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Low Frequency (LF)  : 125 – 134 KHz,  Low Frequency (LF)

High Frequency (HF) : 13.56 MHz

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) :  865 – 960 MHz

JLTcard RFID Tag

JLTcard RFID Tag is a modern technology beneficial to million-dollar industries across the globe. With the assistance of this innovative product, processes are much more manageable. RFID tag China helps control your supply chain, files, laundry, tools, equipment, and others. You can attach it almost anywhere. JLTcard RFID Tag is more advanced compared to barcodes. It doesn’t require you to have a line of sight. You can also perform it at a distance.

JLTcard is among the finest RFID tag manufacturers in China. You are certain to receive a high-quality RFID tag for your booming business. It’s our mission as an RFID  tag supplier to offer highly innovative business solutions in item tracking, access control, queueing management, and many more.

RFID Tag Series

The JLTcard Corporation offers different RFID tag that fit your daily needs. Choosing the right one for you was made easier through the portfolio below. These are the following JLTcard RFID products you can choose from:

RFID Laundry Tag

The JLTcard RFID Laundry Tag is a washable linen tag intentionally made for commercial spaces, boutiques, hotels, and hospitals. The JLTcard RFID Laundry Tag is attached to any garment with the design of tracking it.


The JLTcard UHF RFID Tag is a high-performing RFID tag for more significant usage and applications. The JLTcard UHF RFID Tag has the long-reading capability and industrial utilization

RFID UHF Anti Metal Tag

The JLTcard RFID UHF Anti Metal Tag is a high-performing tag manufactured for metal surfaces. One of the JLTcard UHF RFID Tag’s capabilities is to make an effective RFID scanning through its metal resistance.

RFID Animal Ear Tag
RFID Animal Ear Tag

The JLTcard RFID Animal Ear Tag is designed for pets, veterinary, and clinical purposes. You can employ animal tracking and management features from the JLTcard RFID Animal Ear Tag

RFID Library Tag

JLTcard Corporation produced  RFID Library Tag for the effective library management system. The JLTcard RFID Library Tag can ease the work of library managers

Cable Zip Tie Seal RFID Tag
Cable Zip Tie Seal RFID Tag

The JLTcard Cable Zip Tie Seal RFID Tag is an RFID tag specifically designed for better, specific industrial purposes. The JLTcard Cable Zip Tie Seal RFID Tag promises Product Tracking, Inventory Management, and Security Control features for any industry

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The Application of JLTcard RFID Tag

  • RFID tag for metal surface

    You can choose to be creative when it comes to tagging your products. However, not all materials can successfully stick to metals. An RFID tag is very impressive because it works just fine in metals.

  • RFID tag for glass surface
    RFID Tag for Glass Surfaces

    To transact faster, JLTcard has a wide list of RFID tags for sale. An RFID tag is very useful for tracking hundreds of thousands of eyewear. You can also track large quantities of bottles in a grocery store.

  • RFID tag for plastic surface
    RFID Tag for Plastic Surfaces

    Move on from the manual way of inventory. Try the popular RFID tag from JLTcard. It’s suitable for any type of plastic.

  • RFID tag for wood surface
    RFID Tag for Wood Surfaces

    It’s possible for an RFID tag to be applied to wood or wood types of furniture. This is one of its unique features. They are very efficient because of the recording and tracking features.

JLTcard RFID Tag Advantages

Small in Size
Small in Size

JLTcard RFID tag is tiny and clean enough not to ruin your product’s overall look. You don’t necessarily need to hide it. Additionally, small tags will cost you cheaper than other tag options there are.


This is one thing that heightens the game. JLTcard reusable RFID tags are durable. You’ll get what you paid for.

Lasts a Lifetime
Lasts a Lifetime

This is one thing that heightens the game. JLTcard reusable RFID tags are durable. You’ll get what you paid for.


You don’t want to add another weight to your product. JLTcard RFID tag doesn’t use the battery to be fully operating. Instead, the RFID scanner empowers the RFID tag with its energy.

Complete Customization

Level up your prosperous business! How much energy, time, and money you invest tells how much growth your business can get. If you’re favorable to taking a leap higher for an additional customer experience, talk to us about custom RFID tags.

We can personalize any design of your preference. If you wish for your logo to be on the tag of the packaging, we can print it out. We value your brand as much as you value it. JLTcard is a renowned RFID tag factory in China. Making RFID tags is our game!

