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JLTcard has largely specialized in making different types of  RFID disposable wristbands in the market.

JLTcard RFID Disposable Wristband

The JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands are simple RFID wearables that make them easy to identification. Since they are disposable, such wristbands are recommended for single use only. Once the event is over, they are no longer usable for the next one. Such RFID disposable wristbands can be useful for hotels, daycare centers, crowd management, and more.

JLTcard has largely specialized in making different types of JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands in the market. This ensures different brands can get the right RFID disposable wristbands. Also, they are still effective in terms of durability and performance. As much as they are disposable, they last quite well throughout the event.

JLTcard RFID Disposable Wristband Series

We categorize the JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands based on their chips and how they perform. Below are ideas of the kind of wristbands you should expect.

Disposable Mifare 1k Classic RFID Bracelet

Mifare 1k  disposable RFID bracelet is the most common because of its affordability. Considering you need JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands for single use, not many people want to spend so much. Even though it is more affordable, you will still find it secure and good for overall event security

Disposable UHF RFID Wristband

JLTcard UHF RFID disposable wristband makes things even better with its ultra-high frequency operation, hence the name. We see that you could do many more things and applications with a higher frequency. Still, the security is better since the chip can handle better encryption.

Disposable NTAG 213 RFID Wristband

You can also consider the NTAG series of JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands. Disposable NTAG 213 RFID Wristband use NFC-powered chips, a subset of RFID technology. Such runs on a 13.56MHz frequency, just like the high-frequency RFID. Since it is NFC-powered, you get more compatibility generally.

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JLTcard RFID Disposable Wristband Functions

The JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands can be good for several functionalities. Below we see how best these RFID wristbands can be used for different uses.

  • Cashless Payment

    The disposable RFID bracelets are quite useful for those who need to reduce how much cash they handle at different venues. An example is when you are holding a sports event, and you would like to minimize theft. That is where you introduce such methods and cut down on cash theft.

  • Trade Show
    Trade shows

    You may also find the JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands at trade shows. These RFID wristbands make it easier to admit people into the trade shows and access different facilities. We always recommend getting the right JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands that work for your application better.

  • Event Ticketing
    Conferences and business events

    If you are having business events, your guests could also use JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands for accessing the event. The conferences last only a few days, so disposable wristbands are better than expensive RFID cards.

  • Event Ticketing
    Concerts and events

    You may still opt for JLTcard RFID disposable wristband for buying wristbands for events or concerts. We largely recommend them because of how well they can deliver on performance and reliability. Expect to manage your events even better than when you did not have the RFID wristbands. The attendees can easily be scanned and get into the event.

JLTcard RFID Disposable Wristband Features

  • Waterproof

    This is probably the common reason people would consider JLTcard RFID disposable wristband because we ensure our products can work in different environments. They might not be completely waterproof, but being water-resistant will still give you more functionality even in tough environments.

  • Multiple Colors
    Multiple colors, shapes, and sizes

    The disposable RFID wristbands come in multiple colors, sizes, and shapes. This is important as many brands are different in their requirements. The disposable RFID bracelets are always designed to meet the user’s needs, even if it means customizing the shape, color, and size. You can expect most brands to print company logos on these wristbands

  • Disposable NTAG 213 RFID Wristband

    The JLTcard disposable RFID wristbands also feature durable chips. Even if we say they are disposable, the chips will still work once disposed of, only that their functionalities are removed from the database. That is why some people use them at water parks, and they will still work great.

  • Locking mechanism
    Locking mechanism

    JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands also come with a number of locking mechanisms, all aimed at making it easier for you to use them. An example has an adhesive that easily locates the RFID wristband on your hand. You can also get tamper-proof peels to help you know if the wristbands are used or not.

JLTcard RFID Disposable Wristband Advantages

Faster access
Faster access

The JLTcard RFID disposable wristband will definitely offer you faster access to events, buildings, and other applications. The disposable RFID wristband can be programmed to work as a key to certain spaces. Once the event is over, you no longer need the disposable RFID bracelet, and it is okay to dispose of it as recommended.

Enhancing security
Enhancing security

The disposable RFID wristband can also enhance security in various building sections. It may be a lab that can only be opened with RFID keys. If you have the right wristband, it should be possible to access it. We also recommend the same for guests coming to business premises. The wristbands are designed to only work for a specific amount of time and are then disposable.

