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JLTcard knows the importance of RFID clothing tags and how best to use them

JLTcard RFID Clothing Tag

The RFID clothing tag is an RFID tag that can be embedded or attached to clothing items easily. This mostly tracks or identifies clothing in a store or factory. The tag contains the RFID chip for processing and storing key data and an antenna for communicating with the RFID readers.

Our experience and expertise mean you can trust us to deliver the best tags you need. Also, we have a fast turnaround time on the tags, ensuring we can always deliver them on time and start using them immediately.

JLTcard RFID Clothing Tag Series

Are you interested in trying our JLTcard RFID clothing tags? If that is the case, we have a couple of options that might be what you are looking for. We will guide you further in choosing the right clothing tags by looking at the types we offer.

HF RFID Clothing Tags

The JLTcard RFID clothing tags have a good operating frequency of 13.56MHz. This is the kind of tags you would get in retail and supply chain applications. You will get a longer read range and faster data transfer rates than low-frequency clothing tags.

UHF RFID Clothing Tags

If you want an RFID hang tag with a more read range, you get this one. This is because it offers a better working frequency of 960MHz. Because of such a frequency, it is now easy to read multiple tags. Also, bulk reading or inventory management is highly appreciated with these tags.

NFC Clothing Tags

The JLTcard RFID clothing tags are also available as the NFC clothing tags option. With this technology, it allows for scanning even with smartphones. Since smartphones are now everywhere, it becomes easy for store owners to easily integrate the technology into their retail stores and handle their inventory.

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JLTcard RFID Clothing Tag Functionality

The JLTcard RFID clothing tags are generally good for many applications. You can only know how best to use them when you understand their functionality. For that reason, we have to show you its functions below.

  • Authentification

    The JLTcard RFID clothing tags are suitable for authenticating and verifying genuine products. If that is something you want to set up in your store, then this is the way to go. The same technology is also good for preventing counterfeiting in high-end stores.

  • Theft Prevention
    Theft Prevention

    You may have already seen the RFID hang tags on various clothes. In such cases, they are meant to prevent theft. So, when a person gets to the exit of the store with unpaid clothing, there is an alarm alerting security. You no longer have to lose your clothes to shoplifters anymore.

  • Customer Experience
    Customer Experience

    We also find the JLTcard NFC clothing tags good for customer experience. This is because the RFID technology would be merged with mirrors or interactive displays for the customers to get product recommendations. They also get to try out virtual outfits ensuring they get the best fit also.

  • Product Tracking and Recalls
    Product Tracking and Recalls

    We see companies using RFID clothing tags to produce and distribute clothes. It helps maintain the right inventory of raw materials. Still, the same is key for tracking recalls and verifying that they are your clothes. This makes accounting for your store clothes even easier.

JLTcard RFID Clothing Tag Features

  • Read range

    The JLTcard RFID hang tag has a good read range that allows for ease of identification and scanning by the RFID reader. The read range varies based on the type of tag, its frequency, and others. Expect to get tags with a good reading range.

  • Durability

    As expected, the JLTcard NFC clothing tags will offer some of the best durability. This means they can withstand the rigors of everyday use and even when washing is necessary. We use materials such as fabric or plastic to protect the circuitry and make the tags work in extreme environments

  • Form factor

    We make the JLTcard RFID clothing tags in different form factors. This means various shapes and sizes that can suit your application better. An example can be using the tags as stickers, labels, hang tags, or sewn-in tags. So, let us know what you are looking for, and we can make it happen.

  • Compatibility

    Our JLTcard NFC clothing tags are compatible with the existing RFID infrastructure you might have already. The idea is to minimize the cost of utilizing the tags and make it easy to start using them as soon as you get them. So, once you get the tags, simply configure them and start using them without any worries.

JLTcard RFID Clothing Tag Advantages


A JLTcard RFID hang tag is quite efficient in its operation. We see them automating the identification and tracking of different clothing items. The result is that you can easily have multiple tags scanned simultaneously for stocktaking and tracking processes.