JLTcard RFID tag is one-of-a-kind. You can personalize with us. We will evaluate your business and suggest the right frequency. There are three frequencies available. There is low frequency (LF), high-frequency, (HF), and ultra-high frequency (UHF).

This is the engaging thing about using RFID tags. You can play around with its size, shape, and design. If you’re still loving barcodes, we can add barcodes to the labels. We can also customize the shape as a circle, square, or rectangle.

We will high quality materials for your RFID tag using different materials. If you want to reproduce a copy of a specific RFID tag, we can reproduce it for you using our latest high-end machines.

Complete Customization
The Structure of JLTcard RFID Tag

The Structure of JLTcard RFID Tag

Before, tracking systems weren’t as easy as it is today. Although it was already invented decades ago, it was modified throughout time, making it more efficient and flawless. So, if you always wanted to gear your business away from process hampers, might as well consider smart tagging all your products.

JLTcard RFID tag is composed of an a ntenna, a microchip, and a substrate. It comes in different sizes, designs, and form factors. One more feature to push you through using an RFID tag is its flexibility. We can customize it depending on its use for your business.

The RFID chip (IC) is the one responsible for storing data about store tag ID, object identifier, or, password. It can also contain an error detection code. JLTcard is top-notch in terms of RFID tag manufacturing process. It contains valuable information so we make sure that the microchip is safe, and encapsulated in a protective layer. You can choose either paper, Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), or Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS).

JLTcard - Your professional RFID tag Manufacturer

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02

JLTcard widens the scope of our partnership. We have partnered with many multi-dollar businesses from all over the world. Businesses who want to improve their daily transaction and processes come to us. If you’re looking for a credible manufacturer, JLTcard is an RFID tag manufacturer for over 10 years.

JLTcard is among the best passive RFID tag manufacturers with ISO 9001 standards. We are proud to comply with this quality management system’s international standards. We produce over 100 million RFID labels yearly. Talk to the best RFID tag factory in China!

JLTcard RFID Silicone Tag Function

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management

JLTcard RFID tag is useful to supply chain management in terms of visibility. It minimizes the chance of human error in your business. Thus, it allows you to keep track of your supply chain workflow. It’s pretty amazing because, with an RFID tag, you can gather usable data with asset management, inventory, manufacturing equipment, and company processes

Race Tracking
Race Tracking

It’s a fantastic idea to track race tracking using RFID. Rather than keep an eye on who won, JLTcard RFID tag allows you to tag the athletes to the timing software. It’s faster and more accurate.

File Management
File Management

One way to increase efficiency is to use JLTcard RFID tag. If you’re managing massive files, use the helping hand from this silicone tag. RFID tag helps large companies to store and retrieve data remotely. You’re not required to use line-of-sight communication or direct contact. It saves a large part of your time.

Access Control
Access Control

JLTcard RFID tag plays the role of keys to rooms. No one can go inside restricted areas in your building. It’s a preeminent technology for hotels, offices, and warehouses. If you also want to limit access to those who can access restricted areas, the RFID tag is everyone’s favorite.

Laundry Management
Laundry Management

Big laundry businesses worry so much about tracking their linens. You have to sort numerous clothing as part of a faster workflow. Thanks to JLTcard RFID tag for being top of the game in tracking things. Thus, it makes work simpler and more efficient.

Tool Tracking
Tool Tracking

Tools have different sizes. It’s stressful to count all of them, especially the tiny ones. To help ease your worker do his job, JLTcard RFID tag lets you have a reader to do the data reading and gathering. It will definitely bring a big smile to your workers.

IT Asset Tracking
IT Asset Tracking

Move on from the manual era of writing IT assets. Be on trend with JLTcard RFID tag which allows you to save time in tracking assets. One label for one asset is good to go.

Equipment Tracking
Equipment Tracking

Widen your trust and use JLTcard RFID tag in tracking equipment. It allows you to monitor your equipment be it used during the shift or returned after working hours. Because of this new technology by the most trusted RFID tag manufacturer in China, you can just sit at your office table while looking where your asset already is.

What are RFID Tags?

The RFID Tag or an RFID Chip is a device typically used as a tracking system for an individual, office, corporation, or specific industry. The RFID (abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification) tag is empowered with the aid of RFID and smart barcode technology for transmitting or receiving information.

