11 Unspoken Advantages of Using RFID Access Control for Your Business

RFID Access Control for Your Business

Undeniably, technology has become an important part of our daily lives. They exist wherever you go or set your eyes on. They are often used for communication, interaction, and security purposes.

A great example of technological evolution is the birth of RFID Access Control systems. RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification.

This innovation taps into electromagnetic fields to communicate with “RFID tags.” The tags are found in keyfobs, keycards, and mobile phones.

Each day, the number of fields choosing RFID access control systems increases. This contactless access technology is a popular choice for businesses. Companies opt for this ingenious creation since it benefits them in multiple ways.

Let us discuss the RFID access control benefits for your business individually!


1. Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

One of the most common challenges in running a business is security. In 2022, most business owners in the U.S. have seen a rise in physical security incidents. To combat this dilemma, you must install business security solutions like RFID access control in your building.

This technology helps you and your employees filter the people going in and out of the property. Readers can only let a person pass by your facility if you have granted them their unique key fob, RFID card, or tag.

The RFID door access control can also be customized with other multi-factor authentications. You can add a layer of security verification using credentials like passwords and biometrics.


2. Improved Electronic Access Management

Improved Electronic Access Management

Businesses like manufacturing and corporations may restrict employees in certain areas. For instance, someone from the marketing team has nothing to do with the manufacturing grounds or vice versa. Thus, to enhance monitoring and prevent untoward incidents, some companies install RFID access control systems.

It fine grains control over who can access what areas. Using a unique entry ID embedded in your employee RFID card or key fob, you can restrict access during specific times or for specific individuals.

3. Increased Accountability

Increased Accountability

RFID access control comes with an audit trail feature. It is like a time clock and access control system combined. With this technology, you can monitor your employees’ attendance as it makes an accurate time report of when they last accessed the facility.

With this, you or your payroll manager will spend less time preparing payroll.


4. Convenience


In today’s situation where problems regarding viruses arise, RFID access control offers convenience. Due to its keyless entry advantages, you and your employees do not need to touch the access point using keys or codes manually.

With the help of tap cards or key fobs, you can effortlessly pass through the entry points. You can also use an app installed on your mobile as an alternative to cards and fobs.



5. Reduced Risk of Key Loss

Reduced Risk of Key Loss

Giving all employees the same key to access the building is super risky. The moment that one of them loses the key, you are risking your business to theft. Also, it is not cost-wise to change your locks whenever this incident happens.

With the help of an RFID access control system, everyone has tags or cards that can be easily formatted. Whenever an employee loses their card or tag, you just have to delete their access ID from the system to prevent other people from using that card.

As a solution, the employee gets a new access ID embedded in their new card or key fob.


6. Scalability


One strong point of RFID access control systems is their scalability. It means that they can suit any type and size of business.

If you are a growing company, you can opt for a basic setup. Afterward, you can easily upgrade the system as you progress. This feature lets you expand your scalable security solutions without overriding your existing data.


7. Integration with Other Systems

Integration with Other Systems

Businesses are prone to theft and security breaches. These issues could bring threats and dangers to your system. To provide protection, installing CCTV cameras is your number one option.

A good thing about RFID access systems is that they are compatible with other security technologies. Now, you can easily monitor your space inside and outside without sweat. You will also see who comes and goes in your business.


8. Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

The top priority of business owners is the safety of their employees and assets. They want to make sure that no suspicious activities thrive within their grounds. The real-time security monitoring quality of RFID access control systems assures protection from any danger.

It also allows you to partner with a time and attendance tracking software. At the same time, you can monitor the log-in and log-out times of your employees. This opportunity lets you effectively manage your people.


RFID access control systems are famous for their complex security. Aside from its real-time monitoring capacity, it boasts a strong authentication system. It could be a combination of biometrics and passwords with keycards or keyfobs.


9. Improved Employee Productivity

Improved Employee Productivity

Employees are the lifeline of any business. Without their presence, any company won’t survive. Additionally, their productivity determines their success.

RFID access control helps improve employee efficiency in accomplishing any task. Here is why:

  1. Traditional access methods in a workplace take time. RFID access control systems cut down this lengthy process. Employees can easily tap on the RFID reader using their phones, keyfobs, and keycards.
  2. RFID access makes entry to a workplace effortless. It allows employees to focus more on their work.
  3. The RFID access control system automatically logs the activities of employees. It lets your staff to put their time into otherimportant tasks.

10. Cost-Effectiveness


Traditionally, businesses keep track of their activities through a manual approach. They count inventories and scan barcodes manually. This process sometimes leads to errors and discrepancies, understocking, overstocking, and fund loss.

A great way to avoid those problems is through RFID access control integration. It enhances your workplace to be efficient and cost-effective.

You can save money over time with the help of RFID access control systems. Here is why:

  • It offers affordable options like keyfobs and keycards.
  • It allows automatic inventory. This feature provides accuracy and reduces the need for manual labor.
  • It ensures precise product availability; providing a good shopping experience for customers. Giving them a good memory helps increase sales.

11. Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits

People often think that technology can harm the environment. RFID access control systems are here to prove otherwise. Here are a few cases of why they are environmental-friendly:

  • They promote less usage of paper-based cards. They also help reduce the negative impact of card production because of their contactless feature.
  • They can operate at low power, which helps conserve energy.
  • Compared to traditional authorization methods, they produce durable tags and cards. This property results in less electronic waste disposal.


Key Takeaways

Incorporating a strong security system is important to keep your business safe. Now that you know RFID access control, you can readily leverage this system. They have many benefits, such as scalability, cost-effectivity, and convenience.


Another good thing about this technology is that you can always adjust it to cater to your evolving needs. If you want one for your business, do not hesitate to contact JLT Card Factory.

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