You may also like how the JLTcard RFID clothing tags offer more accuracy in terms of performance. The manual way of tracking things often has errors. However, using such technology minimizes errors and offers precise identification and tracking of items.

Improved inventory management
Improved inventory management

You would not have to worry about getting low on stock when you have the JLTcrd RFID clothing labels. You would always know if you have low stock and make orders for fresh stocks. Having stockouts with such a good system alerting you of the stock level is hard.

Enhanced security
Enhanced security

The NFC clothing tags we offer will improve your security in many ways. First, they prevent theft in the store. No one would easily leave the store with such clothing unless the NFC clothing tag is deactivated. Also, we can use the same technology to minimize counterfeiting.

Fast Production

One of the reasons people get JLTcard NFC clothing tags is because of our fast production. Our efficient manufacturing processes make our production fast thus we can deliver on our orders fast. The automated machinery and making major upgrades more often have made it possible for us to maintain production over the years.

We are also happy that our lean manufacturing principles have helped streamline our manufacturing processes and minimize wastage. This has also ramped up our workflow to help us serve our clients better. We plan to keep scaling our production to keep serving you better.

Fast Production
Customer Support

Customer Support

We know the importance of good customer support when working on our JLTcard RFID clothing labels. We ensure that we can offer responsive customer support so that you know the progress of your order. We are easily reachable via phone, email, and other communication channels. Of course, we also offer technical expertise to suit your needs. Anytime you want help, expect detailed help always to help make an informed decision.

Some people may want customization assistance. Well, that is not an issue. Our support team can easily guide you through the available options for customizing your order. For those who might not know what to choose, we still help, ensuring you always get the best deal.


The JLTcard RFID clothing label is what you need in case there is a need for further personalization. JLTcard offers the chance to customize the design, especially for those seeking to put a brand name or color on the tags. We do all that custom work, ensuring you get the best design and look at the same time

Other than branding, we also offer personalized data encoding. We understand different brands have different uses for the tags. As such, we recommend that we do custom data encoding to suit your application better. This includes unique identification numbers, product information, and more.

Expect us to offer you personalized sizes and shapes for the different clothing tags. This ensures that if you want small tags, you can always get them. There is also the option of choosing the best materials and attachment options that suits your store applications better.


Why Choose JLTcard RFID Clothing Tags

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01

When you want RFID clothing tags or NFC clothing tags, we are here to help get them. Having a wide range of options is the reason many people trust us to deliver on their needs. We have the tags in various form factors, making it easy to adapt them to your needs at the store.

Our customer support is all about your satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing you with the best information about our products so that you can decide better. Also, all our buyers can track their orders to know the production progress. Since we offer the JLTcard RFID clothing tags at affordable rates, most people are happy to work with us.


Inventory management
Inventory management

Let us assume you have a retail store; then, you need the JLTcard RFID clothing tags for inventory management. This is because all the items will be tagged, and the retailers can easily track and further locate these items from the inventory. We also see that the same helps maintain accurate stock levels.

Supply chain management
Supply chain management

The JLTcard RFID clothing label will also provide the best way to manage the supply chain. This includes tracking the clothing items from production to distribution. As you can see, this is a good way of ensuring efficient logistics and improving your overall supply chain management.

Anti-theft systems
Anti-theft systems

Also, consider the RFID clothing tags as an anti-theft measure in stores. This is done by attaching the tags to the clothes and setting up the RFID checkpoints at the exit. If the item has not been paid for, an alarm goes off, making it hard for people to steal from you.

Personalized shopping experience
Personalized shopping experience

The RFID technology might just be what you need to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. This is because you can use smart mirrors with RFID technology to recommend the clothing people can consider from the store. This is a nicely-tailored experience for your customers.

Laundry management
Laundry management

You can manage your laundry better with the JLTcard RFID clothing labels. Here, they are ideal for hotels and the hospitality industry at large. You will have an easy time sorting the laundry knowing which one goes to which room. Also, this helps to prevent loss and improve inventory management at the hotel.

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