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We use laser and print technology to produce a wide of wood engraved and printed cards

JLTcard RFID Wooden Card

You are probably used to seeing RFID cards being made of plastic material. Yes, plastic material can be cheaper for RFID cards, but sometimes you may want more. If you need a luxurious feel, that is where the wooden RFID cards come in. As the name suggests, these are RFID cards with wood encasing to give them a finer look and texture.

Expect the RFID wooden card to have many applications, including being used as hotel key cards. You would want to get them from JLTcard because of the company’s expertise in making such RFID cards, and you would also be getting them at a bargain. Let us learn more about these cards below.

JLTcard Most Popular RFID Wooden Cards

When you decide to get the wooden RFID cards, you will come across several options from JLTcard. These cards are popularly used as hotel key cards. Here are the notable types you can expect.

Bamboo RFID Card

As part of the wooden cards, we have bamboo RFID cards. Bamboo as a material is sustainable in terms of growth and use. As such, they are a good choice for eco-friendly RFID cards. So, expect to have better RFID technology plus remaining a green choice for your hotel key card.

Bass Wood RFID Card

The wooden RFID cards can also be made using basswood. The material is light and easy to work with. This means you can end up with a smoother surface vital for engraving or printing the company information. Using the natural grain of this material also gives you a distinct touch on the cards.

Beech Wood RFID Card

Beechwood is all about durability because it is hardwood. You can be sure it comes with a robust feel and strength. Expect such wooden RFID cards to last longer as they can handle common wear and tear as they are used in hotels.

Maple Wood RFID Card
Maple Wood RFID Card

Maple wood is characterized by having a fine texture. A fine texture gives the wood and the client an elegant appearance. The wood also comes with varying grains, adding a unique touch to the RFID card.

Cherry RFID Card
Cherry RFID Card

Such wooden cards also feature a smooth grain. Another thing that stands out should be the reddish-brown color. This makes the cards have a warm and polished look. As such, you can find the cards being ideal for luxury hotels.

Black Walnut Wood RFID Card
Black Walnut Wood RFID Card

This is a dark wood that also features rich color. This makes the cards feel more luxurious and sophisticated in appearance. The denser the color of walnut wood, the more durability you can expect from these cards. We all like their overall performances.

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JLTcard Wooden RFID Cards Function

JLTcard RFID wooden card is expected to have multiple uses or functions. This can include access control, payments, and more. We have a quick rundown of possible functions of wooden RFID cards below to see how best you could use them.

  • RFID Access Control
    RFID Access Control

    The RFID wooden cards are commonly used for RFID access control. A good example is using them as keys for hotel rooms. Luxury hotels want to ensure that their clients get the best feel, even for their key cards. That is why you can find them using such cards.


    The wooden cards can be used for access control in other places besides hotel rooms. So long as you need to control who can access the rooms, this is a good option.

  • Membership

    These wooden cards may also work well as membership cards. This is where the RFID wooden card can be used for applications such as gym memberships, libraries, and similar applications. This means they can help control how well you can help the members access the facilities whenever necessary.

  • Brand Marketing
    Brand Marketing

    The wooden RFID cards are also ideal for brand marketing. This is because they provide a surface for adding logos, brand information, and much more. Such engraving is what brands need to market themselves. Someone can easily get the contact information from the cards and reach out to the brand for more services.

The Advantages of JLTcard RFID Wooden Card

Water Resistant
Water Resistant

The wood RFID cards are generally water-resistant as the wood is treated to resist moisture and related conditions. Such a feature is vital to ensure better durability of the RFID cards regardless of the application. Even if you end up with accidental spills, you are sure the card will still work.


JLTcard RFID wooden card is also eco-friendly, meaning it is made with materials sourced sustainably. Wood, for example, is a renewable resource compared to plastic cards, which can lead to environmental concerns. So, incase you are an eco-conscious person and you need the right RFID cards, these wooden cards are an option.

Tenacity and Durable
Tenacity and Durable

Wooden cards have the best tenacity and durability. Tenacity refers to the strength and resilience of a material. You can expect the RFID wooden card to be more durable and tenacious, ensuring a longer lifespan than some other materials used to make RFID cards. Being durable should make the cards great for various applications.

