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JLTcard prides itself on making these high-quality RFID PCB tags for various industries


RFID technology can also be embedded into printed circuit boards (PCBs) to get the best RFID PCB tags in the market. This integration of RFID into PCB tags makes them more useful in various applications. We recommend them mostly for inventory tracking, access control, and supply chain management. They work like other RFID tags but have better efficiency and robustness.

JLTcard prides itself on making these high-quality RFID PCB tags for various industries. We will make sure the tags are customized to your needs and functionality. We also offer various types of RFID PCB tags to consider. Our team of experts is ready to help you choose the right tag so that you can see it working great for your needs.

JLTcard RFID PCB Tag Series

When seeking the best RFID PCB tags, you may notice a few types available. JLTcard specializes in many several types of RFID PCB tags. We share with you below to learn more about them.

Low Frequency (LF) RFID PCB Tag

These are the most affordable JLTcard RFID PCB tags in the market. They have an operating frequency of 125KHz, which should be good for access control, proximity systems, and more. Even with their short read range, they are still flexible to use.

High Frequency (HF) RFID PCB Tag

If you need a better read range, you then get this one. This high-frequency option operates are 13.56MHz, which also makes it more versatile. That is why it is used for contactless payment systems, library management, ticketing, and more.

Ultrahigh Frequency (UHF) RFID PCB Tag

These PCB tags have an operating frequency of up to 960MHz. This is high compared to the low-frequency models. With this frequency, expect it to work well for inventory management, asset tracking, and supply chain tracking. It is quite a good choice.

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JLTcard RFID PCB Tag Functionality

The JLTcard RFID PCB tags are good for many things. Having used them with other clients for years, we know where best to use them. That is why we highlight the best functions of the tags below for you to learn more.

  • Automation and Efficiency

    As expected, the RFID PCB tags are vital for automating various functions. This could be getting into a room or building. We like how efficient these tags are at making the automation so smooth. We can also see the speed at which they process the data means no delays in using the tags for various functions.

  • Integration with Systems
    Integration with Systems

    You can easily integrate the JLTcard RFID PCB tags with the existing systems and processes. Then, have them linked to existing databases, ERPs, or any other systems for better performance. Since they can work with various systems, they are quite versatile products to get.

  • Security

    The JLTcard PCB tags may also be the best for authenticating various products, people, and so much more. Each tag has a unique identifier vital for ensuring you get the right security. The tags are also encrypted to ensure no counterfeiting and unauthorized access to maintain the integrity of where they are being used.

  • Tracking and Location
    Tracking and Location

    The RFID PCB tags are not new in the field of tracking and location. You can easily track and locate various items or assets throughout the supply chain and within a specific area also. A good example is using them in the supply chain. This means you can track the location of various products based on the readers’ availability. Such reduces the manual tracking efforts.

JLTcard RFID PCB Tag Features

  • Compliance with Standards

    We recommend the JLTcard RFID PCB tags as they comply with the various standards in the market. This ensures there is better interoperability with the various RFID readers and systems. Some standards include ISO 14443 and EPCglobal, ensuring the tags’ widespread adoption.

  • Multi-Application Capability
    Multi-Application Capability

    Over the years, we have seen how using the JLTcard RFID tag for various industries is possible. That should not stop right now. We recommend the tags for transportation ticketing, loyalty programs, access controls, etc. So, no need to carry too many cards when all actions can be done with one tag.

  • Customizable Design

    This is probably why you would also want the RFID PCB tags, as you can customize them to fit your needs. We recommend customizing the tag dimensions, shape, and other aesthetics. Such customizations mean you can tailor the PCB tags to your brand. That is why most of these tags never look the same.

  • Durability and Longevity
    Durability and Longevity

    Regular use should not give you any worries that the JLTcard PCB tags will not last long. We have made them to withstand daily wear and tear. The best part is how they can also work in wristbands with all the bending. Temperature variations should not leave you with any worries. Expect the tags to keep working even in extreme conditions.

