RFID Windshield Tags & Sticker & Label

The Front of the label is coated with coated paper, or Flexible PET film can be selected , and the back is self-adhesive for easy pasting

JLTcard RFID Windshield Tags

RFID Windshield Tags are popular nowadays because of their access control and parking management usage. They benefit businesses with facilities and parking lots. These tags are also widely used as parking permits for gated areas. RFID Windshield Tags leave you an impressive impact because of its durability, longevity, and efficiency.


RFID Windshield Tags are available at the leading RFID tag manufacturer – JLTcard. These small tags contain codes readable by RFID tag readers from a farther distance.  JLTcard’s RFID Windshield Sticker utilizes RFID UHF technology giving you a higher read range. It’s readable even from 20 feet away. The chip is encased inside thin layers of polyester making it safer

JLTcard offers impressive RFID Windshield Tags. It’s cheap and highly customizable. Choose whatever color, shape, length, and transparency. We have affordable variations available. Instead of stressing yourself out on managing who can access which, let RFID Windshield Tags do the job for you.

RFID Windshield Tags Series

The JLTcard would like to present to you the RFID Windshield Tags Series. This all-in JLTcard portfolio allows you to choose from any RFID Windshield Tags that fit your specific necessity. Get to know each RFID product within the JLTcard RFID Windshield Tags Series

ISO 18000-6c Gen2 RFID Windshield Tag

ISO 18000-6c Gen2 RFID Windshield Tag is manufactured for its effective inventory and tracking works. ISO 18000-6c Gen2 RFID Windshield Tag has effective item identification, management, and tracking features. ISO 18000-6c Gen2 RFID Windshield Tag can be used in supply chain/logistics, retails, warehouses, and many others.

NXP U8U9 Chip UHF Car Windshield Sticker

UHF UCODE 8 Windshield Tags is manufactured for item tracking and inventory purposes.  UHF UCODE 8 Windshield Tags promises you effective management of your vehicle, items, and/or goods.  UHF UCODE 8 Windshield Tags is effectively used in industries such as, but not limited to, the vehicle industry, logistics company, library, and many more

UHF UCODE 8 Windshield Tags

NXP U8/U9 Chip UHF Car Windshield Sticker is manufactured to make an effective RFID communication within your vehicle.  NXP U8/U9 Chip UHF Car Windshield Sticker promises temperature resistance, item management, and product identification.  NXP U8/U9 Chip UHF Car Windshield Sticker can be used for any industry.

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The Functionality of JLTcard RFID Windshield Tags

RFID Windshield Tags are sought after because of their amazing list of functionalities. Apart from that, they are by far the cheapest method for managing and controlling vehicle access.

  • Toll Road Management

    Numerous vehicles pass by toll roads to avoid traffic on highways. RFID Windshield Tags make  order to check the tag for access. No more long lines of clogged vehicles on toll roads!

  • Parking Permit
    Parking Permit

    It is safer for vehicles to have RFID Windshield Tags. It’s a cheap way of keeping the parking lots in order. You can check which cars only have access to your parking areas. This way, you can secure your customers around the vicinity of the business building.

  • Access Control
    Access Control

    To help keep vehicle access controlled, be sure to hav e RFID Windshield Tags. They have widely used RFID tags these days. Say goodbye to criminals like highjackers.

  • Vehicle Tracking
    Vehicle Tracking

    It’s stress-free to use RFID Windshield Tags. Making it a parking permit would be nice. It’s easy to stick on vehicles. Provide your customers with free windshield stickers since it’s cheap.

JLTcard RFID Windshield Tags Features

  • Long-Range Identification

    RFID tags are very highly technological these days. One way that drivers like RFID Windshield Tags is their ability to read tags at a farther point. Not all tags are the same. Most were designed to work at a shorter range.

  • Battery-Free, Read-Only Tag
    Battery-Free, Read-Only Tag

    RFID Windshield Tags are eco-friendly. It’s not operated by batteries. Instead, we make use of electromagnetic waves to read data from tags. It is a read-only tag which means containing readily available information like serial numbers during the manufacturing process.

  • Read well through windshield glass

    Although they are small, readers can clearly read the RFID Windshield Tags. It’s fascinating because even from a distance like 20 feet away, the RFID reader already detects the tag. It allows a free flow of vehicle traffic.

