RFID Clamshell Card

  •  It is widely used for company time attendance ,door access control , Staff or membership management .
  • Each card with an global unique UID number .
  • Anti scratch, more durable with overlay and protect film.
  • Best printing machine: four-color printer, exquisite printing quality.

JLTcard RFID Clamshell Card

The JLTcard RFID Clamshell Card can be described as a smart card that utilizes RFID technology to perform certain functions. It is mostly used for access control. The difference with other RFID cards is that this one has a plastic card that incorporates a hinged design like a clamshell. Expect the card to still have an antenna and chip, just like other RFID cards. So, the operations are similar.

JLTcard RFID clamshell cards are some of our best sellers because of the work that goes into making them reliable. We can assure the buyer of ending up with high-quality cards that give you the best performance. Still, we can offer you RFID cards that will work with your existing RFID infrastructure, thus saving you money in the long run.

JLTcard RFID Clamshell Card Series

The JLTcard RFID clamshell card series features several options to consider. We look at them below to see where best to utilize them.

TK4100 Clamshell Card

This card uses the TK4100 RFID chip. This is a good chip that promises the best performance even for the low price. Expect it to work well for low-frequency applications. It is also based on the EM4100 protocol, which is good in terms of simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

HID Clamshell Cards

Because of its proximity technology, you can also opt for this JLTcard RFID clamshell card. HID Global is known for providing clients with the best security solutions, including access control and proximity cards. Our HID clamshell cards remain the most secure RFID cards you will ever buy.

Clamshell Proximity Card

In addition to JLTcard HID clamshell cards, you can also get clamshell proximity cards. The card utilizes proximity technology coupled with RFID. The hinged design is another distinctive feature, as the card can always be protected better. Expect them to be made of ABS or PVC materials, which withstand daily use or harsh environmental conditions.

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Features of JLTcard RFID Clamshell Card

  • EM4100 ISO-based RFID

    Using the EM4100 protocol to make the RFID clamshell card makes it one of the best in performance and security. JLTcard ensures that the cards conform to such protocols, which are vital for the overall usability of the clamshell cards.

  • Secure encoding
    Secure encoding

    Whether it is the HID clamshell cards or the clamshell proximity cards, we ensure they all have secure encoding. We understand that some of these cards are key for protecting lab access and other highly secure locations. That is why we need to ensure the best security through our encoding.

  • Compact

    The JLTcard clamshell proximity card is compact. The size of this card is what you would get with a credit card. As you can see, it should not be hard to carry it around. Even though the clamshell design may make it slightly bigger than the usual RFID cards, they are still manageable.

  • Low power consumption
    Low power consumption

    You do not need to worry about the JLTcard RFID clamshell card using much power. It works like other RFID cards, and we know they do not use much power. Actually, they rely on the readers’ radio waves to be powered. As such, no need for power to keep them active all the time.

JLTcard RFID Clamshell Card Functions

  • Secure access control

    As expected, the JLTcard RFID Clamshell Card is good for securing actress control of a building, room, or any other application that might need such use. The encryption protocols are quite good to ensure the best security you need.

  • ID Badges
    ID Badges

    The JLTcard RFID clamshell card is commonly used as an ID badge for many companies. The employees may have to wear the ID badges for ease of identification and work as an access card to the company’s different facilities.

  • Industry use

    The HID clamshell cards can also work as transponders or access key cards in industries. To ensure only authorized people can access the company secrets, have a proper system around it. Also, they can help prevent accidents since only authorized personnel are allowed in certain places.

  • Staff attendance
    Staff attendance

    Staff attendance is also important for those with HID clamshell cards. This is where the staff attendance is tracked each time someone swipes their card across the reader. This is vital for ensuring no one is unfairly terminated for missing work, or they can get their contracts appraised correctly.