Advantages of JLTcard RFID PCB Tag

Range And Accuracy
Range And Accuracy

The read range is also good depending on the type you choose. What is crucial is that you do not need to be in contact with the reader for the tag to be read. In most cases, 10 cm should be enough, and a door open or any other application you are using for the RFID PCB tag.


Compared to other RFID tags, these ones are affordable. This means you can save a lot more and still utilize the technology in your organization. We use high-quality materials while also streamlining the production process. The result is having quality yet affordable RFID PCB tags.

Works With Existing Systems
Works With Existing Systems

You may already have an existing network of RFID readers in place. The good news is that you can still use the same with our RFID PCB tags. All you have to do is configure the tags to work with the existing system. No need to change them, thus saving you more costs generally.


One of the reasons for buying PCB tags is because of their robust nature. They are built with durability, ensuring that you can even use them in harsh environments, and they will still work well. Also, exposure to moisture will not easily damage them.

Components of an RFID PCB Tag

The JLTcard RFID PCB tag needs various components for it to work correctly. The first is the RFID chip which is core to its functionality. It has the circuitry vital for storing data and wirelessly communicating with the RFID readers. In addition, you also get an antenna as part of the construction. It is vital for receiving and transmitting the RF signals.

A substrate is the base material in which the chip and antenna are mounted. The aim is to have a base that can support the components. The substrates can be many materials, such as PVC, fiberglass, etc. The substrate will always be high quality to offer better durability. To finish it off, a protective coating protects the tag from moisture, physical damage, and temperature variations.

Components of an RFID PCB Tag
Integration Options

Integration Options

This is another good reason for you to choose the JLTcard RFID PCB tags since they can be integrated into different applications. We find them ideal for options such as backend systems such as ERPs, inventory management, and so much more. The usability of such systems should now be easier.

The overall compatibility of the RFID PCB tags with the other existing readers can save you a lot of money. This means no need to make any major infrastructure changes. Simply program the tags to work with the existing infrastructure. That is something we can help with here at JLTcard.


JLTcard RFID PCB tags do a good job of working just as you like. This means you had the tags customized to your needs. In this case, options will include the best shape and size of the tags. Some want a smaller design, while others want a big design. We can make all that happen.

The other customization options include memory capacity, antenna design, packaging, and more. Talking to our sales and support team will help you understand more about available customizations.


Why Choose JLTcard RFID PCB Tag

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01

When you are in the market for RFID PCB tags, the JLTcard is a good option to consider. The main reason is that you get quality and reliable RFID products, including PCB tags. These tags undergo rigorous testing to ensure the best quality and performance, and there is nothing to worry about.


JLTcard also offers a lot more customization options on its products. This means that you can choose from the many customization options available from us. The options include customizing the antenna design, size, shape, memory capacity, chip type, and more. As such, we assure the use of the best PCB tag they need.

The JLTcard industry expertise and experience give us an upper hand. We can assure the users of getting the best RFID PCB tags that also work as expected. We have worked for clients in different industries, and all are always satisfied with the kind of product we deliver. We also offer RFID PCB tags at affordable prices, making you stay within budget.


Library management
Library management

If there is a need to automate the check-in and check-out process at a library, then this could be a nice and efficient way of doing it. Also, the tags help improve inventory accuracy and reduce theft. Each book gets its own tag that can be scanned before it goes out of the library.

Contactless payment
Contactless payment

The JLTcard RFID PCB tags can also be utilized in contactless payment systems. This allows for a fast and convenient way of making transactions. All that is needed is to link the PCB tags with your mobile wallets, account number, or credit cards, which should work well for such an application.

Asset tracking
Asset tracking

We also see how the JLTcard RFID PCB tags can be useful for asset tracking in various industries such as healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing. The tags are attached to the high-value assets to track their location easily. This reduces losses and improves asset utilization.

Security and access control
Security and access control

Of course, access control and security would not miss on the list of applications. This is because we know how well the tags can help secure entry to buildings or rooms. The tags can be integrated with ID cards, wristbands, or key fobs to help with identification and access control with ease.

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