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  • Elastic band with embedged RFID chip and sewing logo
  • Custom woven label
  • Sewes by import machine
  • Straight & Beautiful

JLTcard RFID Elastic Wristband

The JLTcard RFID elastic wristband is a wearable RFID device that contains an RFID chip or tag for communicating with the RFID reader. Unlike the common RFID cards, this elastic wristband fits comfortably around your wrist. The results are that now you can wear the device the whole day without feeling it is an issue. Also, losing it can be hard compared to the RFID cards.

You will come across JLTcard RFID elastic wristband when in the market for one. It is recommended to choose from this brand mostly because of its performance and quality. The RFID wristbands will perform quite well, ensuring you get the most value for your money and do not have to worry that its functionalities will fail anytime soon.

JLTcard RFID Elastic Wristband Different Series

Understandably, users getting JLTcard RFID elastic wristbands might have different uses for them. We discuss the various series you can get under this category and how best to use each type.

ISO 14443A NFC Forum 13.56 MHz HF NFC Elastic Wristband

This JLTcard RFID elastic wristband operates using the ISO 144434 communication protocol and the NFC forum standard. It operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz, widely considered a good option for contactless smart cards and proximity cards. Now, we can infuse the technology into a wristband and use it for the same application.

Customized Full Printing RFID Elastic Fabric Wristband

Customizing the RFID elastic fabric wristband can also make it more appealing. Under this category, it is possible to add color, design, and other design elements to the wristband to make it relatable to the brand.

UHF RFID Durable Elastic Bracelet

This is the right one for you if you need a JLTcard RFID elastic wristband that operates under ultra-high frequency. There is increased demand for wristbands or bracelets in the market. This is especially for managing access, events, and so much more. Thanks to its overall capacity and performance, it is easy to find applications for such a device.

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JLTcard RFID Elastic Wristband Key Features

So, what makes these RFID elastic wristbands stand out? We look at some features that make you want to consider these products for your organization. Let us learn more about them below.

  • Re-Usable

    The JLTcard RFID elastic wristband is generally reusable. This is not something you just use for one day or event, and that is it. Most of the time, you will have to keep using them for a couple of weeks. If it is for event access, they can still be reprogrammed for another event and be reused.

  • Soft And Stretchy
    Soft And Stretchy

    The JLTcard elastic RFID wristband is also soft and stretchy. You need something comfortable because you may have to wear the wristband every day for several weeks. It is possible to get that with this option. Also, the stretchy part is vital for those who might be in the market for more comfortable RFID wearables.

  • Full Color Printed
    Full Color Printed

    You may also like that we offer the choice of getting fully color-printed RFID wristbands. Color printing is vital for those companies looking to customize further their RFID wristbands. The printing can include adding logos, words, symbols, and more. It is also a great way to promote brand awareness.

  • Environmental Friendly Materials
    Environmental Friendly Materials

    We understand that the wristbands may be disposed of at some point because they have served their purpose. Regarding this part, we want it to be as safe as possible for the environment. That is why the RFID wristbands use environmentally friendly materials to cater to environmentally conscious ones.

JLTcard RFID Elastic Wristband Functions

The JLTcard RFID elastic wristbands can have a wide range of uses. Below, we look at what most of our clients might use these wristbands for and if you could adopt them for the same functions.

  • Access Control

    The JLTcard RFID elastic wristband main functions to offer access control. A good example is when we have an organization that would want to restrict how people access their space. Installing the RFID readers and giving the employees the wristbands helps limit those who can enter the offices.

  • Ticketing

    This is another core function of the RFID elastic wristband, as it helps control who can get into an event. Once someone pays for the event, they are issued an RFID wristband as their ticket. It is faster to access the event with such a method and still reuse the same wristbands for another application.

  • Event Management

    The JLTcard RFID elastic wristband would also work well for event management. This is mostly for accessing the event and still uses the same RFID wristband to access different event sections. Let us say it is an event about cybersecurity; then, controlling how people access different stands with such wristbands becomes easier.

