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JLTcard RFID Jewelry Tag

Beautiful and sparkling jewelry can be of small sizes but they are also of high value. JLTcard RFID jewelry tag makes security and inventory management easier for you. It’s an incredible tagging system known for its efficient, durable, high-tech and highly secured performance.

JLTcard is one of the top jewelry RFID tag manufacturers in China. We are proud to present you our top-selling RFID tag for jewelry inventory management, sales data analysis, safety management, and supply chain management. Its outstanding features contribute to its overall value. Not only does it secures jewelry but also secures accessories like sunglasses and watches. You better be checking JLTcard.

Varies of RFID Jewelry Tags

The JLTcard Corporation offers different RFID jewelry tag  that fit for jewelry industry’s needs. Choosing the right one for your jewelry or jewelry store was more manageable through the portfolio below. These are the following JLTcard RFID-powered jewelry tag products you can choose from

RFID UHF Jewelry Tag

The JLTcard RFID UHF Jewelry Tag is an RFID tag designed for accessories. The JLTcard RFID UHF Jewelry Tag gives high-security, successful inventory, and effective product monitoring. With its UHF feature, RFID scanners can read the JLTcard RFID UHF Jewelry Tag at a long distance.

Reusable RFID Jewelry Tag

The JLTcard Reusable RFID Jewelry Tag is a type of RFID tag designed for jewelry. The JLTcard Reusable RFID Jewelry Tag is used for successful product inventory and management

Disposable RFID Jewelry Tag

The JLTcard Disposable RFID Jewelry Tag is an environmental-friendly type of RFID Tag for accessories. The JLTcard Disposable RFID Jewelry Tag is best applied for jewelry management and information tag. However, it is also considered to be a one-time used tag.

13.56MHz NFC Jewelry Tag
13.56MHz NFC Jewelry Tag

The JLTcard 13.56 MHz NFC Jewelry Tag is a customized type of RFID Tag for jewelry. The JLTcard 13.56 MHz NFC Jewelry Tag is effectively used in a jewelry store. The ease of tracking the jewelry pieces is achieved by using the JLTcard 13.56 MHz NFC Jewelry Tag

Printable RFID Jewelry Label
Printable RFID Jewelry Label

The JLTcard Printable RFID Jewelry Label is a material used to manufacture an RFID jewelry tag. The JLTcard Printable RFID Jewelry Label is made from glossy paper, PVC, or other synthetic materials.

Blank RFID Jewelry Label
Blank RFID Jewelry Label

The Blank RFID Jewelry Label is an empty material set to manufacture an RFID Jewelry Tag. RFID manufacturers from other countries can buy the JLTcard Blank RFID Jewelry Label for a reasonable price.

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JLTcard RFID Jewelry Tag Advantages

Higher Safety Performance
Higher Safety Performance

JLTcard RFID jewelry tag is highly secured with encrypted data. No worries about data tampering. This RFID tag saves your jewelry shop from theft and counterfeiting.

Support Multi-tag Reading
Support Multi-tag Reading

JLTcard adhesive jewelry tags are such powerful innovations. No problem with managing hundreds of jewelry inside your shop. It can read dozens of RFID tags at a time. It’s much easier and time-saving.

Long Data Storage Time
Long Data Storage Time

It’s fantastic for the JLTcard RFID jewelry tag to last for years. Although the surface will be worn soon, the built-in chip will still be working. It will still store data for up to 10 years.

Long Reading Distance
Long Reading Distance

Because of its Ultra High Frequency (UHF), your reader can scan the tag up to 10 meters away. Count a wide range of jewelry inventory at once. Let your jewelry shop innovate with the JLTcard RFID jewelry tag.

JLTcard Jewelry RFID Tags Customization

JLTcard is a globalized RFID jewelry tag manufacturer. We have partnered with big businesses in the jewelry industry for several years. People choose to partner with us because of our key offering of RFID jewelry tag customization. We make sure to discuss your choice and how we can make it realized.

We can personalize the tags into different sizes, shapes, and orientations. Branding makes your business ahead of the game. We can print your logo on the tag. This is a very nice presentation of your business up to the smallest detail.

If you’re more favorable with a barcode or number as codes, leave it to us. Jltcard RFID jewelry tag is absolutely flexible. Choose the best size and shape and we will make them into reality.

