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JLTcard is a top brand in the marking of RFID chip cards.

It has been doing so for several years now.

JLTcard RFID Chip Card

An RFID chip card is a contactless smart card or sometimes known as a proximity card containing an RFID chip plus an antenna. These two are then embedded into a plastic covering to form an RFID card. The RFID chip card uses RFID technology for communication between itself and the reader. If the card is authenticated, several actions take place after that.

JLTcard is a top brand in the marking of RFID chip cards. It has been doing so for several years now. Such experience always assures that the card will work just as expected. Still, JLTcard can guide you more on understanding the various RFID chip cards before buying one. The idea is to ensure you always get the right chip card for your needs.

JLTcard RFID Chip Card Series

The market right now features multiple options for RFID chip cards. JLTcard only supplies the best chip cards in the market. Below are some of the JLTcard RFID chip card you can buy today.


You will come across this option among the options for JLTcard RFID chip cards. Such RFID cards utilize the NXP Semiconductors’ Mifare technology for smooth and efficient contactless communication. Under this category, you can get options like Mifare Classic, Plus, Ultralight, and DESfire. There is nothing to worry about as we can help to know each one of them before choosing.

LEGIC RFID chip Cards

Another option for JLTcard RFID and chip cards includes LEGIC RFID cards. The chips were developed by a Swiss company specializing in secure identification and authorization solutions. These cards are great because they offer multiple application support, advanced security, flexibility, and scalability.

HID Global PVC Chip Card

HID Global is another top chip manufacturer of JLTcard RFID chip cards. The company makes RFID  cards vital for access control, identity verification, and many other applications needing contactless identification. That is how you would find such chips in proximity cards, iCLASS cards, and much more.

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JLTcard RFID Chip Card Functions

It is expected that the JLTcard RFID chip card would have multiple functions. We look at a few examples to help you see how best such cards are used.

  • Transportation

    Transportation systems work best with JLTcard RFID chip cards. The JLTcard RFID and chip cards are mostly used to identify the person boarding the transport system and calculate their fare to a specific destination. Such a system eliminates the use of cash.

  • Time Recording
    Time Recording

    You may also use the JLTcard RFID chip card to record students’ or employees’ time and attendance. Let us assume the employees have the JLTcard RFID and chip cards, then each time they get to work, they scan the card and do the same as they leave. This helps know who comes late and how many hours employees spend at work.

  • Customer Cards
    Customer Cards

    The JLTcard RFID chip card may also work well as a customer card. These RFID and chip cards are issued to customers who regularly use a store or shop. Each time the customer makes a purchase, certain points are issued to them. They have to accumulate as many points as possible and use them to redeem certain things in the store. All this time, the points are stored on an RFID chip card.

  • Visitor Badges
    Visitor Badges

    We also find the JLTcard RFID chip card good for visitor badges. The visitors would be issued such cards to access certain areas of the business premise. You should not worry that visitors can access unauthorized areas since the card’s access would be limited.

Features of JLTcard RFID Chip Card

  • Multiple Programming Cycles

    The JLTcard RFID chip card is the best RFID card with chip because it allows for ease of programming. You can program the chip card to suit your needs always. Our cards have programming cycles of 10,000 write cycles. This should be enough to all any changes you would like, and the cards would still work.

  • Anticollision Feature
    Anticollision Feature

    The JLTcard RFID chip card is what you need as RFID and chip cards in an environment with many other similar cards. The anti-collision feature is vital to make sure that only one card is scanned at a time. This prevents unauthorized access before the right person goes through the barrier.

  • High-speed programming

    The JLTcard RFID chip card, including the PVC chip card, offers high-speed programming. The idea is to ensure you can always update the card’s functionality anytime. So long as you have the right tools for the job, you should be done in no time.

  • Operates At Global Frequencies
    Operates At Global Frequencies

    The JLTcard RFID chip card operates at various global frequencies. You can get a wide range of options depending on the card. The card’s frequency will always be indicated so that you know which one to get.

JLTcard RFID Chip Card Advantages

Increased Convenience

The biggest reason someone would want a JLTcard RFID chip card is that they make it so convenient to authenticate and grant access to people. The best part is that the operation of the card is wireless. It should not take long before you can access the space you are authorized to do so.

