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custom-printed NFC tags use NFC technology to make it easier for you to operate them easily

JLTcard Printable RFID Tags

The JLTcard printable RFID tags are like other RFID tags you have used before. The only difference is customization, where you can print the company information on top of the RFID tags. Such flexibility means using these tags for different applications in different fields. Most companies would choose such an option for promoting their brands.

JLTcard often recommends such RFID tags to brands that need to create brand awareness. Also, there are many uses for such RFID tags to make it easier to find an application for them. So, it should not be hard to start using them today. JLTcard has the right production capacity if you ever need printable RFID tags completed as soon as possible.

JLTcard Printable RFID Tags Series

Custom Printed NFC Tags

The custom-printed NFC tags use NFC technology to make it easier for you to operate them easily. The good thing about NFC technology is portability and compatibility. Even smartphones have this technology, thus, they can read these NFC tags.

Custom Printed RFID Stickers

You may also opt for custom-printed RFID stickers to give you the same functionality, only this time; they use RFID readers. Their compatibility is quite good since you do not need to replace the existing readers. So long as they are compatible, you will save money not buying new readers.

DryWet Inlay Printed RFID Tags

The JLTcard printable RFID tags can also be dry or wet inlay tags. Yes, the tags can also have custom printing so that you can easily tell the brand or its functions whenever they are attached anywhere. Choosing between dry and wet inlays depends on where you want to use them.

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JLTcard Printable RFID Tags Functions

Using the JLTcard printable RFID tags will expose you to many uses of RFID tags. We want to see some of the common functions of these tags and why you can start using them today.

  • Employee Identification

    The JLTcard custom printed NFC tags are essential for employee identification in most companies worldwide. The tags are embedded in a card so that the information about an employee is displayed once it is scanned. We find it common that companies use the gates to identify employees and admit them into the company premises.

  • Hands-free security
    Hands-free security

    The JLTcard printable NFC stickers are key in ensuring you get the best security always in different applications. Yes, they can have the capability to open doors in different setups. Since the scanning is contactless, you end up with hands-free security, which boosts how fast people are processed and admitted.

  • Payment devices
    Payment devices

    The JLTcard custom printed NFC tags are also key in giving you the best access to paying for different things at the store. Once the tags are linked to your account, they can work as an ATM card. You simply have the tag scanned, and with authorization, the amount is debited from your account.

  • Tagging Assets
    Tagging Assets

    If an asset needs additional security, tagging with printable RFID tags is advised. You can easily track the asset’s movement if it passes through different RFID scanners. This is vital for most assets you use more often or want to prevent possible asset theft.

JLTcard Printable RFID Tags Features

  • Next-Generation Performance

    The JLTcard printable NFC stickers boast the best performance. This is largely because of the chips used in making printable RFID tags. We use the latest chips and antennas to enhance the overall performance. You would not be worried that the tags will not work when expected.

  • Password Protection
    Password Protection

    These custom-printed NFC tags are also password protected for a good reason. We want only those authorized to make changes to the tags can do so. The last thing you need is anyone changing the working of the tags to something you did not expect. So, we enhance security with this feature.

  • Tolerant to Other RFID Tags

    The JLTcard printable NFC stickers can easily work without interfering with each other when placed in the same place. This is because they contain the anti-collision feature. So, the RFID tags can only be scanned one at a time to prevent collision and minimize the chances of interference.

  • Multiple Materials
    Multiple Materials

    Our custom-printed NFC stickers can be made of different materials to suit the needs of our clients better. We have materials such as paper, PET, PVC, and more, depending on the user’s needs. Such versatility means we can serve our clients better and use the substrate that can handle their needs also.

JLTcard Printable RFID Tags Advantages

Easy To Scan
Easy To Scan

The JLTcard printable NFC stickers are generally easy to work with, considering scanning does not take much time. The scanning happens in milliseconds, and you can see the required activity done simultaneously. That is how you may find these RFID tags are fast in their operations.

Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security

In addition to RFID label printing, we ensure that security is always improved. We have worked with a wide range of brands to understand the importance of security. That is why these tags come with improved encryption. We know you will have a good time using the tags, knowing they enhance security.

Custom Printing
Custom Printing

We have the JLTcard custom printed NFC stickers because of their versatility in terms of what you can print on them. Many businesses usually opt for their brand name, logo, and much more. This is key for branding, as anyone who sees the tag can know what the brand offers.

