How to Secure Business Premises and Homes with RFID Gate Access Systems

RFID Gate Access Systems

Security of a business premises or even at home can involve many aspects. We are used to having security guards at the gate to check IDs and open the gates. However, many other systems can still do a good job. One of them is the RFID gate access system.

Such a system relies on RFID technology to access the premises. This includes issuing the employees or residents of a gated community with RFID fobs or cards that are scanned at the gate to issue access. As you can see, there are several benefits of having such as system. We talk more about such systems below to help you see whether they can be useful for you.


Components of RFID Gate Access Systems

Components of RFID Gate Access Systems

RFID gate access systems will have many components to make everything work as you want. Here is a quick list.

  • There is the RFID tag or key fob that will be scanned so that you can access the building or space
  • The RFID reader is installed near the gate. Its work is to read the RFID tag and verify that the user can access the premises. It works by communicating with the tag via the tag’s antenna.
  • There is also the control panel. This is simply a computer server that interprets the instructions from the reader to allow or deny entry. It can also be used for programming the key fobs in case someone loses their own.
  • Finally, we have the electronic door release mechanism. Since we want to automate the operation, we must include the electronic door release mechanism. It will automatically open and close the gate.


Benefits of Using RFID Gate Access Systems

Benefits of Using RFID Gate Access Systems

There are several benefits you can enjoy with RFID gate access systems. That is why more companies are installing such systems. Here is a quick overview of the benefits that come with such systems.

Reliable systems


Based on the reviews by people who have used RFID gate access systems, they often claim to have an easier time using such systems. This is because they are reliable and can work easily whenever you need to go through the gate. Such reliability means no more worries about maintenance.

End-to-end encryption


You may come across some models or packages of RFID gate access systems with additional security features, including RFID gate access. This is vital for ensuring you get the best safety. With such features, it is difficult for people to clone the cards and enter the premises.

Backward compatibility


The best thing about an RFID gate access system is that it works with existing security systems. Let us say you already have an electronic gate opener, then you simply need to add the RFID system to enhance its security. Also, in case in future you upgrade the RFID cards, they will still work with the existing RFID readers without a problem.

Easy installation


The installation process usually takes only a few hours if you have the right people with experience. Go ahead and get a model and do the installation. You may, however, need to add more electronics to the setup if you do not have them. This includes an electronic door opener to make it easier to open the gate. Also, a computer to work as the server for the system.

Remote monitoring


Depending on the model of the RFID gate access system you pick, you can come across one that has an option for remote monitoring. This simply means you can access the system and remotely manage the system via a web portal. This includes granting access to those who might not be issued with RFID keyfobs.

Long term affordability


Usually, when you look at the price of installing a new RFID system, it can seem costly at first. However, if you keep using it for several years, you can notice that the system is more affordable. Since it is also low maintenance and does not tire like security guards, it will serve you better in the long run.


Passive vs. Active RFID Gate Access Systems

Passive vs. Active RFID Gate Access Systems

When shopping for gate access systems, you will come across two main options. The active and passive RFID gate access systems.

The difference is majorly in how the RFID tag, keyfob, and card establish a connection with the RFID reader. However, the overall functionality is the same for both cases.

Active RFID gate access systems mean that the tags have batteries that keep them ON always as compared to passive systems with no batteries. As such, there can be applications where you need active RFID tags or simply use passive fobs or other types.

The passive fobs work simply by being activated by the electromagnetic waves from the RFID reader at the game. Get the RFID fob or card close to the reader, and it will be activated.

How To Choose an RFID Gate Access System


You are likely to come across several considerations when seeking to buy an RFID access system. What is important is that you get it right the first time. So, what are the features to keep in mind?

– Auto-lock mechanisms


RFID gate systems make securing your building, home, or any other space easier. What is important is making it possible to lock the gate even if you forget. That is where the auto-lock features are important. So, even if you accidentally leave the gate open, you can be assured it will be closed after a few minutes, depending on the time customization.

