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JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristband

JLTcard produce millions of RFID fabric wristbands to festivals and other events across the globe. Thanks to our unique Smart Lock, they are quickly becoming the world’s best-secured RFID event wristbands.

With our professional NFC Fabric Wristband designer, you can personalize many of our wristbands with your logos, colors, and text. As a consequence, you may create one-of-a-kind RFID fabric wristbands for your event.

JLTcard’s  NFC Fabric Wristband offers something distinctive for every purpose, whether for single or multiple-day use.

RFID fabric wristbands are durable and simple to put on the wrist. These wristbands are both attractive and comfy to wear, as well as quite functional. As a result, it is popular with both end customers and companies.

The JLTcard RFID fabric wristband may be utilized to execute cashless solutions, providing it among the market’s most popular and useful RFID options. The most prevalent Fabric RFID wristband materials are sublimation, satin, and woven.



JLTcard is a renowned Chinese RFID manufacturer that offers a wide range of customized NFC and RFID fabric wristbands to help with an event or market convenience. Because of our high-impact and elevated features, we are likely the most known wristband option among events and give the greatest guest gift.

Moreover, JLTcard RFID and NFC fabric wristbands are composed of durable and comfortable materials. These are all non-transferable and serve as a visual identification.

Also, we customize your NFC and RFID fabric wristband with diverse colors and patterns to help identify your visitors’ various levels of entry. You may choose from non-transferable and re-wearable patterns that are appropriate for your multi-day use.

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JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristband Series

JLT03 RFID Fabric Wristband
JLT03 RFID Fabric Wristband
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The Functionality of JLTcard Fabric RFID wristband

RFID fabric wristband functionality may include the following:

  • Keyless Door Locks

    By reading JLTcard NFC Fabric Wristband, the access control device can open the door and manage the entry and exit of various activities. Convenient for event organisers to manage the event in an orderly manner.

  • Ticketing

    JLTcard RFID fabric wristbands prevent ticket duplication and guarantee that the ticket is only used once for event entry. With JLTcard Fabric RFID wristband, you may improve the security of your ticketing process and the event while saving your guests millions of dollars in ticket fraud losses.

  • Controlled or Zone Access
    Controlled or Zone Access

    When you use JLTcard RFID fabric wristband with the access control system, you may do the following:

    • Get more people to your event as soon as possible
    • Gather on-site of useful information
    • Get rid of all ticket fraud
      Improve event security
  • Stored Value or Small Payments
    Stored Value or Small Payments

    JLTcard Fabric RFID wristband cashless payment technology may help you enhance guest happiness and spend at your small event without breaking the bank. Visitors no longer have to wait long to buy products, food, or beverages.

    JLTcard can help you deploy RFID fabric wristband solutions for your events or activities from start to finish. JLTcard NFC Fabric Wristband are trusted by major music festivals around the globe.

JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristband Advantage

Durable Radio Frequency
Durable Radio Frequency

JLTcard RFID fabric wristband Can be with 125khz Frequence , 13.56MHZ Frequence and UHF chip , it can be used for many different Event System

Comfortable Fabric To Wear

JLTcard RFID fabric wristband is a practical, long-lasting wristband. The wristband part is made of environmentally safe Fabric, which is pleasant to wear and has a lovely look and ornamental feature.

Adjustable Size
Customized Design Color

JLTcard NFC Fabric wristbands are great for elevated branding . The Fabric band can be dyed, sub-printed, or woven with your logo, company name, or occasion name. The Small card part can be printed your Event logo or Event info .

Customized Design Color
Adjustable Size

JLTcard fabric RFID wristbands are available in a variety of sizes as well as a single size adjustable wristband. This eliminates the need to purchase, maintain and configure multiple sizes of RFID fabric wristbands.

Complete Customizations

JLTcard’s customisable secure RFID fabric wristbands are available in printed and blank styles. Wristbands are available with a variety of closure options and can be customised with logos, fonts and creative designs. JLTcard Fabric RFID wristbands are extremely secure and are commonly used for access control, identification and security at festivals and other major events.

With our simple wristband designer, you can create fabric wristbands in just a few easy steps. You can add unique text, upload a logo and choose a closure. And, because JLTcard fabric RFID wristbands are completely customizable, you can choose any colour and pattern. You can make the wristbands match the theme of your party.

In addition, JLTcard fabric wristbands are another one of our best sellers. We can offer pre-printed fabric wristbands, barcode and QR code compatible wristbands, glow-in-the-dark wristbands, eco-friendly wristbands, RFID enabled wristbands, or a mix of these for your event!

Complete Customizations

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristband

JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristband01
JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristband02

JLTcard are pioneers in developing NFC Fabric Wristband for event security, fundraising events, charities and festivals.

In addition, JLTcard has been in the Fabric RFID Wristband business for a long time, Our Fabric RFID wristbands are durable, comfortable, and won’t tear or break easily.

