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If you are in the market for quality RFID tokens, you can rely on JLTcard to help deliver the best ones. Our brand has all the expertise and reviews to back it up

JLTcard RFID Token

RFID tokens are small physical devices that incorporate RFID technology for authentication and identification purposes, mostly in the shape of a coin, small card, or key fob. This is possible because of the embedded RFID chip and antenna. The design of the tokens can take on different routes depending on the user’s needs to suit them better.

If you are in the market for quality RFID tokens, you can rely on JLTcard to help deliver the best ones. Our brand has all the expertise and reviews to back it up. We can easily customize the RFID tokens to have your organization’s desired shape and functionality.

JLTcard RFID Token Series

Below are the main options for RFID tokens from JLTcard. We can still get you more options once you discuss your needs.

NFC Token

The JLTcard NFC token utilizes NFC technology for communicating with other NFC-enabled devices. These tokens are usually small and easily portable, so you can use them whenever necessary. Thanks to superior NFC technology, such tokens can be used for contactless payments and access control.

NFC Discs

These are also known as NFC stickers or NFC tags. They are usually small, flat, and some have adhesive labels so that you can attach them to other surfaces. Even if one does not have adhesives, you should easily still use them. We find it easy to use them for smart marketing, access control, and information retrieval.

RFID Coin Tag

The JLTcard RFID Disc tag is also the other name for this product. Being coin-shaped makes it compact and generally easy to use. It is good for applications such as tracking, asset tracking, and more. The overall security is also good on overall to ensure the best performance.

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JLTcard RFID Token Functions

The RFID tokens are surprisingly versatile in their functionalities. It comes down to the user’s needs. Below, we explain what to expect if you choose RFID tokens.

  • Time management

    The JLTcard NFC discs are essential for managing time in different facilities. A good example is when you are using the tokens to manage parking slots. In such a case, the token is for tracking how long someone is in the parking slot and charging appropriately.

  • Public transportation
    Public transportation

    The JLTcard RFID coin tag has also found use in the public transportation sector. People would use the tokens to scan their way into the buses, trains, metros, etc. So long as there is an RFID system, then such a device is essential to manage transportation efficiently.

  • Laundry tags
    Laundry tags

    Laundry can often be done in many batches, and the chances of confusing laundry are high. However, when you have laundry tags, you can track the owner and deliver the washed laundry with no complaints.

  • Concerts and events
    Concerts and events

    If you attend concerts or events and are handed an RFID token, just know scanning will be fast. Event management could use such technology to collect funds and admit their clients into the event space. The idea is to minimize the time taken at the gates using RFID disc tags.

JLTcard RFID Token Features

  • Strong construction

    The JLTcard RFID tokens come with a strong construction. The RFID coin tag is expected to work even in extreme conditions, including getting wet. All you have to do is wipe the water and keep using the token. Also, materials such as the plastic made for the RFID token are durable and withstand frequent use.

  • Operating frequency
    Operating frequency

    The JLTcard NFC discs also work at the right frequency for easy communication. Most operate on the 125KHz frequency, making them suitable for most basic applications. They are ideal for asset tracking, time management, and more.

  • Detection distance

    The JLTcard RFID coin tag offers a 3 to 10cm reading distance. Such a reading distance is good overall for ensuring you can easily have the tag scanned wirelessly. With contactless scanning, the operation is usually faster and smooth.

  • Compatibility

    These JLTcard NFC discs are highly compatible with various access systems. So, if you already have such a system installed, buying another one is unnecessary, as these discs can work with it easily. It is the same thing when working with RFID readers.

JLTcard RFID Token Advantages

Easy to carry
Easy to carry

Not many people are going to complain about carrying the JLTcard NFC discs. This is because these are lightweight products you can add to your key bunch. Most come with keychain rings which is easier for the organization.

Water repellent
Water repellent

The JLTcard NFC token is also water-repellent, so you can be sure it will not be damaged if exposed to water. This is possible thanks to using quality materials. We, however, do not recommend exposing it to water always.

Unique ID
Unique ID

The JLTcard RFID coin tag also offers a unique ID in its programming. Such an ID means that no other tokes outside the database will work in the system. Maintaining a good working system without any major security issues with such a feature is possible.


