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JLTcard RFID vehicle tags will always remain the best in the market. This is because of our effort to ensure quality tags are made for you to utilize

JLTcard RFID Vehicle Tags

RFID vehicle tags are now quite popular in the logistics industry. These are small RFID devices or tags that use radio frequency waves to communicate with the readers. Once this data is verified, the reader will do action in return. In most cases, RFID vehicle tags are for the identification and authentication of vehicles belonging to a company.

JLTcard RFID vehicle tags will always remain the best in the market. This is because of our effort to ensure quality tags are made for you to utilize.  We are also ready to help you understand how these tags work so you can end up with the best way to manage your fleet.

JLTcard RFID Vehicle Tags Series

The JLTcard RFID vehicle tags are available in many options to ensure our clients can find the right one for their uses. Below we go through the top options to consider.

On Metal RFID Vehicle Tags

You need the on-metal RFID vehicle tags since you would use these tags on vehicles. This means that the RFID vehicle tags will not interfere with metal in their operations. So, no matter the circumstance, expect these tags always to work as you want

Embedded Vehicle Tire RFID Tag

You can also get RFID vehicle tags to be used in tires. They are the same tags, only that this time around, it is in the tires. These are custom-made for specific companies that need the tags for certain applications. These tags can survive high temperatures during the tire curing process.

Tamperproof Windshield RFID Tag

The tamperproof windshield RFID vehicle tags are the easiest to use. In this case, the tags have adhesive, allowing for easy attaching to the windscreen. The result is that you can easily scan the tags with readers as the vehicle approaches the gate. They are tamperproof so that when pealed, they are destroyed so that no one can easily reuse them for unauthorized access.

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JLTcard RFID Vehicle Tags Functions

The JLTcard RFID vehicle tags are quite popular. This is mostly because of their functionality and how they can benefit your business. Below are the expected functionalities of the vehicle tags.

  • Control Parking

    Parking management is very important to any business center, like a mall. So, it is better to automate this process. All you have to do is install the RFID vehicle tags that, when scanned, the barrier opens for your vehicle. You can have them mounted on the windshield to make it easier for scanning.

  • Securing Gates
    Securing Gates

    You can also secure gates with RFID vehicle tags. It can even be at home so you do not need to open the gate manually. Once you approach the gate, the JLTcard RFID vehicle tag is scanned, and you are allowed access into your home. It can also be used for garage doors where possible.

  • Electronic Toll Collection
    Electronic Toll Collection

    This is another easier way of managing how toll is collected. Once the vehicles have the JLTcard RFID vehicle tags, they can easily go through toll booths, and the amount is deducted from their accounts. We always recommend this solution so traffic management around the toll booths is easy.

  • Vehicle Authentication
    Vehicle Authentication

    Vehicle identification and authentication are vital for security purposes. Let us say it is a company vehicle. It will only be admitted into the company premises if it has the right RFID vehicle tag. That is something we always recommend you do especially when seeking to boost security for your company access.

JLTcard RFID Vehicle Tags Features

  • Small-sized

    The JLTcard RFID vehicle tags are mostly compact. The idea is to easily set them up on the vehicle without taking up too much space and sometimes embed them where they cannot easily be removed. Even though they are compact, they are high-performance, satisfying your logistic needs.

  • Easy to Attach
    Easy to Attach

    As for attaching the JLTcard RFID vehicle tags, you should get many options available. This includes film adhesive, which is the most popular, and foam adhesive also. In some cases, you can also find mechanical assembly where you can use screws or rivets to attach the vehicle tags.

  • Compliant with Standards

    It is important to know that our JLTcard RFID vehicle tags comply with a wide range of standards in the industry. RoHS and CE approve these tags. The tags also adhere to various ISO standards ensuring you always get quality products with the right compatibility.

  • Read Range
    Read Range

    The reading range can be a deal breaker for some buyers. The good news is that you get the best-read range with our JLTcard RFID vehicle tags. Expect a good read range of 6 meters for most of our tags. This should be enough for the fixed RFID readers to pick up the information from the vehicle tags.

JLTcard RFID Vehicle Tags Advantages

Broad Read Angle
Broad Read Angle

Having a good read range is important, but the read angle is also key. The JLTcard RFID vehicle tags offer a broad read angle, meaning the readers can easily pick the signals. The result is having an efficient way of using vehicle tags to streamline your operations.


The waterproof nature is very important for those who need to use vehicle tags. The JLTcard RFID vehicle tags have an IP rating of IP68. This means you can have better water resistance. Even if these tags are exposed to water, they still keep working as you expect them to do.

