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JLTcard RFID Blocking Card

We use our credit cards and other access cards for various activities, including shopping at a local store. However, sometimes you may be a victim of unauthorized scanning or skimming by malicious people. That is why you need a JLTcard RFID blocking card to shield your card from unauthorized scanning. The RFID blocking card features a specialized material key for disrupting or preventing unauthorized scanning.

You will get the RFID blocking card here with us, and we can assure you of the best security against some malicious intent. We always improve the technology to ensure you can find the best performance and safety with us. We will share more details about the JLTcard RFID blocking card and why you should get it today.

RFID Blocking Card Series

The JLTcard RFID blocking card can be put into three main categories. Each type will provide you with the shield you need for safety, convenience, and peace of mind.

RFID Blocking Shield Guard Card

The JLTcard RFID blocking shield guard cards will provide a protective barrier around the RFID cards you might have on you. This additional security layer is critical for preventing any unauthorized skimming or scanning of the cards with your consent or knowledge.

RFID Signal Blocking Card

The JLTcard RFID signal blocking card disrupts the radio frequency  signals that a person with malicious intent can use to scan your RFID cards illegally. We also see it as good for protecting your ID cards, passports, and credit cards.

Custom RFID Blocking Card

The JLTcard custom RFID blocking card is for those who may want additional customization of their RFID blocking card. Customization can be based on functionality or design. Of course, most might want a better design and also make the card less conspicuous.

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Features of JLTcard RFID Blocking Card

  • Thin and Compact

    The JLTcard RFID blocking card is thin and compact. The aim is to make it easy to fit into your wallet or cardholder without adding bulk. As such, carrying the additional card becomes convenient without feeling it is taking up too much space.

  • RFID Blocking Technology
    RFID Blocking Technology

    The JLTcard RFID blocking shield guard cards have the RFID blocking technology vital for disrupting radio frequency signals. The result is that the card can prevent unauthorized skimming or scanning by the RFID readers.

  • Compatibility

    When you use the JLTcard custom RFID blocking card, you are assured of protection always. This is because it works with various card types. This includes ID cards, access cards, passports, and more.

  • Durability

    Expect the JLTcard custom RFID blocking card to be durable even with regular use. The cards are designed to maintain the RFID blocking performance for a long time. The result is long-lasting protection for the cards.

JLTcard RFID Blocking Card Functions

  • Blocking RFID Signals

    The primary function of the JLTcard RFID blocking card is to block the RFID signals. Thanks to having specialized materials to keep the RFID signals away, acting as a barrier to such access.

  • Prevent Unauthorized Scanning
    Prevent Unauthorized Scanning

    The JLTcard RFID blocking shield guard cards are also key for preventing unauthorized scanning or skimming of your RFID cards. Skimming is mostly used by criminals looking to capture your data from an RFID card without having physical contact.

  • Enhance Privacy and Safety

    Using the JLTcard RFID blocking card can also enhance security and privacy. This is because your sensitive information is no longer at risk of theft. The RFID blocking card adds additional protection to keep credit cards, access cards, and other vital cards safe.

  • Providing Convenience
    Providing Convenience

    The JLTcard RFID signal blocking card will also offer convenience by allowing you to easily carry the RFID cards and not worry that someone can potentially scan them without authorization. Of course, this also leads to peace of mind for many people.

JLTcard RFID Blocking Card Advantages

Cost Effective Solution
Cost Effective Solution

JLTcard RFID blocking shield guard cards are what you need for effectively blocking unauthorized scanning while at the same time not spending too much money. Being a cost-effective solution makes it work for everyone.

Does Not Affect Card Functionality
Does Not Affect Card Functionality

Using the JLTcard custom RFID blocking card does not affect how the RFID cards would normally work. All you have to do is remove the RFID card from the proximity of the RFID blocking card and start using it.

Easy To Use And Maintain
Easy To Use And Maintain

There is not much you have to do when maintaining the JLTcard RFID blocking card. Most of the time, you just have to carry the card in your wallet or cardholder to create the protective shield. It does not come with any complex setup or maintenance activities you have to do.