  • Make Cashless And Contactless Payments
    Make Cashless And Contactless Payments

    The JLTcard elastic RFID wristband can also be integrated with payment systems. In this case, you can easily make payments without carrying cash all the time. Simply have the wristband scanned by the reader, and the payment is automatically deducted from your account.

JLTcard RFID Elastic Wristband Advantage

Available With Any RFID Chip
Available With Any RFID Chip

One question we get a lot from buyers is if the RFID wristband can work well with different RFID chips. The short answer is YES. We can integrate the wristband with an RFID chip that you want. We know that different chips work differently. That is why we will ensure you get the most by using the chip that delivers on your needs.

100% Polyester And Stretches
100% Polyester And Stretches

The material used to make the wristband is 100% polyester and can easily stretch just as you like. Polyester is generally comfortable against your skin, so you can wear the wristband for extended hours. Since the wristbands also stretch, you can expect the best performance generally in comfortability.

Put On And Take Off With Ease
Put On And Take Off With Ease

Using the JLTcard RFID elastic wristband is not hard at all. You can easily use it as you would other types of wristbands. Simply put it onto your wrist and take it off too, as you would with other wristbands. The stretchy effect also contributes to the overall usability of the wristband.

Customized Design Colorful
Customized Design Colorful

Another advantage is that you can customize the design and color of the RFID wristbands to your liking. Let us assume you want wristbands that can offer brand recognition, then consider using a creative design with the brand colors in mind. Still, the colors can be paired with a beautiful design too.

Optional Craft

The JLTcard elastic RFID wristband can be a good deal for many people in the market for such products. This is thanks to the optional craft you can include as part of the wristbands. The first one is colorful printing. Here, you can expect to get the best color options from us to suit the brand colors.

We can also add barcodes, embroidery, logos, and QR codes vital for enhancing the usability of the RFID wristband. We recommend having fun with the idea so that owning these wristbands feels good. Some opt for double side printing to still look good no matter how you wear the wristband.

Optional Craft


The JLTcard RFID elastic wristband customization options are quite many. The most common ones are having logos printed on the wristbands. Logos are vital for promoting your brand and making it visible to people you might interact with at an event.

We also offer full-color digital print on the wristbands inside and outside. Such an option is key to making the wristbands more flexible. We cannot forget to mention the pattern addition too. It is easier now to add the pattern you want to see on your wristband.

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Elastic Wristband

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Access Control Wristbands01
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Access Control Wristbands02

So you may have come across JLTcard and are wondering what makes it so special to consider us for an RFID elastic wristband. The first thing would be experience. With years of experience, we know what to use to help you get the most out of your elastic wristband and use the correct one too.

We also have a wide range of options to consider. Under the series of options listed above, you can see that we have multiple types of RFID wristbands for sale. We can also customize them based on the chip to make the performance more suitable for you.

The JLTcard brand remains committed to using quality materials even when making the RFID wristbands. That is why you may find that our wristbands are reusable to suit different environments or applications and will work great too.

You will also appreciate that our products are cost-effective. This means we can save you money as a business. You would not have to spend so much when we can make high-quality, cost-effective products.

JLTcard RFID Elastic Wristband Application


The JLTcard RFID elastic wristband can be ideal for hotel management. Rather than using room keys, you can simply opt for RFID wristbands. These are issued to each guest so they can easily access their rooms.


You may also find a use for an elastic RFID wristband at breweries to access certain areas of the brewery. Let us say you need to control the number of people getting into the boiler room. In this case, use the RFID wristbands to ensure only authorized personnel can do so

Fitness Centers
Fitness Centers

We can see that it is also possible to require the JLTcard RFID elastic wristband at fitness centers. This is mostly to ensure only those who have paid their subscription can actually access the fitness centers easily.


Those who own spas can consider using the JLTcard elastic RFID wristband to access various spa rooms and services. Ensure the spa is configured with several rooms and services to utilize such RFID devices better.

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