Shock and Vibration Resistance
Shock and Vibration Resistance

The JLTcard RFID vehicle tags are shock and vibration resistance because of how they will be used. We expect the vehicle to have a lot of vibrations sometimes, depending on where it goes through. Because of such, it is important to keep them shock and vibration resistance. The best part is that they are verified by MIL-STD 810-F.

Reprogrammable Memory
Reprogrammable Memory

A reprogrammable memory makes the JLTcard RFID vehicle tags suitable for many uses. This means that once one project is done, it can still be reprogrammed to do other things. We still have an additional security layer that prevents anyone from programming the tags. This is to ensure the best flexibility and remain secure.

Methods For Attaching RFID Vehicle Tags

The RFID vehicle tags come with multiple ways of attaching RFID vehicle tags. One of the ways is to use adhesive backing. Our RFID vehicle tags feature adhesive backing to stick onto your windshield or license plate. Such a method is quick, simple, and does not need any additional tools to attach the tags.

The tamper-evident labels are also an option with JLTcard vehicle tags. Being tamper-evident mean they make it hard for someone to remove the tag without leaving a visible indication of messing with the tags. You can use such labels in places where security is a concern.

We may also supply you with mounting hardware in case that is what you need. This is for those who want a permanent and secure attachment. Once such RFID vehicle tags are installed, removing them will not be easy since you use screws and bolts. We recommend this method for rugged applications. Rivets and brackets are also options for this method.

Methods For Attaching RFID Vehicle Tags
How to Attach RFID Vehicle Tags

How to Attach RFID Vehicle Tags

Now that you know how to attach the JLTcard RFID vehicle tags, we want to see the actual process. Start by choosing the right location for mounting the RFID vehicle tag. For this example, we recommend using the windshield. Clean the surface with water and a mild detergent to remove debris or dirt. Make sure the surface is clean before proceeding.

Position the JLTcard RFID vehicle tag on the cleaned surface. Ensure you place the tag in the right orientation. This means you have the upside facing up and apply adhesive to hold it in place. Give the RFID vehicle tag time to attach, and you should be ready to go.

Go ahead and test the RFID tag and see how it works as it should. Use the RFID reader to test its functionality. Have it registered in your system, and you can start using the tag each time the vehicle comes to the gate.

Customization of RFID Vehicle Tags

Customization of the RFID vehicle tags is a crucial part of owning the vehicle tags. The commonly customized aspect is the tag shape and size. The shape and size will be important if you want the tag to be inserted in a specific position. Smaller tags are often preferred as they offer discrete installation.

The antenna design can also be customized. This determines the read range and overall performance of the vehicle tags. This also allows the RFID tags to be used for metal and non-metal surfaces.

Still on customization, the tag material may also be essential. You may have tags with plastic, PVC, or metal materials. It depends on the user’s needs and the exposure to which elements. You may also get some brands opting for promotional vehicle tags containing their brand information.

Customization of RFID Vehicle Tags

Why Choose JLTcard Vehicle Tags

Why invest in RFID Tokens
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02

You should get the JLTcard vehicle tags now that you know how good they can be for your business. JLTcard is ready to help you learn more about vehicle tags with our comprehensive catalog. Our support team can easily take you through the catalog if you have any questions to understand your purchase fully.

Our delivery times are also worth considering. This is because we do not take long before we can deliver the RFID vehicle tags to our buyers. This is all possible because of the improved production process we have going on. The new machines help us easily meet your bulk orders to ensure you are happy with the results.

When you buy from us, we also ensure the quality of the RFID vehicle tags remains paramount. The last thing we will ever do is compromise on the quality of our RFID vehicle tags. We have reliable chip suppliers and ensure they are in the right form you need. In the end, you will get vehicle tags that will serve you better for a long time.


Logistics and Postal
Logistics and Postal

The JLTcard RFID vehicle tags are widely used in logistics and postal services. The aim is to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency. You can expect the supply chain management to be better because of the streamlined processes such as automated sorting and routing in postal services.


RFID vehicle tags may be used in manufacturing, maintenance, and supply chain management. Taking vehicle manufacturing as an example, the RFID tags will contain information on what the car needs to look like. This helps those assembling it know what to use during the assembly process.


Yes, the JLTcard RFID vehicle tags may still be used in retail to simplify operations. A good example is using tags for shelf replenishment. Each time the stock is low, an automatic order is placed to ensure you never run out of stock. This can enhance customer satisfaction.


Warehouses could easily use the JLTcard vehicle tags in their operations. We find them ideal for security and theft prevention. You can have these tags at various exit points to check the items. A notification is issued if there are any unauthorized attempts to get the goods out of the warehouse.

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