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Anyone using the JLTcard custom RFID blocking card wants peace of mind that their RFID-enabled cards will not be subject to unauthorized scanning. Because of this, you can always get a card that works well for you from us and keeps your information safe.

How Does the RFID Blocking Card Work

The JLTcard RFID signal blocking card works by using materials that disrupt or interfere with the radio frequency signals commonly used in RFID communication. So, the card will have the RFID blocking material commonly made of metal or conductive fabric. Such materials are known for attenuating radio frequency signals or blocking them altogether.

When the RFID blocking card is placed next to the RFID cards, it will absorb, reflect, or interfere with the radio waves emitted by the RFID readers. As such, it keeps the reader from easily accessing the information stored on the RFID cards.

The RFID blocking card is quite effective. We only recommend that you put it together with the RFID cards to make blocking effective.

How Does the RFID Blocking Card Work
Customization of RFID Blocking Cards

Customization of RFID Blocking Cards

JLTcard RFID blocking cards can be customized depending on the user. We can make the standard RFID blocking cards; there are a few things available for you to customize. The first one is branding and logo. It is not unusual for companies to request us to put logos or brand names on these cards.

Of course, branding is also part of the design and colors. You can choose the colors and right design you would like for the RFID blocking cards. We will give you a wide range of colors so that you can choose the ones that represent the brand better.

We also have a number of options for materials. We will explain the benefits of each material and why you should choose a specific one. The materials vary in terms of type, thickness, flexibility, and durability.

Structure Of RFID Blocking Cards

The JLTcard RFID blocking shield guard cards come with a simple but effective structure you can rely on. There is the outer layer that would be made of durable material. This could be PVC, polycarbonate, and polyester. The result is a strong card that can resist wear and tear even with regular use. These layers are two, with the middle layer having the RFID blocking material.

The middle layer has the RFID blocking material. We use conductive fabric or metal in this layer. This helps keep the radio frequency waves away from your RFID-enabled cards. As such, it gives the right protection you are looking for.

It is possible to further customize the design of the RFID blocking card by adding a slot or cutout. This is where you insert the card into the slot for more protection. The other customization options are design, colors, branding, and more.

Structure Of RFID Blocking Cards

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Blocking Card

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02
Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card

The main reason for choosing the JLTcard RFID blocking card is its effective performance. The cards have been independently tested and show how good they provide the protection you need for your RFID cards.

To ensure the products are useful, we have made them compatible with various types of RFID cards. As such, it becomes easier to easier for you to protect different cards working at different frequencies.

The durability might be another reason for choosing the JLTcard RFID blocking cards. These cards remain intact for years even if you use them daily. This is thanks to the strong materials used to make them. They ensure the best results always.

JLTcard RFID Blocking Card Applications

Government Offices
Government Offices

When you work at a government office, sometimes you may have access to sensitive data. That is why you need the JLTcard RFID signal blocking card to prevent unauthorized scanning of your access cards and prevent illegal obtaining of data.

Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions

The JLTcards RFID blocking card may also be useful in educational institutions. This is where the students have ID cards. This type of card can block the RFID readers, which would otherwise easily get the details of students and staff too.

Events and Conferences
Events and Conferences

The JLTcard RFID signal blocking card is another good choice for events and conferences. Sometimes those who scan the RFID cards want to gain easy and free access to events. If the cards are protected, then you can only admit those who have paid for the event.

Public Transportation System
Public Transportation System

Using JLTcard RFID blocking cards will help prevent accidental or even unauthorized scanning of the transportation cards. The last thing you want is for people to have free rides at the expense of your funds.

Hotels and Hospitality Industry
Hotels and Hospitality Industry

Hotels could also benefit from using the JLTcard RFID signal blocking card as it helps the hotel management keep the unpaying customers out. Some people may have cloned the cards to use the facilities for free. However, it is possible to prevent that right now.


Airports and travel hubs are also in demand for the JLTcard RFID signal blocking cards. Such cards help protect your critical information, such as travel cards, passports, and ID cards. You will not experience unauthorized scanning when you have such an additional security layer.

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