Works With Existing Systems
Works With Existing Systems

The JLTcard RFID chip card offers the best compatibility. This RFID card with chip will work with already existing RFID reader systems. This means a company does not need to upgrade its RFID systems to use the new cards. A bit of reprogramming is all that is needed.

Highly Versatile
Highly Versatile

Using the JLTcard RFID chip card, including the PVC chip card, will help you see just how versatile they can be. Other than using the cards for access control, you may still use them for managing student attendance, library check-in and check-out, hotel management, and more.

Enhanced Security

You may also like our RFID chip cards because the security will get with them once you start using the card. We take the time to add more layers of security, including better encryptions which is vital for preventing cloning. As such, you are assured of the best security against unauthorized entry.

RFID Chip Cards vs. NFC Smart Cards. What is the Difference?

When looking to get  the RFID PVC chip card, you may come across another term called NFC. So, you might be wondering what is the difference?

First, RFID and NFC (Near Field Communication) are contactless cards that use wireless technology to transmit data. Expect the RFID cards to operate at low, ultra-high, and high frequencies. However, the NFC smart cards mostly operate at high frequencies of 13.56MHz.

Another difference is in the functionality. RFID cards are best used for access control, supply chain tracking, identification, and inventory management. As for the NFC smart cards, they do offer a lot more functionality. They can work for public transportation, access control, digital wallets, and more. Since NFC technology is integrated into smartphones, usability is even better.

RFID Chip Cards vs. NFC Smart Cards. What is the Difference?
Encryption And Safety

Encryption And Safety

As part of ensuring the JLTcard RFID chip card is good for its application, we ensure it has the best encryption. We use several encryption methods depending on the type of RFID card with chip. There is nothing to be worried about because our encryption is strong to allow for better safety. Even cloning will not be easy.

We also make the cards to have physical security measures in place. This includes secure enclosures or tamper-evident packaging. The aim is to keep any unauthorized persons from accessing the cards without your knowledge.

Customization Options

It is obvious that sometimes people may want to customize the JLTcard RFID chip card. What are the options? You should not be afraid to come to us. We can offer a wide range of customizations, including the card design. If you ever have a card design in mind, you should never be afraid to let us know about it.

Customization also includes printing. JLTcard has the right printing techniques for your RFID cards. It can be printing the names, brand names, logos, serial numbers, and other relevant data. We are happy to make it possible. We also offer single-color and full-color printing options.

Encoding is also something we can customize for you. We program it with the necessary information to make the card operational. This includes adding unique identifiers, access permissions, and other relevant data depending on the card use.


Why Choose JLTcard RFID Chip Card

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02
Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card

If you ever choose the JLTcard RFID chip card, we can assure you of the best quality products. We have partnered with the best chip manufacturers to ensure the RFID PVC chip card you buy will work just as you expect. Of course, our expertise and experience in the sector should leave you with the best-performing RFID cards ever.

The cards can also work well for a wide range of applications. Such versatility is because we have many options to choose from. If you are ever stuck about which cards to choose, we are always here to help. Our expert customer care team will help you know the differences so you only buy the right RFID cards.

You may also like the integration compatibility you get with our RFID chip card. We offer cards that would work seamlessly with other existing systems. The last thing you must do is start adding new RFID readers too. That is not the case.

JLTcard RFID Chip Card Applications

Employee identification
Employee Management

It is not uncommon for the JLTcard RFID chip card to work well for employee management. We can see business owners using cards to identify employees, check their schedules, and so much more. Each card will have an employee’s basic details and help identify them.

Business Cards
Business Cards

Yes, you can also have the RFID card with chip working as a business card. This is where the card contains all the key details about your business and can give the visitor access to the business if someone ever wants to visit. It is a great way of giving your potential customers a way of getting to you.

Member ID Badges
Member ID Cards

We also have the RFID chip card working as an option for membership. We recommend the RFID card with chip for organizations, gyms, clubs, and more to ensure only the members of can enjoy the facilities. It also helps for ease of identification.

School or Student Cards
Student Cards

Students could use the JLTcard RFID card with chip such as the PVC chip card to access their campuses. The school can also make the same cards vital for recording their school attendance. So it depends on the kind of application the school would like the students to use with the cards.

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