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JLTcard RFID Festival Wristbands

The RFID Festival Wristbands are a type of RFID device produced by the JLTcard Company. It is a wearable RFID device you can use for the festival and public concerts. NFC Festival Wristband has an RFID antenna and tag on it, made with style. You can wear comfortably the RFID Festival Wristbands at fairs, parties, and festivities.

The JLTcard manufactured different RFID devices such as the RFID Festival Wristbands. Buying from the JLTcard will ensure that your choice of RFID Festival Wristbands is durable, aesthetic, and cost-effective. Here at JLTcard, we can assure you that the RFID Festival Wristbands are made of high quality

JLTcard RFID Festival Wristbands Series

N04 RFID Festival Wristband
N04 RFID Festival Wristband
N05 RFID Festival Wristband
N05 RFID Festival Wristband
N06 RFID Festival Wristband
N06 RFID Festival Wristband
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Advantages of JLTcard RFID Festival Wristband


The JLTcard RFID Festival Wristband is a wireless, RFID device stylized as a wearable device. It allows you to access your needs in just one click

Fashionable and Comfortable
Fashionable and Comfortable

The JLTcard RFID Festival Wristbands provide comfort and aesthetics for you to enjoy this wearable device. It boosts your mood and allows you to be fabulous every day

Effective and Secure
Effective and Secure:

The JLTcard RFID Festival Wristbands maintain high security and protect your personal information from future hacking. , the JLTcard RFID Festival Wristbands are a device you must not miss.

OEM Customized Services
OEM Customized Services

The JLTcard RFID Festival Wristbands are entirely customizable that fit your standard. The JLTcard manufactures the product, but we allow you to suggest your preferred designs for your purchase

Wide Variety of Chips and Styles

Before buying the JLTcard’s RFID Festival Wristbands, you must identify the wide variety of chips and styles we input into the product. Upon your inquiries, the JLTcard staff will ask you for the RFID chip you want.

In JLTcard, we allow you to choose between active, passive, or semi-passive chips. The JLTcard has various chips with different frequency ranges you can choose. The Low Frequency, High Frequency, and Ultra High Frequency. These standards allow the JLTcard to know how often you wanted to use the JLTcard RFID Festival Wristbands.

These standards have pros and cons, you only need to choose carefully. These are the standards of the JLTcard RFID Festival Wristbands you must choose carefully.

Wide Variety of Chips and Styles
Complete Customizations

Complete Customizations

The JLTcard offers free, complete customizations upon your purchase of the RFID Festival Wristband. The JLTcard provides this customization service to you, our valued customer. This is because the JLTcard gave importance to your satisfaction and partnership with us.

The JLTcard offers customization in the RFID Festival Wristband’s size, color, shape, form, style, application, tag frequency, and many others. These customizations allow us to create a JLTcard RFID Festival Wristband that suits your style and needs.

Aside from that, the JLTcard ensures that your customer experience with our company will be high. Upon purchasing any of our JLTcard RFID Festival Wristbands, please tell your preferred design to one of the JLTcard contacting employees to meet your expectations from our end.

Choose JLTcard to Custom RFID Festival Wristband

RFID festival wristband worker
RFID festival wristband workshop

Choosing the JLTcard to manufacture your Customized RFID Festival Wristband is the best decision you will ever make. The JLTcard will assure you that your orders will be manufactured in high quality and will be in good hands. The JLTcard has so much to offer to you, our valued customers.

At the same time, we treat you and the rest of our customers as partners for introducing the world empowered by RFID technology. Here at JLTcard, we have an efficient workforce, state-of-the-art facilities, innovative RFID ideas, international certifications, and a high customer satisfaction rate.

We can guarantee you that trusting the JLTcard will bring a mutually-assured advantage between you and our end. The JLTcard would give a real-time update regarding your orders, upon purchasing the RFID Festival Wristband , If you are a prospect or current customer of the JLTcard, we assure you that the quantities you ordered are high-quality, made from comfortable materials, durable, convenient, and well-packaged.

The JLTcard has its quality control, strict measures of sanitation in the workstations, and customer service that you can rely on. Since its first operations in 2010, the JLTcard served different clients, industries, and institutions across the globe.

RFID Festival Wristband for Various Applications

RFID Access Control
RFID Access Control

The JLTcard RFID Festival Wristband has strong control and security features you will love. In just one click, your needs will be provided. The JLTcard RFID Festival Wristband is an effective crowd controller

RFID Cashless Payment
RFID Cashless Payment

Imagine you have joined a public event penniless, but you brought the JLTcard RFID Festival Wristband with you.

The Wristband will save your day since it is capable to make a cashless transaction. Moreover, RFID Festival Wristband is one click away from your online bank.

RFID Social Media Integration
RFID Social Media Integration

The JLTcard RFID Festival Wristband can also be connected to your social media accounts in one click. Has your phone gone out of battery? Don’t worry, JLTcard RFID Festival Wristband got you covered

RFID Festival Wristband – FAQ

How to loosen RFID festival wristband

The easiest way to loosen your RFID Festival wristband is through twist method. To do this, please perform the following instructions:

  • Twist the wristband around itself a few times.
  • After twisting the wristband for few times, hold the ends of the wristband and use your hands to twist it in opposite turns.
  • Twist the wristband until it is loose enough to slide away from your wrist.
How Cashless Wristbands Work at Events

Cashless Wristbands work at events by scanning to the RFID reader device. This cashless wristband allows the user to pay for goods or services with the help of RFID technology. It minimizes fraud, hacking, or getting the attention of thieves.

How can festival wristbands be used as an alternative currency?

The Festival Wristband can be used as an alternative currency for the user who goes to public events or places where he or she is not fully aware of the crowd. The festival wristband was programmed to work as your “invisible bank” to ensure that your money is highly-protected and to access a convenient means of payment wherever you go.

How is RFID technology integrated with various music, cultural festivals?

-Aside from convenient, cashless transactions, effective crowd control, and eliminating fraud, the RFID technology can also be integrated with various music and cultural festivals. The RFID technology allows public events to have a smooth transition with a high level of security being enjoyed during the event.

How do RFID Festival wristband work?

The RFID Festival wristband worked in numerous ways. The wristband was embedded with a smart tag that contains your personal info and your important accounts (just like your bank account). In the case of the RFID Festival Wristband, you can utilize it for information-gathering, cashless payment, crowd control, event ticketing, and access control.

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