Jewelry RFID Tags Customization
Use RFID Jewelry Tag for Tracking

How to Use RFID Jewelry Tag for Tracking

Jewelry is so special that they add beauty to the one wearing it. It’s usually made with precious materials. If you’re a jewelry seller who wants to keep the items monitored and safe, it’s suggested that you use RFID jewelry tags. JLTcard sells hundreds of thousands of this highly effective technological tag.

Input your data and other information into an amazing inventory system. Tag each of jewelry as much as possible. You can scan over 100 pieces of jewelry with an RFID jewelry tag in just 6 seconds. How fantastic and fast!

Once you’ve scanned the jewelry, display them safely on the glasses they best suit. This is the exciting part of the monitoring system. The system alerts you once jewelry goes missing. It also keeps you on track with your sales record and other inventory reports anytime using your computer or cellphone.

The Production of JLTcard RFID Jewelry Tag

A high-quality product like an RFID jewelry tag has an intricate production process. There’s an increased demand for the complexity and miniaturization of antennas. It’s not a problem because we offer you antenna design label customization.

JLTcard RFID jewelry tag has a flip chip. It uses a bonding technology where one die chip bonds with an antenna through heating and pressing. It’s also very advantageous because of using RFID compounding.

Encoding and testing are a part of the process. It’s the time when we encode the necessary data either with an RFID reader or with an RFID printer encoder. Moreover, we will test the performance of RFID jewelry tags by Tagformance. Finally, we will package the RFID jewelry tag nicely.

The Production of JLTcard RFID Jewelry Tag

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Jewelry Tag

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Jewelry Tag01
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Jewelry Tag02

JLTcard had a long way to the top. We have served diverse customers with product tracking, inventory management, and access control and management tagging systems. We are happy to help businesses from across the globe, including jewelers, have faster, easier, and more reliable tagging solutions to gain more profit.

JLTcard RFID jewelry tag is essential in day-to-day operations. If you’re a big-time jewelry business owner, it’s time to take a big leap. JLTcard offers incredible customization services that best fit you. Not only that. We can help you identify which materials suit you. And, we will come up with the best option for you.

JLTcard RFID Jewelry Tag Function

Retail Tracking
Inventory Management and Retail Tracking

Jewelry is a big-time investment so the JLTcard RFID jewelry tag would greatly help in managing your jewelry items. You’ll be able to track the jewelry. It gives you an idea of when the items are complete or if something is missing.

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management

JLTcard RFID jewelry tag is definitely a must-have for the jewelry industry. It’s the key to safely and successfully tracking jewelry. You’ll be able to track which part of your supply chain is in need of attention. Thus, you can foresee, analyze data, and manage before the problem comes.

Sales Data
Sales Data Analysis and Faster Sales Process

The jewelry business is one of the oldest and most traditional businesses that ever existed. Use a JLTcard RFID jewelry tag to innovate. It is very helpful in terms of sales data analysis. Additionally, it helps you to speed up your sales process.

Safety Management
Safety Management and Loss Prevention

Without a doubt that safety is the priority in the jewelry industry. You must prevent all circumstances leading to jewelry loss. You can never go wrong by adding a JLTcard RFID jewelry tag to your safety plan.

Anti-theft and Anti-counterfeit

Jewelry is enticing but it also attracts negative people like burglars. To avoid theft and counterfeiting, make use of a JLTcard RFID jewelry tag. Each can have an embedded code for you to easier track the ins and outs of your production area more.


Material Antenna: aluminum foil, Surface: adhesive paper/adhesive, Back: release paper
Dimension : 71*26mm
Protocol  : ISO 18000-6C EPC Gen 2, ISO15693
Frequency  : 860Mhz-960Mhz, 13.56Mhz
Chip available :   NXP Ucode 8, Ucode 9
Reading Range  :   1-3 m (depends on the rfid reader)
Printing :  Logo  Printed
Finished :   Glossy
Back glue  :   Yes
Read/Write :    >100,000 times
Work Temp  :  -10oC-55oC
Humidity  :   0-95%
Value added Data encoded, SN,barcode printable by rfid printer
Packing   :   2000 pcs/roll, 5000 pcs/roll
Application   :   Jewelry management, Jewelry tracking

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