What Can RFID Do For Events ?

Digital innovations increase the productivity and efficiency of businesses. It brings new customer experiences each time. Ideally, a good and memorable customer experience helps increase your customer satisfaction.

Companies, businesses, and other organizations started to embrace digital innovations like RFID. They began accepting cashless payments and got rid of cash. It’s more efficient and very practical.

RFID helps eliminate unnecessary processes. If you’re working with a limited team during the event, you can use RFID systems. It’s very attractive to customers because of its advantages.

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How does RFID work? Don’t you think this type of technology is applicable to events? What are the advantages of using RFID during events?

All of these questions will be answered here. If you want to make sure that your customers leave the venue with smiles on their faces, keep on reading. Don’t forget to share the good news with your fellows.

Thanks to RFID! We have an improved process for events. Before we lay out the advantages, what does RFID really mean?

RFID Definition

Let’s learn a little about the definition of RFID. These four initials stand for Radio Frequency Identification. It means a contactless data exchange technology.

RFID uses radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. An RFID system consists of these components: an antenna, a transceiver, and a transponder.

In the old days, people use invitation cards or tickets so they can come inside the venue. Attendees have to wait in long queues. Sometimes, they’d miss the fun once the event started.

Good thing that RFID was invented. You don’t have to experience events poorly. But rather, you can go to the event hassle-free.


RFID Definition
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RFID Technology

Since you already know what it means, let’s talk about how it works. Remember that an RFID system has three parts. They are the scanning antenna, transceiver, and transponder.

The scanning antenna and transceiver combine and become an RFID reader or interrogator. It’s a device connected to a network. The reader can either be portable or permanently attached. RFID readers can either be fixed readers or mobile readers.


RFID readers use radio waves. It serves as a transmitter of signals that activate the tag. The RFID tag gets activated. Then, it sends a wave back to the antenna. The wave becomes translated data.

The transponder is inside the RFID tag. Its read range varies. It can be based on factors like the type of tag, type of reader, and RFID frequency. Interference in the environment can also be a factor. The same goes with the other RFID tags and readers from the surrounding.

There are tags that have a stronger power source. They also have a longer read range.

RFID For Events

This technology is excellent for large-scale events. There are events with a limitless number of attendees. A large number of registrations is very stressful to handle. With the help of RFID, it will be manageable.

RFID attendee tracking systems can help organizers store useful information. The following events are ideal to use the RFID system:

  • Competitions
  • Product Exhibitions
  • Sales Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Other corporate events

This is a new and trendy technology. If you host events, you’re probably agreeable with the use of a cashless payment system.

RFID is one of the cutting-edge technologies ever invented in the U.S. It has gained a lot of attention in countries like the U.S. and Canada. The RFID wristband is being used in music festivals, theme parks, and sports centers.

RFID wristband

RFID Products For Events

In order to control the entry and access of people inside the venue.

RFID card – It is used for tracking personnel. The whole organizing team can use RFID card. The attendees or participants can also use it.

FOr example, there is an upcoming wedding and you want to facilitate the table and sitting arrangement using RFID. It’s very doable. It’s a part of access control thereby organizing the guests.

They will have to swipe the card to a reader. Then, the reader will provide them information where their seats are.

RFID tag – These work like human body’s nerves. They transmit and receive information using an antenna and a microchip. Sometimes, RFID tags are referred to as an integrated circuit (IC). The information is written on the RFID reader’s microchip.

RFID tags are mostly used in cargo tracking applications, toll payment transponder systems. The best part is RFID tags tracking people too.

RFID tags are helpful in events. It can give you information as to how many guests already have arrived thereby allowing your team to contact those who have not arrived yet.

RFID wristband – This is a very nice product. These are wristbands with tiny chips inside. They hold information which identifies if you can, as a participant, can enter or not.

It’s wearable. You can place your branding on it. Furthermore, it’s fashionable. Your customers will surely like wearing ones!

RFID wristband gives the VIP feeling to the customers. Some will take a photo of themselves wearing it and post on social media. That’s marketing for your business.

RFID key fob – This is a programmable device for a keyless system that hotels, sports centers, and them parks use. These are places with a high customer traffic. While you can see RFID key fobs there, this technology can also be used in events.

In order to gain control of the overall facilities, it’s suggested that you also use a RFID key fob. It gives you a more secured surrounding, allowing you to focus more on the main purpose of the event.

Benefits Of Using RFID For Events

Every events manager’s dream is to conduct the grandest and most flawless events. There are already different innovations aiming to help improve processes for attendance. RFID is best for events because it gives a broad list of benefits to the users, both the attendees and organizers.

An RFID tag is said to be better than a barcode. It can be overwritten and padded multiple times. Compared to the former, the data on the barcode doesn’t change and is recorded immediately when printed.

Registrations are a very important part of the event. With an RFID reader, it doesn’t need to have a direct line for radio frequency to capture and read the data. If you were to be asked, would you use a barcode for attendance during events?

An RFID reader can scan and read labels through packaging. The label is already enough even when moving at a high speed, unlike a barcode reader. It needs direct visibility before it reads the barcode.

The beauty of RFID tags stores more information. It can store up to 10,000 bytes in just 1 cm² microcircuit. Higher technology like industrial RFID readers can now simultaneously read more RFID tags per second.

The point is RFID helps events become faster, more monitored, and more engaging.


Advantages Of Using RFID For Events

Cashless Payment – People go to events because they’re very interested to learn, meeting new people, finding possible business partners, and many more. Usually, they are too busy to go to physical offices or stores to pay for the registration.

This is where the idea of cashless payment is inspired. Moreover, it eliminates the possibility of ticket fraud.

Controlled Access – RFID Access Control System lets the organizers and attendees acquire a key card or key fob system. With this system, those with access are the only ones allowed to enter the venue which is safer for everyone.

These use an RFID system that verifies the holder whether he or she can access the facilities during the event. It is suggested that event organizers use key card access just like hotels do.

Additionally, it causes shorter lines and faster entry. You know attendees hate waiting. As much as possible, avoid what they hate.

Table/Seating Plans – Organizing staff would definitely love this idea! Sometimes, attendees in an event get frustrated with the long queue. They hate papers and pens for attendance. It’s way too traditional and outdated.

RFID system allows the minimization of staff and attendee interaction. Some even don’t need a staff to gather attendance anymore just to provide information on where attendees should take a seat.

Better Data Collection – In addition to the previously cited advantage, it’s also a big help in data collection. Businesses love to gather data, especially the marketing team. Any data is full of insights. Attendees bring only their RFID tag and have it read by the RFID reader.

Better VIP Experience – RFID helps give a good customer experience. It portrays a VIP feeling. It impresses attendees. They will surely talk about their satisfactory experience during the event which is good for your brand.

RFID is such an impressive invention that continues to help business owners and event organizers. It is used in different innovative products that’s now available in the online market.

If you’re into events organizing, you will read more about RFID card, RFID tag, RFID wristband, and RFID key fob. These are useful products that suits your event needs.


It not only lessens the queueing during events but also gives you cashless transactions. RFID increases customer experience. Thus, it contributes to customer satisfaction.

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