ISO RFID Proximity Access Card

  • High quality plastic pvc material
  • Multple thickness options
  • RFID chip inside
  • Printable , can be used on a variety of printing machine

JLTcard Proximity Card

Proximity cards are contactless smart cards that use radio frequency identification or RFID  to grant access to secure systems or areas. They are commonly used for accessing controlled areas such as hospital labs, offices, and universities. The construction of such cards involves having a piece of plastic card containing an RFID chip and antenna.

The functionality of the JLTcard proximity card makes it among the top options for those who need to secure specific areas. That is why you may want to consider JLTcard to provide you with the best ISO proximity cards. We also make them versatile in terms of use; thus, you should not have a problem finding an application for such cards.

JLTcard Proximity Card Series

You will come across many options when looking for a JLTcard proximity card Types. We give you brief descriptions for each type so that you know which one to choose for your needs.

125kHz Contactless RFID Proximity ID Cards

This could be it for those needing a cost-effective RFID proximity card. The proximity card frequency of 125kHz is among what people need for accessing various secure areas. People love these cards because of their affordability. They will not be too expensive compared to those with a higher frequency. The best part is that they still do a great job keeping the systems secure.

Proximity Thickness Clamshell Card

This is another JLTcard product operating under the proximity card frequency. This card is different from the others because of how it is designed. It comes with a clamshell design, which looks like a closed clamshell. We do this to ensure that the card is more robust than what you get with ISO proximity cards.

Smart Proximity Magnetic Card

JLTcard RFID proximity card might operate at the proximity card frequency, but there are other options too. In this case, we have a proximity magnetic card. The card contains a stripe with information that, when read, will grant access to an area. You may find such cards good as membership cards, loyalty cards, and credit cards.

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The Benefits of JLTcard Proximity Card

  • Convenience

    The JLTcard RFID proximity card remains one of the best choices to get when you want convenience. All you have to do is approach the door with the RFID scanner, and it will open if you have the right proximity card. With proximity card frequency, you do not have to waste much time since the reader is faster than the keys.

  • No Learning Curve
    No Learning Curve

    The use of a proximity card does not need much learning. So long as the card is configured properly with the proximity card frequency, the rest is easy. When you get to a barrier, wave the card close to the scanner, and the barrier opens. That is all you have to do.

  • Saves Having to Learn Codes
    Saves Having to Learn Codes

    With the JLTcard RFID proximity card and other ISO proximity cards, there is no point in learning codes. Let us know what you want the proximity cards to do, and we will program them for you. Once you receive the cards, all you have to do is start using them. It is that simple.

  • Low Maintenance
    Low Maintenance

    You may also like the JLTcard proximity card for being low maintenance. Actually, there is no maintenance needed. All you have to do is keep using it without worries, and it will work well. Even the RFID readers barely need maintenance. As such, you should be quite comfortable.

JLTcard Proximity Card Features

The JLTcard ISO proximity cards are some of the best in the market for a reason. Below, we look at the features that would make you want to get the proximity card from our brand.

  • 125kHz Operating Frequency

    A good proximity card is often determined by its operating frequency. We offer you an operating frequency of 125kHz, which is good enough for multiple applications that need RFID use. Because of this, we remain a top supplier for those who need to secure their buildings, offices, and much more.

  • Easy To Program And Use
    Easy To Program And Use

    The JLTcard RFID proximity card is also easy to program and use for specific applications. A good example is using the JLTcard ISO proximity cards for restricting access to gyms until someone pays. You can still reprogram the proximity card to work for other applications, such as restricting access to an office and others. So, programming is easy, and many people can achieve it.

  • Similar Size To Most Credit Cards

    The JLTcard proximity card is small, so it does not feel like carrying it around is a burden. These ISO proximity cards have a similar size to credit cards, which most people are used to carrying around. You can count on us if you want us to make the size smaller. Let us know what you want to be customized, and we can make it happen.

  • Short Read Range
    Short Read Range

    The JLTcard proximity card types also have a short read range. Considering these ISO proximity cards are used for applications needing close-up access, it is not an issue. They will remain the easiest and fastest way of accessing a building or any other restricted space.

