAG215 chip is known to be used in Amiibo figures and cards. You can also use it in your inventory. Some use them for transportation convenience. Order in bulk from us at a cheaper rate. This is unlike any other. It doesn’t have an alternative.

Customized Craft

Entrepreneurs need to maintain their brands. There are many captivating ways to design an NTAG215 NFC Tag. JLTcard has to comply with our varied customers’ branding requirements.

We can customize your NTAG215 NFC Tag and print your logo on it. JLTcard personalizes refined NTAG215 NFC Tag. We are carefully dealing with serial number printing.

We can also laser engrave (UID engrave) images or icons your business desires. Don’t worry about the quality because we can also send out samples to your location. In case your business wants cheaper tags, you can buy blank NTAG215 NFC Tags as well.

Customized Craft

Why Choose JLTcard NTAG215 NFC Tag

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02

JLTcard is the right NTAG215 NFC Tag supplier to talk to when it comes to NFC tags. We have partnered with the best business owners from different countries all over the world. We’re not only making tags in large quantities but also checking each final output’s quality.

NTAG215 NFC Tag is not that hard to produce. Yes, it complies with ISO14443A standards. But, they’re easy to manage. Thanks to JLTcard’s talented engineers and team effort. We were able to manufacture for several years now.

JLTcard NTAG215 NFC Tag Application

Asset Management
Asset Management

Manage your large-scale business’ growing assets. NTAG215 NFC Tag best fit big businesses in terms of asset management. No more manual counting and encoding of data. With one tap on the tag, you can save information about the physical assets right away.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Connect your products to a system to manage your inventory. Store information by using an NTAG215 NFC Tag. It stores accurate data and makes your inventory on track.


Arranging books is the top problem of almost all libraries. In fact, there are ways to minimize manpower’s effort in dealing with this problem. The top solution is for you to use NTAG215 NFC Tags as they come along with smart technology.

Clothing Management
Clothing Management

Clothing stores manage big inventories. Embrace this newer way of managing clothing such as segregation for men and women, adults and kids, and by colors and sizes. Make use of an NTAG215 NFC Tag. By this, you can gain more control over your business.

Use Of Jewelry Label

Diamond necklaces or earrings must have an NTAG215 NFC Tag. Therefore, stealers will not easily carry the jewelry off with them. It’s highly secured with a password that the store only knows.


As your company grows, logistics face bigger challenges. NTAG215 NFC Tag lets you track down if your assets have reached the supposed destination.

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