RFID Tree Nail Tag

Waterproof / Shockproof / Corrosion Resistance

Ancient Tree Management , Wood Tracking ,Anti-Fake Concrete

JLTcard RFID Nail Tags

RFID Nail Tags are versatile radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices attached to nails. JLTCard RFID Nail Tags are designed to have a nail or screw-type shape. You can easily use it in embedding trees and containers to track them accurately. Our Nail Tags come with moisture resistance and the ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures.

JLTcard RFID Nail Tag offers a wide range of customizable and personalized nail tags you can use in your business operations. JLTcard only produces high-quality items at the most affordable prices.

Say goodbye to inefficient manual tracking and say hello to efficiency with JLTCard RFID Nail Tags. Enhance your business operations with JLTCard RFID Nail Tags. Each design is waterproof, durable, and suitable for any kind of tree or wood.

As one of the leading RFID Nail Tag Manufacturers in China, JLTcard ensures to provide high-quality products paired with premium customer service. We will help you find the perfect design for your business needs.

RFID Nail Tag Series

RFID Nail Tag Series is a hot all-in portfolio that you must not afford to miss. The JLTcard produces the RFID Nail Tag Series to meet your specific needs, wherever you go.  RFID Nail Tag Series portfolio allows you to know each RFID product’s features and promising benefits


UHF RFID Nail Tag is manufactured to ease your vehicle control and put an extra security layer for your vehicle. UHF RFID Nail Tag promises a long-distance reading feature and effective vehicle tracking. UHF RFID Nail Tag can be specifically used in industries such as logistics, vehicles, and for managing assets

ABS NFC RFID Tree Nail Tag

ABS NFC RFID Tree Nail Tag is manufactured as a nail-shaped RFID device that can be nailed to wooden surfaces.  ABS NFC RFID Tree Nail Tag promises high resistance, reliable tracking features, and wood identification.  ABS NFC RFID Tree Nail Tag can be used in different industries, but not limited to, the furniture industry, forestry, lumber industry, garbage collection industries, and many others

13.56MHz NFC RFID Tree Nail Tag

13.56MHz NFC RFID Tree Nail Tag is manufactured for high-security usage and making RFID technology work on concrete or plastic surfaces. The 13.56MHz NFC RFID Tree Nail Tag offers effective industrial management, access control and security, and a compelling identification system. The 13.56MHz NFC RFID Tree Nail Tag can be used for different areas such as public places, RFID-activated buildings, parking lots, and many others


ICODE SLIX RFID Nail Tag is manufactured for environmental and wood installation.  ICODE SLIX RFID Nail Tag is proven beneficial to its high-security features, fast RFID reading, and environmental monitoring system. ICODE SLIX RFID Nail Tag can be used better in forestry, the environment, access doors, and many others

ABS 125Khz RFID Nail Tag
ABS 125Khz RFID Nail Tag

ABS 125Khz RFID Nail Tag is manufactured for its mobile reading and making RFID communication effective even on wood surfaces.  ABS 125Khz RFID Nail Tag has an anti-corrosion ID feature, durability, environmental scanning, and many others. ABS 125Khz RFID Nail Tag can be used for the forestry industry and wood factories as well

Ntag213/216 RFID ABS Nail Tag
Ntag213/216 RFID ABS Nail Tag

Ntag213/216 RFID ABS Nail Tag is manufactured for its effective wood identification and management.  Ntag213/216 RFID ABS Nail Tag possesses an ease of wood management feature and fast RFID reading ability.  Ntag213/216 RFID ABS Nail Tag is perfect for any industrial use, but only installed on fitting holes or vulnerable wood

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The Functionality of RFID Nail Tag

Track smarter, not harder, with JLTCard RFID Nail Tags. The RFID Nail Tags are a convenient way of storing and managing a vast range of data. JLTCard RFID Nail tag guarantees secured and easy monitoring and tagging of many items, including trees, pallets, and non-metallic goods. In addition, since our RFID Nail Tags are customizable, we want to ensure that your company can simplify your tree tracking and shipping processes.

  • Park Management

    RFID Nail Tag helps manage your parks; You can easily track and protect the biodiversity of trees in your park. Our RFID Nail Tag supports identifying and marking various assets in the park. You can also use our RFID Nail Tag to ensure the park trees grow correctly.

  • Tree Management
    Tree Management

    Our JLTcard RFID Nail Tag is very useful in monitoring tree populations. You can quickly check if the older trees require cutting. You can also use our RFID Nail Tag to identify fruit-growing trees’ age and production rate and store data on trees and wooden products.

  • Tree Identification
    Tree Identification

    Our RFID Nail Tag can quickly tell you the age of the tree. You can use it in researching various trees in the forest. You can check if the tree is sick based on data collected by the nail tag. You can also use it to learn the history of trees based on previous information.

  • Pallet Tracking
    Pallet Tracking

    RFID Nail Tag tracks the location of each pallet quickly. You can use them to ensure that your shipment arrives safely.

RFID Nail Tag Feature

  • In two different sizes

    Our RFID Nail Tag comes in two sizes, 23mm x 34 mm x 7mm and 8 mm x 29 mm x 7 mm. JLTCard RFID Nail Tag ensures that it can pierce a tree and function properly.

  • Available in LF, HF, and NFC
    Available in LF, HF, and NFC

    RFID Nail Tag is available in low-frequency, high-frequency, and near-field communication technology. NFC or Near-field Communication allows RFID Nail Tags to connect to mobile phones. You can easily use it at various heights without problems.

  • Waterproof and Dustproof

    Water and dust particles are common in forests and parks. Our RFID Nail Tag can withstand water and dust problems. You can use them without thinking nature can destroy them quickly.

Benefits of JLTcard RFID Nail Tag

Fast, secure installation
Fast, secure installation

JLTcard RFID Nail Tag is almost impossible to remove. You can easily penetrate the wood and pallets. We made sure you could label things fast and securely.

Sturdy and durable, moisture resistant
Sturdy and durable, moisture resistant

JLTcard RFID Nail Tag is highly resistant to moisture, vibration, and shock. You can use them even in.  We ensured JLTcard RFID Nail Tag could last for a very long time


JLTcard RFID Nail Tag collects data from saplings to older trees. You can check if the saplings are getting the proper nutrients. You can trace which tree to cut with our JLTcard RFID Nail Tag.


Your company can quickly identify which tree produces the best wood through accurate and efficient tracking. JLTcard RFID Nail Tags can make this possible. RFID Nail Tags can track the shipment while you can monitor the tracking records in real time

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Nail Tag

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01

At JLTcard, we believe in providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience. Here are reasons why you should choose to buy from us:

  • We at JLTCard guarantee high-quality products and services without the hefty price tag and hassle.
  • All products from JLTCard are durable, sturdy, and easy to use. We have a rigorous sourcing and selection process to ensure the quality we promise.
  • JLTCard designed RFID Nail Tags to withstand water and dust built over time without a problem. You can trust that our products can survive storms.
  • We offer free consultations and free test samples. We can help you choose the perfect design of RFID Nail Tags for your business needs.
  • JLTcard RFID Nail Tags are your economical choice because we offer factory direct pricing.  We ensure that our prices are the most competitive in the market.
  • We respect your time, so we are committed to the fast production of your order.
  • We accept international orders and offer free shipping options. We guarantee that your JLTcard RFID Nail Tags will get to you on time and safely.
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