What are the uses of RFID Tags?

The JLTcard RFID Tag has three parts: antenna, microchip, and system unit or RFID reader. These parts are vital for the operation of any RFID devices in a certain transaction. The JLTcard RFID Tag can be used for many purposes. Here are some, but not limited to, applications of the JLTcard RFID Tag:


  • Identification Tracking
  • Inventory and Product Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Asset, Vehicle, and Equipment Tracking
  • Customer Service
  • Supply Chain Distribution/Chain Logistics
  • Access and Security Control or Door Access
  • Specific Industrial Purposes
  • Other merchandising-related purposes

As you can see, the JLTcard RFID Tag is a must-buy RFID device that one must possess.

What does an RFID tag do?

The JLTcard RFID tag allows you to probe, assess, find, and correspond with certain items or people through the aid of RFID technology.

Can RFID tags be tracked?

Yes, the JLTcard RFID tags can be traceable. It has been proven and relied upon by shipping industries from around the world.

Can RFID tags be stolen?

Any thief can steal your JLTcard RFID Tag just like the tangible things you bring. However, the stolen JLTcard RFID Tag is traceable if the thief used it in any RFID reader. If this situation happened, you can reach out to the customer service of the JLTcard immediately.

How far do RFID tags read?

The JLTcard RFID tags can read depending on their frequency proximity. The low-frequency JLTcard RFID tags have a reading distance of 10 cm with 30-300 kHz frequency. The high-frequency JLTcard RFID tags can read 1 meter with 3-30 MHz. On the other hand, the ultra-high-frquency JLTcard RFID tags have a reading distance of 12 meters with 300 MHz to 3 GHz.

Do RFID tags need WiFi?

The JLTcard RFID tags can be used with or without Wi-Fi. The only difference is that the JLTcard RFID tags have a limited purpose when there is no Wi-Fi. Moreover, using wifi for JLTcard RFID tags means strong data backup.

How long do RFID tags last?

The durability of the JLTcard RFID tags is also a noteworthy task before you purchase one. The active (battery-powered) JLTcard RFID tags can last up to 3 to five years, depending on your usage impact. However, the passive (battery-free) JLTcard RFID tags can last forever.

Where are RFID Tags Used and Who Uses Them?

The JLTcard RFID tags have specific uses per industry. For example, delivery companies use the JLTcard RFID tags for product tracking. Moreover, any person, corporation, or industry can use the JLTcard RFID tags for convenience.

Can an RFID tag break?

The JLTcard RFID tag can be broken if there would be an inevitable shipping problem. If there are any instances that the JLTcard RFID tag is crushed, it is no longer useful. Please be careful upon using or holding your JLTcard RFID tag from a possible accident.

Can RFID tags work without power?

Of course, the JLTcard RFID tags that are considered passive or battery-free can work without power. Passive JLTcard RFID tags may have a longer life but it has limited usage for you.

Are RFID tags reusable?

It is important to remember that the JLTcard RFID tags are reusable. The JLTcard RFID tags can be reusable if it will be replaced with new data.

How Does RFID Tag Technology Work?

The JLTcard RFID Tag Technology work through the transmission of information using radio waves. The JLTcard RFID tag transmits a message to the RFID reader through its antenna. If the message is activated/granted, it will be sent back to the JLTcard RFID tag as data.


What is the RFID Tag Format for Data?

The JLTcard RFID Tag serves as a memory chip that can be translated into a certain data format. The CSV format is the common format used by RFID manufacturers (just like the JLTcard) to store data in lesser bytes.

What are Typical RFID Tag Form Factors?

The JLTcard RFID tags were manufactured in various forms (see the JLTcard’s portfolio for the RFID tag). The JLTcard made RFID tags in different forms to give you a comfortable design. The JLTcard RFID tag is in the form of a wristband, badges, sticker tags, and many others.

What are the Advantages of RFID Tags?

There are many advantages of the JLTcard RFID tags that can help your daily life struggles. The JLTcard RFID tags ease data collection, are efficient in reading multiple tags, strong data storage system, effective tracking solution, and many more.

What is the Distance/Range of RFID Tags?

The JLTcard RFID Tags have different distances or ranges. To know more about the distance or range of the JLTcard RFID tags, please refer to the sixth question.

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