RFID Wristbands & RFID Bracelets For Hotels

  • Custom wristband color,
  • Custom logo printing
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JLTcard RFID Wristband For Hotel

JLTcard RFID wristbands for hotels are a big innovation. They are as functional as other RFID products. RFID wristbands are durable, heat-resistant, waterproof, and eco-friendly. You won’t get disappointed in using them for your hotel business. These are high-yielding tools for larger hotels.

JLTcard is successful in dealing with worldwide partners specializing in bigger events. We continue to offer the best solutions for years. We are happy to help large businesses in dealing with their building’s access controls, payment transactions, and many more.

JLTcard is proud to manufacture the famous RFID hotel wristbands It has varied designs. You can choose to combine your choice of colors and sizes. Add your hotel’s logo to retain branding.

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JLTcard Hotel RFID Wristbands Series

G04 RFID silicone wristband
G04 RFID silicone wristband
G06 RFID silicone wristband
G06 RFID silicone wristband
G07 RFID silicone wristband
G07 RFID silicone wristband
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JLTcard RFID Wristband For Hotel Advantage


The materials used to make JLTcard RFID wristbands are pleasant to wear. They are great for hotels with swimming pools or gyms. Take it easy because these can withstand being torn. You don’t have to worry if they’re used when showering or swimming.


RFID bracelets for hotels are long-lasting. It’s stress-free. You don’t have to keep changing the guest’s wristbands daily.


JLTcard RFID wristbands are both technological and eco-friendly. You can easily get rid of the RFID wristbands. They can be made of bamboo, cotton, or recycled PET.

Heat-resistant and Anti-allergy
Heat-resistant and Anti-allergy

Your guests will feel safe because RFID wristbands for hotels are hypoallergenic. They’re harmless to your body and skin.

How Does RFID Wristband Work For Hotel

RFID wristband is popular nowadays. It is used by large hotels from all over the world. Lots of people book for hotels to relax after a very tiring season at work.

In order to ensure marking all these guests, you can opt-in using hotel RFID wristbands. Guests use these innovative wristbands to check in. JLTcard RFID wristbands also work as admission to your fabulous hotel’s facilities such as the swimming pool, gym or fitness center, or spa

How Does NFC Wristband Work
Chip Used In RFID Wristbands For Hotels

Chip Used In RFID Wristbands For Hotels

JLTcard RFID wristbands for hotels are highly secured. There’s a chip inside that transmits data using radio signals. Once embedded in objects, the RFID chip works as a transmitter of the unique identity of RFID-enabled objects.

RFID chips on RFID wristbands are very light and make things accessible. With just one swipe, the guests can enjoy their VIP access to your hotel’s awe-inspiring facilities. The whole hotel is safe from intruders.

Every RFID wristband for hotels has a unique tag. No one can simply just enter or exit the rooms without scanning their RFID bracelet.

  • 125KHZ LF Chip
  • 56MHZ HF chip
  • 860MHZ UHF chip

JLTcard RFID Wristbands For Hotels Customization Services

We value your preferences as much as you value your hotel guests. JLTcard RFID wristbands for hotels have customization services. Your hunger for design is unto us! Keep your hotel’s branding by adding the logo and using the brand colors.

There’s no way you’re letting outsiders join your VIPs. Use JLTcard RFID wristbands for hotels to impose higher security and prioritize safety. We can customize your RFID wristbands.

In case you will consider other design options, we can make it happen for you. We can customize barcodes, embossed or debossed, laser printing, unique QR codes, and serial numbers.

RFID Wristbands For Hotels Customization
NFC Wristbands for Smart Home Access

Access control

JLTcard wristbands for hotels activate security control points. You can choose the point of access whether it is in the housekeeping room, maintenance area, front desk, admin office, or the guest’s room itself. It grants access to personnel or guest with just a wave of a hand.

If your hotel hosts a very big special event, it’s highly suggested that you explore more with JLTcard wristbands to save unnecessary costs, queuing problems, or access inconveniences.

Choose JLTcard to Customize RFID Wristband For Hotel

Why Choose JLTcard mifare wristband
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Silicone Wristband01

JLTcard is the leading professional manufacturer of RFID wristbands for hotels for several years. We partner with large businesses focusing on athletic events, festivals, trade exhibitions, corporate meetings, fitness centers, hotels, resorts, or waterparks.

We give out the best solution for access management, ticketing, purchases, and location tracking.

We’re happy to customize your preferred RFID wristbands. Your aspiration for an improved hotel access and security system will come true! RFID wristbands for hotels can be made up of bamboo, cotton, silicone, woven paper, plastic & vinyl, or fabric. Choose the one that suits your hotel’s brand.

We’re enablers of portals and event authorization. It’s super helpful to loaded event organizers.

There are no more keys for lockers because RFID wristbands for hotels save the day! RFID is so fulfilling to hotel attendants because of the point-of-sale and cashless transactions it features.

JLTcard customizes RFID wristbands that match your marketing strategies like loyalty and VIP programs. Thanks to the help of JLTcard’s customized RFID wristbands! There are plenty of customer communities built and connected on social media platforms.

OEM JLTcard RFID Wristbands For Hotels

Enhance the guest experience in a hotel
Enhance the guest experience in a hotel

Hotel guests love to experience new things every time they book accommodation. Loyal guests love something about your hotel. But, this is not a hindrance to innovations. Let them feel something new every now and then or else your competitors will.

JLTcard RFID wristbands for hotels are a very unique idea. The more you engage your guests in a new hotel experience, the more you will retain in their minds. Happy customers will give good feedback. Thus, your hotel makes more money!

Cashless payment

JLTcard RFID wristbands for hotels are a step further from the old days. We are now in the age of digitalization. Room keys improved to RFID wristbands. It’s thin, light, personalized, and hassle-free.

One of the common problems of guests is losing their room key or card. If your hotel guests have to go out somewhere else, they can effortlessly keep their RFID wristbands with them. They can come back easily to your hotel only wearing the RFID wristband.

The world becomes less cash and more online in terms of purchases. If you decide to let your hotel follow this trend, it will be much easier to use RFID wristbands for bookings. More customers start to book online.

Hotels usually have a cafe as one of the facilities. But, larger hotels have restaurants. You can possibly customize your guest’s purchases. Use JLTcard RFID wristbands for hotels. It’s very applicable.

Why do hotels give wristbands?

Many people come and go to hotels that need access to different facilities.

In order to monitor and control the flow of people, hotels give wristbands to guests as access.

Do hotel rooms use RFID?

Yes. In fact, hotel attendants or guests can access the rooms using RFID wristbands

Why do RFID hotel wristbands make hotel guests happier?

Hotel guests can enter their rooms and other hotel facilities by just swiping their RFID hotel wristbands. It’s very convenient and time-saving.

Why choose RFID wristbands for hotels as an information transmission tool in the hotel?

RFID wristbands for hotels are secured. They contain chips that have unique codes embedded in each guest’s RFID wristbands.

How does RFID technology benefit hotels?

RFID technology gives a hands-free and cashless experience to hotels.

It makes effortless, secure, and efficient access throughout the premises.

It provides a new and more engaging customer experience for guests.

Every hotel looks forward to customer satisfaction.

Why are room access bracelets popular in the hotel and resort industries?

Access bracelets are popular because of their access management and cashless payment solutions.

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