Hospital Patient ID Wristband

  •  improving patient identification
  •  reduced medical errors
  •  increased patient safety
  • improve patient flow management

JLTcard RFID Patient Wristbands

The JLTcard RFID patient wristbands are crucial wearable RFID devices that are used by hospitals in the tracking of patient movement, improving patients’ safety and patient identification. Once the patients are admitted, they are given a wristband containing an antenna and chip key for communicating with the RFID readers.

JLTcard is among the top brands making these RFID patient wristbands. Buying from the brand is an assurance of getting quality products with proven quality. We also offer aftersale support to help identify and resolve any potential problems you might face with these wristband.

JLTcard RFID Patient Wristbands Different Series

The good thing about JLTcard is that it makes different types of RFID patient wristbands. This allows the hospitals to choose the right one for their use. Below are the main types of patient wristbands we make.

Hospital Patient RFID Wristband

The JLTcard patient RFID wristband is the most commonly bought because of its versatility and performance. The product remains easy to use and can be programmed for many other uses, including tracking patients in a hospital.

Printing RFID PVC Vinyl Hospital Patient ID Wristband

This is another JLTcard patient RFID wristband with more customization options. You will like that you can add custom printing to the wristbands. This includes printing the hospital logo and other key information for branding. Still, the straps are made of PVC vinyl material which feels comfortable against the patient’s skin.

Soft PVC Plastic Hospital Patient RFID Medical Wristbands

This one is still an option for JLTcard RFID patient wristbands we offer. The soft PVC plastic material is all about improving the patient’s comfort as they have to wear the wristbands throughout the entire time at the hospital. So, we make the RFID wristbands functional and still comfortable.

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JLTcard RFID Patient Wristbands Key Features

The JLTcard RFID patient wristbands get a lot of positive feedback from users. So, what could be their reasons? Below are the key features of using JLTcard patient wristbands.

  • NFC Disposable Wristband

    Depending on your chosen type, you can get disposable RFID patient wristbands. It means that once you are done with them, it is easy to have them disposed of correctly. They are mostly cost-effective, so it should not be a wastage to dispose of them once you are done using them.

  • Easy to write
    Easy to write

    JLTcard understands these wristbands might be used for a wide range of applications. That is why they are also easy to write. This means they can be programmed to a specific function that you need them to handle at the hospital. Once that task is done, then they are reprogrammed for another function.

  • Waterproof
    Waterproof to some extent

    The JLTcard patient RFID wristbands are also water-resistant. This means they are not fully waterproof but will not be damaged easily by exposing them to water. We suggest taking good care of them so that they keep working great.

  • Easy to wear
    Easy to wear

    The JLTcard RFID patient wristbands are easy to wear since you wear them like other wristbands. We see that it is possible for someone to also wear the wristbands for the whole day because they are comfortable. Once the patient is discharged, removing the wristbands is also simple.

JLTcard RFID Patient Wristbands Function

Now that you understand more about the features of the RFID patient wristbands, we also have to look at their functions. Below is a quick overview of the JLTcard patient wristbands.

  • The authentication of medical goods

    Using the JLTcard RFID patient wristbands is possible to identify, verify, and track hospital patients. The aim generally is to have a safe environment for the patients. They can always be monitored so that their medication is served on time.

  • The authentication of medical goods for anti-counterfeiting
    The authentication of medical goods for anti-counterfeiting

    Sometimes the wristbands can also be vital for checking medical goods for anti-counterfeiting. We find it possible to have the wristbands attached to the goods and then scanned by an RFID ready to verify it is the right product and free from counterfeiting.

  • Hospital linen and laundry management

    RFID technology is still vital for tracking the usage of hospital linen and laundry management. This is key in ensuring the patients can continually get fresh bedsheets and no time will there be too much laundry to be done.

Benefits of Using JLTcard RFID Patient Wristbands

Hospitals love the JLTcard RFID wristbands because of the many advantages they offer. We look at the common benefits of using such patient wristbands.

  • Minimize the intrahospital spread of viruses
    Minimize the intrahospital spread of viruses

    When nurses or doctors need information about a patient, they simply use the information attached to the RFID patient wristbands. This means no physical contact, and the spread of viruses is minimized. This is vital for patients who might be contagious.

  • Keep it easy for patients and hospital staff
    Keep it easy for patients and hospital staff

    The patient’s RFID wristband can make it easy for hospital staff to know where the patient could be. Tracking the movement is vital for administering medicine and still helps contain the spread of viruses in some cases.

  • Enable location tracking to safeguard patients
    Enable location tracking to safeguard patients

    The JLTcard RFID patient wristbands can also be key in tracking and safeguarding the patients. This is commonly used for patients who wander off  because of an ailment. So, knowing their location helps a lot in understanding how to get to them.

  • Having visibility of where patients are on premises (1)
    Having visibility of where patients are on premises

    Hospital staff sometimes need to know where the patients are on the premises. It could be a large hospital, and you cannot easily find someone. Having these wristbands generally helps determine where a patient is located exactly.

JLTcard RFID Wristbands Advantage


The JLTcard RFID patient wristbands can be infused with antimicrobial coating or agents. This helps reduce the chances of bacterial or other microorganisms from growing on the surface of the wristband. This helps reduce the chance of spreading bacteria to other patients and staff.


The JLTcard patient RFID wristband is designed to be water-resistant as it will be worn by patients for extended periods. Expect them to be exposed to swear, handwashing, and showering during this time. It is vital to add this feature so that the wristbands can remain functional.

Adhesive closure
Adhesive closure

The JLTcard RFID patient wristbands can also have an adhesive closure. This allows for the closure adjustment to suit your needs for a snug wristband fit. The adhesive is strong to keep the wristband from possibly falling off the arm of the patient.

Material To Choose

You may want to customize the type of material used to make the JLTcard RFID patient wristbands. Expect to get options such as paper and PVC. If you want something even more affordable, we often recommend choosing paper. It will still serve your hospital quite well for tracking and managing the patients; however, it is not as durable as that made of PVC material.

The PVC material might cost a little bit more, but it is still good in terms of durability. Also, it can accommodate more customization options such as printing, color, and design.

Material To Choose

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Patient Wristbands

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Access Control Wristbands01
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Access Control Wristbands02

The JLTcard RFID patient wristbands are loved because of their compatibility. We ensure the RFID wristbands are compatible with your existing RFID infrastructure, so you do not have to change them.

JLTcard would also like to assure the buyers of getting durable RFID wristbands. They can withstand the rigors of daily use, including exposure to water, sweat, and other elements.

We also make sure that the wristbands are comfortable. This is because the patients might be wearing them for days. Any discomfort might make them useless since the patients would not like them.

JLTcard also allows for customization of the patient wristbands. The aim is to make sure the wristbands can meet your hospital needs. This includes adding the hospital logo and better branding so people know more about the hospital.

We can also infuse antimicrobial properties into the patient’s wristbands. Not all companies do this. We understand that the wristbands would be used in a hospital, thus the reason we infuse them with antimicrobial agents.

JLTcard RFID Patient Wristbands Applications


The JLTcard RFID patient wristbands can be good for a hospital because they help with patient tracking and identification. The hospital staff can get a lot of information about the patient from their RFID wristband.


We also see that the JLTcard patient RFID wristband can work well for clinics. Here, they can be used for medical administration. This is vital for clinics that need to automate their medical administration process. Once the health worker scans the wristband, they can know which medication to administer.

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