JLTcard RFID Clamshell Card Advantages

Form Factor
Form Factor

The JLTcard RFID Clamshell Card comes in a small form factor. This design should make it easy for portability. Also, the cards are made of durable plastic with a clamshell design. As such, you enjoy more durability benefits compared to the other RFID cards.

Contactless Operation
Contactless Operation

The JLTcard TK4100 clamshell card features a contactless operation. This means that no physical contact is needed for you to use the card. You only have to hold the card within the operational range of the reader for it to transmit the data.

Identification Capabilities
Identification Capabilities

You will get that the JLTcard clamshell proximity card will work well for identification purposes. This is where the card features a unique identification program in the chip, which only works for a specific user. It becomes easier to know who has used the card and when.

Security Features
Security Features

The JLTcard clamshell card also features vital security measures to help with protecting against unauthorized access or cloning. This includes secure key exchange mechanisms, password protection, and encryption.


The JLTcard RFID clamshell card is also highly customizable. A company may have its own personal needs. We are open to making them a reality. Most of the time, it would be their logos, brand information, and brand color. We will customize the clamshell card to your liking.

How Do RFID Clamshell Cards Work

How Do RFID Clamshell Cards Work

The JLTcard RFID clamshell card works like most RFID card types. You will find that it features an antenna and chip vital for communicating with the RFID reader. When you bring the clamshell card close to the reader, the radio waves being emitted from the reader will act as the power source for the RFID clamshell card. This makes it active, and now information can be read from the card.

The RFID reader will look for the unique identification number or other vital information to then process the request. So, depending on what the card is meant for, expect it to open a door, a barrier, and so much more.

Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure

The JLTcard clamshell proximity card or any other RFID clamshell in the series remains versability because of their compatibility. If you have an existing RFID infrastructure, you do not have to worry about it not working with our cards. We shall configure them to work well with your existing infrastructure.

Also, we can see that such compatibility will save you money generally. It will not require getting new equipment. This is a nice way of saving more money for your company.

Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure
Scalability For More Usability

Scalability For More Usability

When you use the JLTcard RFID clamshell card, you can scale up anytime you want. This is because you have JLTcard that can make similar cards on demand. Let us say you are hiring more people, and they need similar access cards. In such a case, JLTcard can help you with scalability and get you the right number of cards you need.

Included as part of the scaling option is to have more customization with the cards. We have a support team who can advise you better on the right way to scale the use of the RFID clamshell cards.

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Clamshell Card

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02

You may be asking yourself, why even use the JLTcard TK4100 clamshell card? Well, the first reason is the quality of making the cards. The cards are made using high-quality materials that resist daily wear and tear. As such, you get long-term usability.

Another reason for the JLTcard RFID clamshell card is that they can operate at different frequencies. The most common frequencies are 125KHz and 13.56MHz. With such performance, it should be compatible with various access control systems and reader technologies.

The cards still feature enhanced security features. This is because we understand why you are choosing such cards in the first place. Since the cards have advanced security features such as encryption protocols and password protection, they will remain effective for their intended application.

The cards themselves are not expensive. This means your company can get to add more layers of security to the building access without spending too much money. It should definitely be a great way to ensure only authorized personnel can access certain areas.

JLTcard RFID Clamshell Card Applications

Employee identification
Employee identification

It is not uncommon to see the JLTcard TK4100 clamshell card being used for employee identification. In this case, the card stores key information about the employee. Examples include name, job title, photograph, and department. This allows for ease of identifying the employee and also tracking their attendance.

Security badges
Security badges

The JLTcard clamshell card is also good for making security badges, especially for events, exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences. Only those with authorization would be issued these cards in such a case. The cards are then scanned at the entrance to allow entry.

Parking systems
Parking systems

The JLTcard RFID clamshell card can also work well for the transport sector and parking systems. This includes toll collection plus managing a parking lot. With such cards, you can have seamless entry and exit from a parking lot. This ensures no traffic jams and the company vehicles would also be tracked better.

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