The JLTcard NFC token is also compact. The common size is 3.5 x 2.8 x 0.4cm. This is good in terms of compacts. The good part is that you can customize the size of your RFID token to suit your needs. Since no external power is necessary, it is possible to save more on space.

How do RFID tokens work?

The JLTcard RFID token or RFID coin tag all work the same. These devices use radio frequency to facilitate communication between the token and the RFID reader. As part of the construction, the token is the chip. This chip features a unique ID number or data that has to be transmitted to the reader via the antenna.

When the reader or scanner receives the information from the RFID tokens, it checks with its existing programming. All this is done wirelessly and very fast. If the details match its programming, the RFID scanner performs certain functions.

RFID tokens may be versatile and expect them to work great for many uses. That is why the scanner can open a door, authenticate a product, act as a ticket, and much more.

How do RFID tokens work
Printable RFID Tags Vs. Barcodes

Difference Between RFID Tokens and Chip Cards

The industry right now can offer NFC tokens and chip cards. However, what is the difference and how best can you use them? The RFID tokens utilize radio frequency signals for wireless communication with the RFID readers. However, chip cards are different. They can be contact-based or contactless, depending on the scanning method.

The RFID tokens will have a greater range of communication than chip cards. Expect the tokens to have a read range of 10cm, often more than the chip cards. In some cases, they are similar, so they have a tie for this part.

Most RFID tokens do not have internal power and rely on the RFID reader to power them through the radio frequencies. However, the chip cards are mostly powered by the card reader when in contact or within proximity.

Chip cards and RFID tokens can have similar applications, but it comes down to their use and preference. Ensure you understand what you get with each option to decide what works best for your needs.

Why invest in RFID Tokens

You have seen the many uses of the RFID disc tag or tokens. However, you are still unsure why to get such products. The first reason is getting the best efficiency in various applications where you use the tokens. Also, there is a growing market for these devices, and they have proven to be good at their jobs.

The overall cost savings you get with these products make adopting them easy in your workplace. Let us say you want to use them for access control; purchasing the tokens is very cheap, and their performance can save you a lot regarding security. Yes, you can use these tokens for security and authentication.

The tokens can easily be integrated with IoT and AI thanks to many upcoming applications in the industry. Also, technological advancements in making the chips mean these tokens will have improved read range, better security, and much more. For this reason, be open to using the tokens to suit your needs even better

Why invest in RFID Tokens

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tokens

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02
Why invest in RFID Tokens

JLTcard prides itself on making high-quality NFC tokens that do the job. This is all thanks to the high-quality manufacturing processes we employ in improving our production of RFID tokens. We also make sure these tokens are durable thanks to going through our vigorous testing processes.

A wide range of options means all our tokens can have an application somewhere. These tokens vary in terms of functionality, color, shape, and size. The aim is to provide options that work well for your business. Also, we make the tokens secure and efficient in their operations. That is why people often use them for access control, ticketing, and so much more.

The tokens also feature customization options. We know that different businesses and organizations would have unique operational needs. The best part is our customization list which is aimed at working for as many people as possible to get the best RFID tokens.


Parking management
Parking management

The JLTcard NFC token would be a good option for managing the parking slots in a building. For example, these tokens can be used in malls. Once you enter, you are given the token to exit the mall parking. They are loved for being effective in their performance.


You can still get the JLTcard RFID disc tag being useful for pool management. Only those who have paid for the service can scan the token at the gate and enter the pool. It is also a way of controlling the number of people using the pool at any time.


We also recommend using the JLTcard RFID disc tag for waterparks. Waterparks are supposed to be fun, but being overcrowded makes them bad for safety and fun. So, you can only admit a select number of people per session to keep the fun going using RFID tokens.


Those who love to workout can also use the JLTcard RFID disc tag. These tags are vital for giving you the best performance in controlling who uses what facility at the gym. It is like a membership card. Only those who pay for the gym can get in and start using it.


When you want to relax after a tough week at work, check yourself into a spa. Spas also need an easier way of managing people enjoying the facilities. Depending on the service you pay for, you can be given an RFID disc tag to help you use the facilities as you like. It could be used to access the steam room, sauna, or many others.

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