JLTcard Proximity Card Function

  • Access Control
    Access Control And Other Security

    The JLTcard proximity card primary function is to help reinforce access control. That is why you will get a proximity access card and issue it to someone you want access to a certain space. Let us say it is a hospital lab; then, it becomes easier for you to reinforce who can access the patient’s lab work still in progress.

  • Identification

    The JLTcard proximity card types are also good for identification. If you are hosting an event, the proximity access card can identify who is at the door and their purpose. This allows you to decide whether they can be admitted inside or not.

  • Toll applications
    Toll applications

    You will also find the JLTcard proximity card types are good for toll applications. Let us assume someone has to pay to access an expressway. All they need is their proximity access card linked to their accounts. They can be charged automatically for it once they go through the toll gate.

  • Ticketing

    The JLTcard proximity card can also work as a proximity access card for events. It would work as a ticket because the event organizers can program specific cards for the event. Once you go through the gate, it registers you are now attending. Ticketing can still be used for transportation, library access, and so much more.

Proximity & Smart Cards - What’s the Difference?

Sometimes, people may confuse the JLTcard proximity access card and smart cards. However, they are a couple of differences to note. The first one is technology. Proximity access card uses RFID technology, while smart cards have microchips embedded to store and process data.

Data storage is another unique identifier between these two. Proximity cards can store this information using the card’s memory. So, when the reader looks at this information, it checks it against what is in the database and only grants access when they match. As for smart cards, they can store a lot more complex information than proximity cards. They can store information such as encryption keys, entire applications, biometric data, and more.

You may also find that proximity cards are majorly contactless. All you have to do is hold the proximity access card near the reader for it to work. Smart cards can either be contactless or contact-based. It depends on the functionality. Contact-based cards require physical contact with the reader to pick the signal.

Proximity & Smart Cards different
How Proximity Cards Work

How Proximity Cards Work

The JLTcard proximity card contains card comments, including an RFID chip and an antenna. The chip stores the key information, such as the unique identifier, and the antenna facilitates how the card and the reader communicate.


When the JLTcard RFID proximity card is brought close to the card reader, the RF signal from the reader will power the chip embedded in the proximity card. The proximity card chip draws its power from the reader wirelessly.

Once communication has been initiated between the proximity card and the reader, the next step is for the reader to verify the information on the card. If the information is valid, the reader unlocks the door or any other activity it is supposed to do if the details are correct.

Blank or Custom Craft

JLTcard knows there is so much to do other than provide you with the best proximity card frequency. Well, you can do a couple of customizations with our cards. We can help you get the card design you have always wanted. The customization helps you have a consistent look of cards for the whole organization.


There is also the option of choosing the custom print you want added to the card. In case you want to promote brand awareness, then we have something for you. Still, on custom craft, we can do all types of logos. Be sure that we will get it done correctly.

If you just want black JLTcard ISO proximity cards, we have those too. They will still have good security features like those with fancy customization

Why Choose JLTcard Proximity Card

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02

There are a couple of reasons why people often decide to choose the JLTcard proximity card, and one of them is quality and reliability. With our experience in making proximity cards, we can only assure the buyer of high-quality cards. These cards meet the industry standards, ensuring you always get smooth operation.

Customization options also make JLTcard proximity card frequency use even better. This is because customers can choose the frequency they like, specific designs, branding, and other unique requirements they might have in mind.

Compatibility is even better with our cards. That is why the JLTcard proximity card is used in different fields. So long as the RFID technology can be used, count on JLTcard to work quite well for you.

JLTcard Proximity Card Application

Office Buildings
Office Buildings

The JLTcard proximity card can be used to secure office buildings. Only employees or those who own offices in a building can have access. Not outsiders or potential thieves can have easy access.

Schools And Factories
Schools And Factories

You can also consider proximity cards to restrict access to schools and factories. Not everyone can access all the facilities through the school gate. There has to be measures to protect the students. The same works for factories too.

Large Campuses
Large Campuses

Large campuses could also use the JLTcard proximity card. This is where you need to know who is accessing the campus and for what purpose. Maybe you have labs that specific people should only access. Make sure to use the proximity card to reinforce the process.

Government Offices
Government Offices

Some government offices may hold key information about the citizens. That is why you need to have restricted access to such information. You can only do that with proximity cards programmed to allow people of certain security clearances to see the information.

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