Print or Engraving
Print or Engraving

Another benefit of using an RFID wooden card is that customization options are available. One of them includes engraving or printing of information, logos, and designs on the card surface. Such customization capability means more flexibility to ensure that the cards align with your brand’s needs.


JLTcard RFID wooden card can be customized in a number of ways. We do offer customization on our cards because it is understandable that different brands would have different needs. However, what is it that we customize?


Laser engraving with texts and logos is our favorite customization feature. We have clients who are always looking to make the RFID cards stand out, and we make it possible. We will help in designing the type of text that can go onto the card to ensure it is minimal but enough to make an impact.

Other than laser engraving, you can also expect custom shapes also. Rather than the usual credit card-like RFID cards, we can make the card into a custom shape that works for you.

There are multiple chips for you to consider also. This includes various top chip makers’ LF, HF, and UHF options. We aim to give you the right options to get the right chips for the job.

The colors that can be used on RFID wooden cards are also customizable. That is how it is possible to end up with full-color printed cards. This will be in your brand colors so that when someone uses it, they can relate to your brand



Many people would consider the material of their RFID cards before buying. Someone who wants to use wood can choose beech, black walnut, bamboo, sapele, maple, or cherry wood. These are all important wood types that make the best RFID cards for your business.


People choose wood material because it offers more aesthetics, sustainability, functionality, and durability. All the mentioned types of wood offer specific benefits that would make people consider them. So, if you are ever unsure which one to pick, we are here to help outline the benefits of each so that you can choose better.

The choice of wood would also mean that the user can choose their preferred wood material and finish. Different wood types have different finishes and textures. Check out different wood types and pick the one that works best for you.

RFID Wood Card Construction

The wooden RFID cards are not very different from the other types. The biggest difference with an RFID wooden card is the encasing material that protects the antenna and chipset.

In this case, the RFID antenna and chipset are covered by two thin wood materials, as shown in the image below.

The work of the wood sheets is to protect the antenna and chipset since they are delicate components. As you can also see, the wood sheets provide a surface where you can customize more, such as adding the company logo and information.


The chipset is key in storing and processing the RFID data. Each time the RFID reader sends a request, the chipset processes it and returns the needed information. As for the antenna, it is necessary for facilitating wireless communication between the RFID card and the reader.

RFID Wood Card Construction

Why Choose JLTcard Wooden RFID Cards

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Jewelry Tag02
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Jewelry Tag01

The JLTcard wooden cards have always stood out from competitor options because of the customization options. We ensure that companies can customize anything they would like on their RFID wooden card to their satisfaction.


You would also get the RFID wooden card because of the unique aesthetics you get with the card. Each card comes with a distinct wood grain pattern. So, no two cards are the same since they are cut from different pieces of wood. This ensures that you can choose the most visually appealing cards.


You may also like the durability and longevity of the cards. The card remain resistant to wear and tear. As such, they can be suitable for applications that need extended use of the cards. This includes using them for loyalty programs or access control.


JLTcard can also incorporate advanced RFID technology in the cards. This means you do not just have to use them for access control but other complex RFID-enabled uses. The cards can also be paired with various RFID chips to make this functionality possible.

JLTcard Wooden RFID Cards Application

Luxury Hotels

Wooden RFID cards are common in luxury hotels. This is because of how they make you feel when they are in your hand. Generally, these cards make the guest experience even better. Expect the RFID technology to also help secure the rooms since they can be paired with the best security features to keep your belongings safe.

Leisure Resorts
Leisure Resorts

Wooden cards are also common in leisure resorts. The biggest use of such cards is to enable access to facilities. Once you have paid for the facilities, you can use them with the tap of the RFID wooden card. Depending on the hotel’s availability, you can also keep them as souvenirs.


You need our RFID wooden cards in case you own a club. They will work as membership cards to allow the members to enjoy facilities. You can categorize them into VIP cards to make the members feel special. You can also use them for event ticketing to reduce the queues for accessing the club premises.

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