Flexible and Durable
Flexible and Durable

The flexibility makes these JLTcard printable RFID tags usable in various industries. We can see them used in hotels, ski resorts, libraries, etc. Another reason for using them extensively is because of their durability. You should get nice durable RFID tags from us for every use.

How RFID Tags Printing Is Done

The process of achieving custom-printed NFC tags is not hard, as you will see. First, we start with the tag design. This ensures we get the design right, just as the client wants. This includes designing the brand logo, graphics, and other data fields.

The next step is to choose the substrate material and move on to the printing method. We have a wide range of methods, so whichever option you want, we will have something for you. Different methods have pros and cons, but we will help you get the right one.

The information is then printed onto the tags then, followed by RFID encoding. The encoding part helps ensure the printable RFID tag does a particular task when scanned. With all this done, quality control and testing are done to ensure you have the right printable RFID tags as you need them to be.

How RFID Tags Printing Is Done
How To Program Printable RFID Tags

How To Program Printable RFID Tags

Besides making custom-printed NFC stickers, we also help with programming or encoding them so that they work as you want. We first talk to the client to understand what kind of functionality should the RFID tag do. This is what drives us to know how best to program the tags.

With this in mind, the tags are connected to the encoding equipment, such as an RFID writer, and then to a computer for encoding. We set the encoding parameters and start the process. During the encoding process, we add information such as unique identifiers, security keys, product information, and more.

Encoding does not take long, and we can easily encode several tags simultaneously. This helps with saving time and improving our production capacity. Once encoding is done, we verify and test the tags to check if they work as they should before delivering them to a client.

Printable RFID Tags Vs. Barcodes

Barcodes and RFID tags are widely used for tracking, data capturing, and identification. However, they are different from each other in several ways. The first one is data capacity. The RFID tags have a larger data capacity and transfer more data anytime. Barcodes have a limited amount of data they can offer.

The read range for RFID tags is longer. Most of the time, it is done wirelessly a few centimeters away as compared to barcodes. This makes them more flexible and convenient to scan multiple items faster. Barcodes will mostly work well when the reader is in close range, and there should be a direct line of sight for the scanning to be successful.

The durability of custom-printed NFC stickers is better than barcodes. You may opt for RFID label printing, knowing the tags can be subjected to harsh environments and will still work. However, barcodes can easily fade with time, making it hard to read the contents.

Real-time tracking is available with RFID tags. That is not what you get with barcodes. Manual tracking is necessary at different checkpoints to track a product with barcodes. So, generally, barcodes may still have applications in various industries, but RFID tags are superior in many other ways.

Printable RFID Tags Vs. Barcodes

Why Choose JLTcard Printable RFID Tags

Why invest in RFID Tokens
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01

JLTcard promises you the best RFID label printing service in the market. People need our industry expertise to ensure they get the right RFID tags. We understand the different needs of various customers and know how best to get you the right RFID tags you need.

Another reason is because of our printing capabilities. We have various techniques and devices we use for printing RFID tags. This ensures we can get the exact design done per your requirements. Some printing methods include thermal transfer, inkjet printing, direct thermal, and more.

We have a system in place where you can track your order. The idea is to ensure you can follow up with your order to know how long you must wait before delivery. We have a good support team that ensures the best understanding of our available products. Ultimately, you only get to pick the printable RFID tags after getting all the information.


Artwork and Museum Exhibits
Artwork and Museum Exhibits

RFID label printing is important for museums as printable RFID tags can be attached to museum exhibits and artwork to give the visitors more details about the pieces. So, expect to get more engagement and education when you add such pieces of technology to the RFID tags.

Library Book Tracking
Library Book Tracking

The JLTcard Printable NFC stickers are also ideal for integrating with library management. Here, you will add stickers to the books to allow automated check-in/check-out processes, tracking books within the library, and more. As you can see, this will improve the library’s efficiency.

Ski Resort Management
Ski Resort Management

You may also find the JLTcard printable RFID tags important for ski resort management. Here, you can use them for passes in the resort, equipment rentals, and so much more. They are vital products for streamlining the usage of different ski resort facilities and improving management.

Medication Tracking
Medication Tracking

The JLTcard custom-printed NFC stickers are good for medication tracking. This allows healthcare providers and patients to have a proper way of tracking the medication. Also, patients can adhere to treatment plants better, know when it is time for a refill, and stay on course with dosage schedules.

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