  • Operating frequency of 860-960MHz and 13.56MHz
    Operating frequency of 860-960MHz and 13.56MHz

    UHF Windshield Tag uses an 860 to 960 MHz band. HF RFID Windshield Tags, on the other hand, use 13.56 MHz. The former is the most sensitive to interference. Vehicles from a distance can freely move forward for as long as they have their registered RFID Windshield Tags.

JLTcard RFID Windshield Tags Advantage


RFID Windshield Tags are trouble-free. It doesn’t require tools for you to attach it successfully to the car’s windshield. Simply place your RFID Windshield Sticker by pressing it on the windshield.

Difficult to lose
Difficult to lose

Car park access is no longer a problem. With the use of RFID Windshield Tags, you don’t have to worry about cards being lost. It won’t easily be blown by the wind while driving. There is a very last chance to lose your RFID Windshield Label.

Can be moved to different cars
Can be moved to different cars

You can transfer RFID Windshield Tags from one car to another. Just carefully peel it off from the windshield and attach it to a different car.

Helpful for staff
Helpful for staff

Parking staff would appreciate the help of RFID Windshield Tags. They are life savers when it comes to vehicle access control. They can easily detect unauthorized vehicles.


JLTcard makes it easier for you. We have a good set of options to fulfill your desired designs. JLTcard RFID Windshield Tags can come in different dimensions. We can add your business or organization’s logo to retain branding and promote customer awareness.

The parking business is becoming more and more popular in big cities. It’s more advanced than traditional ticketing systems. We can print the barcode and/or serial number for your RFID Windshield Tags. We can create an Electronic Product Code (EPC) and encode it into the RFID Windshield Label.

If you’re a stylish businessman, you can choose one color for the RFID Windshield Tags. Perhaps you want to explore having a mixture of two or more colors. That’s an interesting thing to pursue with JLTcard. Let’s discuss that brand color and style of yours!

How To Install A Tag On A Windshield

How To Install A Tag On A Windshield

RFID Windshield Tags vary in shape, size, and color. Some tags are transferable while some are not. It depends on the design and materials used by manufacturers. Each tag costs money and effort. In order to install your JLTcard RFID Windshield Tags without waste of both, be sure to learn about the whole structure.

Peel off the cover of the RFID Windshield Tag. The covered side has an adhesive on it. Once the cover is gone, you can place it on the windshield. Be sure there’s no distraction around while you stick it so you won’t have a bad result. That’s how easy to install RFID Windshield Tags are.

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Windshield Tags

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01

For big projects and investments for your business, always partner with the best. JLTcard is a master maker of RFID Windshield Tags. We’re partnering with big businesses that are looking forward to digitalizing their vehicle access and control experience.

JLTcard RFID Windshield Tags work well with glass surfaces. We use clear and eye-friendly adhesives to maintain a clean look for your customers’ cars. It will look just fine that way. White is commonly used. But, you can be fancy and choose other colors related to your brand. Our highly innovative and competitive team is willing to make the modifications for you. Let’s talk more about your desired RFID Windshield Tag look.

JLTcard RFID Windshield Tags Application

Car Parks
Car Parks

Whether you go to big restaurants or malls, you will be required to have parking access. RFID Windshield Tags allow you to be free from the stress of bringing a keycard. Pain in the head no more.

Gated Communities and Offices
Gated Communities and Offices

Offices and subdivisions are well-maintained places. These places protect privacy. You can take advantage of RFID Windshield Tags. They are popular tagging control systems for gated communities and offices’ parking areas.

Car Washes
Car Washes

A car wash company like yours can use RFID Windshield Tags to have a personalized experience for the customers. With increased competition, you need to think of innovative ways to attract your customers. RFID Windshield Tags are a digital approach to allowing cars to come inside your vicinity. It’s safer, more efficient, and more organized.

CompanyCorporate Secured Parking
Company/Corporate Secured Parking

Large companies with many vehicles coming in can be tiring to manage at times. Prevent this small problem from growing into a big one. Use RFID Windshield Tags and keep on track of any vehicles parked around the area.

Toll Roads
Toll Roads

Because of the long-range feature of RFID Windshield Tags, vehicles can smoothly pass the toll roads. It’s made easier because a toll staff doesn’t necessarily let a vehicle stop at the booth stop anymore to pay. The driver can pay in advance and use the tag. The reader will read the data on the tag from a distance which makes the traffic shorter and move faster.

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