Likewise, JLTcard goes above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied. If you have any questions about our products or services, please contact us at

JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristband Application

Music Festival
Music Festival

The JLTcard fabric RFID wristband is sturdy, comfortable material and ideal for Music Festival. Because of their high-impact and high-security branding qualities, they are the most popular wristband option among festivals , You can select a version that you may wear several times or one used time

Trade Show
Trade Show

It enables users to share their event experience on social media. This, in turn, increases brand awareness for Trade Show possibilities. Visitors who tie their social media profiles to the Fabric RFID wristband may be able to check-in or be tagged in pictures immediately.

Summer Camp
Summer Camp and Resort

JLTcard RFID fabric wristbands enable cashless payments, allowing customers to pay for drinks, food and products with just a ‘tap’. All without having to handle wet currency or carry a wallet.

In addition, per capita spending has increased by an average of 15 to 30 per cent as a result of the decoupling of NFC fabric wristbands from currency.

Food and Wine Fairs
Food and Wine Fair

The use of JLTcard NFC Fabric Wristband on the food and wine trade show floor can make a significant difference to the efficiency of the trade show, as guests can use the JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristband to make cashless payments and save time in queues throughout the trade show.

Marketing Events
Self-pour Bars and Marketing Events

With JLTcard RFID fabric wristband , you can get real-time insights into how your guests interact with your restaurant, from popular menu items and preferred beverages to the most-used coupons and busiest times of day. This way, you can precisely customise NFC Fabric Wristband to provide the best experience for your customers and profit from the most popular deals.

What are RFID Fabric Wristbands

The RFID Fabric Wristband is a wearable device suitable for public events. The RFID technology empowered this wearable device. The NFC Fabric Wristband is a durable device that aims to store your needs in just one click. The RFID Fabric Wristband can be used in wireless transactions.

What are RFID Fabric Wristband Used for

The RFID Fabric Wristband can be used for many public events. The RFID Fabric Wristband can make cashless payments, make a ticketing event, and have high-secured event access control, and strong security features against hackers. Moreover, the NFC Fabric Wristband can also be used for RFID-powered door access, room security access, and social media integration, and boosts the high-customer experience during the event

Can I have my RFID Fabric Wristbands personalized

The RFID Fabric Wristband is a personalized device that you can purchase. One of the trusted manufacturers of personalized Fabric RFID wristband was the JLTcard Company. Since the JLTcard values ultimate customer satisfaction, we guarantee that all the customers’ RFID Fabric Wristband orders are personalized and designs were approved by them.

How do RFID Fabric Wristbands Made

The RFID Fabric Wristbands were made from different synthetic materials that fit the customers’ comfort. The RFID Fabric Wristbands can be made from materials such as nylon, fabric, cotton, bamboo, and other materials that make you comfortable. After choosing the materials, the Fabric Wristbands will be carefully designed and programmed with an RFID chip.

Can I Get Samples of JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristbands

The JLTcard can provide samples of the RFID Fabric Wristbands for you. This is for you to enjoy ultimate satisfaction here at the JLTcard. The JLTcard will give you samples of RFID Wristbands upon your inquiries. The samples of JLTcard Fabric Wristbands are given to you for us to know your recommendation on how we could improve the product more.

Can RFID Fabric Wristbands Be Used in Events

Affirmatively, the RFID Fabric Wristbands can be used in any public event that you went into. For example, you are going to a live concert, public utilities, high-security events, and crowded areas. The JLTcard Fabric RFID wristband allow you to have convenient and one-tap access in a wireless transaction.

How Safe are JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristbands
  • The JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristbands are safe and high-secured to utilize. The JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristbands have a strong security feature that enables your identity to be protected against any malicious cyber-attacks or hacking attempts. The JLTcard Fabric RFID wristband prevent compromising your information and are 100% empowered by the RFID technology.
What chips are incorporated in JLTCARD RFID Fabric Wristbands
  • Numerous chips can be incorporated into the JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristbands. These chips have different frequencies and limited applications personalized to your needs. These RFID chips hold your identity and access to many of your social media accounts that are programmed to aid you in public gatherings.
What Happens When an RFID Fabric Wristband is Scanned

When the JLTcard RFID Fabric Wristband was scanned by the RFID reader, it automatically accesses you to your need. For example, you needed to make a wire transfer for a ticket purchase for a certain concert. The JLTcard Fabric RFID wristband can help you through a cashless payment. In that way, the RFID reader will automatically send a signal that you made a certain transaction.

Are RFID Fabric Wristbands Similar to Barcode Wristbands
  • The RFID Fabric Wristbands have little similarity to the barcode wristband. In the access control feature, the RFID Fabric Wristband and Barcode Wristband work similarly. However, the RFID Fabric Wristband is more durable, more used, and more secure than the barcode wristband. Moreover, the RFID Fabric Wristband is way too convenient than the barcode wristband.
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