Improves cashless sales
Improves cashless sales

If you are running an events business, sometimes it is better to have the JLTcard RFID disposable wristband to boost cashless sales. Here is where the wristbands help with faster payment processing and allow people into the event. Handling less cash is quite important for most companies.


The JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands are affordable overall. Getting these wristbands cheaply for your business operations would be quite easy. Sometimes we can even give you several discounts to ensure you save much more on your operations. Since they are disposable, we also use cheaper but quality materials to keep the costs down.

Customization Options

People ask us what they are getting during the customization phase. We usually tell them the list is long, but we will briefly discuss your customization options. The most common is the choice of color, size, and shape of the JLTcard RFID disposable wristband. We take the time to take you through the options available for you to consider. It is possible you would pick something that aligns with your brand.

Another thing we customize is the information we print on the JLTcard RFID disposable wristband. Some prefer only the logo, but others want more. In such a case, we do the event name, dates, services offered, and so much more. You can also do QR codes, barcodes, and other options to make the JLTcard RFID disposable wristband unique for the event.

We can still help with encoding the JLTcard RFID disposable wristband so that it performs the functions you expect it to do. We often get requests for access control. With special encoding, only those encoded RFID wristbands will work for the event. We make sure also they cannot be used for another event later.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process

You are now probably interested in JLTcard disposable RFID bracelet and would now like to make an order. What is the process like? We first recommend choosing the product from our catalog on the website and add to the cart. Follow the onscreen prompts that follow to finish the process. Make sure to use the correct shipping address for delivery and finish with the payment. This helps us know that there is an order ready for fulfillment.

However, if you need additional help placing an order, our support team can help you further. We understand that you may need custom artwork done on the JLTcard RFID disposable wristband to suit your brand. Email us, and we will guide you on the next steps.

Also, you can still contact us for a free quote, especially those who want bulk orders. We ensure you have accurate information on our products to make an informed decision. The good thing with bulk orders is that they are cheaper and will be good for those who need to handle large events.

Construction Materials

You already know how the JLTcard RFID disposable wristband can be used. However, understanding the construction materials help you know where best to use them. Examples include Tyvek, plastic, and paper for making the straps. Tyvek is a popular material for making the JLTcard RFID disposable wristband because of its durability, water resistance, and overall comfort while wearing the JLTcard RFID disposable wristband.

You also get plastic and paper as options. In the case of plastic, we use vinyl or polypropylene to make the straps. Such straps are generally durable and remain water-resistant for longer. If you want to cut the cost even further, use paper material. Don’t worry; they are laminated or coated to enhance their durability.


The strap also needs adhesive so that it can hold together. We use a strong adhesive to make sure the JLTcard RFID disposable wristband does not fall off easily. However, we can make them one-time closures, too to prevent tampering and transferring the RFID wristbands to other people for entry into the same event.

Construction Materials

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Disposable Wristband

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02

JLTcard promises you a lot, and we always ensure you will definitely get the right products. We continually research more about our RFID disposable wristband chips to ensure that they remain in good working condition. As such, the wristbands are reliable in whatever operations you may consider using them in.

The durable and waterproof RFID disposable wristbands can be used in various applications. It could be music concerts, business events, and so much more. We ensure the promised functionality remains the same as much as possible. Even in the case of water-based activities, these wristbands would still work.

Ease of implementation is another reason to get our RFID disposable wristband for your application. We make them easy to wear and take off. A good example is having a strong adhesive vital for holding the wristband on your hand for long hours. Even the other locking mechanisms work quite effectively.


Event Ticketing

The JLTcard disposable RFID wristband comes in handy for event ticketing. Whenever someone purchases a ticket, a wristband is issued as the ticket to get into the event. The JLTcard RFID disposable wristband contains unique identification information related to the ticket holder or the event and which parts he or she can access.

Hotel Keys

The JLTcard RFID disposable wristbands are also common as part of hotel management. A good example is when you need to check in to the rooms. The guests are given RFID wristbands for the duration they will be staying at the hotel. Once they check out, they can simply dispose of them since they will no longer work.

RFID Cashless Payment
Cashless Payments

The JLTcard disposable RFID wristband may also work well for cashless payment systems. They are often at water parks, amusement parks, festivals, and more. Sometimes you can save time with cashless payments. You can also manage the accounts better since fewer people handle the actual cash.

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