– Customizable fobs


The RFID fobs should be customizable in terms of programming. This means they would be customized in terms of who can use them. A good example is having key fobs for temporary access by guests or having fobs for permanent employees who need to access the premises more often.

The fobs can also be duplicated in case someone loses their fob. The idea is always to customize the fobs to suit your needs.

– Anti-tamper features


Such features mean the RFID gate access system can have additional security features to detect issues with the key fob. For example, you can include automated programs or lock down functions if the reader detects cloned fobs at the gate. If you already have such features in the existing system, integrate them with the new RFID system.

– Compatible with smart devices


Modern RFID gate access systems now come with remote access. This is where you can access the system via an online portal. The owners of the property and their security team can sometimes approve or deny gate access even when they are not on-site.

The system also allows you to adjust permissions remotely, thus freeing up the security staff to work on other projects.

– Cost


It is always vital to consider the cost. This is because different packages of RFID gate access would have different prices to work with. As a result, it is important to find a model or system that is within your budget and still gives you the performance you seek. It is okay to have a flexible budget as sometimes you can add a small amount and end up with the best features.

These are just a few features to keep in mind. Make sure to work with a professional such as JLTcard to have a deeper understanding of a system before settling on one.


Where To Use RFID Gate Access

Where To Use RFID Gate Access

RFID gate access can work well for many industries and applications. Below are examples of where you can potentially use this type of system.

  • Warehouses for tracking the vehicles coming into the warehouse and those leaving
  • Access to manufacturing facilities. This can help track employee timestamps and prevent theft also
  • Parking facilities can automate entry and exit with RFID gate access
  • Gated communities can also consider such systems to ensure only those who live in the estate can access it and prevent idlers and potential thieves.
  • Data centers can also use RFID gate access to prevent the stored data from getting into the wrong hands.
  • The same system would also work great for event management. This is where the conference attendees are issued with RFID tags valid for the duration of the conference.

How RFID Gate Access Compares to Other Control Options


RFID gate access is quite good at what it does. However, some might want to know what more is available out there. That is why we discuss a few other alternatives to RFID gate access.

NFC door locks


NFC and RFID work in a similar fashion, with the difference being in the operating frequency and circuit boards used as readers for NFC devices. The best thing about NFC is that multiple phones come with the technology, making it easier to use the technology on them.

Expect the NFC readers to have a shorter reading range. It is mostly up to 10cm. This can be a pro or a con, depending on the situation. It is a pro because someone has to be really close to the reader for even better identification. The downside is that NFC systems are often slower in data transmission.

Security personnel


Yes, you can opt for the normal option of including security personnel to man the gate. The team will be responsible for checking ID badges to ensure someone is an employee before they can enter the facility.

This option is still widely used in many companies. You can expect to come across it in small business setups where they want to minimize the cost of setting up a new system. However, security guards, at times, are prone to making mistakes. Also, they have to work in shifts. You may pay more if you need the premises manned 24 hours.



Keypads are also popular just like security guards. This is because they are quite good at securing premises, especially if you have unstaffed premises. They are cheaper than RFID systems and do not necessarily need special software or hardware.

However, they can be easier for intruders to figure them out. Also, people tend to share access codes, which makes them less effective. Nevertheless, they can offer a good level of security that a person could use to keep their premise safe.



  • Ease of use by anyone
  • Replacing is fast
  • Effective security solution
  • No need to hire more security personnel
  • Great for businesses and homes



  • Some people lose their fobs or keycards often
  • It can be hard to manage visitors’ entry without the RFID fobs



So far, you can see that RFID gate access can work quite well for a number of applications. This ensures that you can get the best security for a building or residential setup. Since such a system can be customized to meet your needs, it is a great alternative to some existing solutions. Expect to come across many other benefits as you keep using the RFID gate access system.

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