ISO TK4100 ID Chip Card

  • 85.5*54mm or customized
  • CMYK full color printing
  • 125khz TK4100 Chip

JLTcard TK4100 Card

The JLTcard TK4100 card is a contactless smart card that uses RFID technology to work and operates at 125KHz. Because of such features, the TK4100 ISO card can be a good pick for loyalty programs, attendance tracking, and access control applications.

JLTcard is a professional brand that makes TK4100 cards and other ID cards with smart chips. The aim is to provide the right smart cards that make your operations fast and efficient. You can also expect JLTcard to have a fast turnaround time on your order to ensure you can use the ID cards with smart chips.

JLTcard TK4100 Card Series

The TK4100 cards are some of our best sellers because of how we make them. The cards can be tailored to ensure you have the right control. Below are some of the main types of TK4100 card options you can get from us.

TK4100 Chip Blank Card

The TK4100 card is available as a blank card on top. It will still be operational, only that it will not have any printing on top of it. We do this mostly at the request of the client. Some clients want the cards blank so they can printing  them on their own as they start using the TK4100 ISO cards.

Printing TK4100 Card

This JLTcard TK4100 ID card is the most common choice. Brands are open to giving us more details that we can print on the cards. It can be the logos, slogan, services, room number, etc. Of course, we can offer guidance on what you can use to have the right look for the card and still keep it functional.

TK4100 Clamshell Thick Card

When you opt for this JLTcard TK4100 card, you will have a more robust design than the standard TK4100 chip card. You will visibly notice that the card is thicker. This is because of the clamshell design. The thicker covering makes the card stronger and more durable to work in harsh environments. Most buyers will use these cards outdoors.

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The Advantages of JLTcard TK4100 Card

Read Only
Read Only

The JLTcard TK4100 chip cards will be read-only. This design is mostly meant to ensure that it is designed to do only certain specific tasks. So, JLTcard ID card manufacturer does this to limit the chances of cloning. As a way, the feature can boost the security of the TK4100 cards.

125KHz Frequency
125KHz Frequency

The JLTcard TK4100 ISO card will operate at 125KHz frequency, making it easy to find application for it. Such ID cards with smart chips will work well in inventory management, animal identification, and access control. So, they might be low-frequency cards, but the JLTcard TK4100 ID cards are still versatile for many applications.

Unique ID Number
Unique ID Number

As expected, the JLTcard TK4100 ID card will also feature a unique ID number for each TK4100 chip card. The unique ID number helps assign the card a role for different uses. We do this to ensure there is no confusion while using the cards for many applications that sometimes you are confused about which one to use.


The JLTcard TK4100 card is also good in terms of contactless performance. Since they are RFID chip ID cards, it is easy for you to use them without much contact. The best part is JLTcard as an ID card manufacturer, makes them fast in operation. A good example is that you can open doors faster with these cards.

Custom Craft

You might be hoping for customization options when buying ID cards with smart chips. That is something we specialize in doing. The JLTcard TK4100 ISO cards you can buy from us will be customized in several ways. The most common would be the choice of color. You can get the usual white color or customize it to match your company colors.

The JLTcard TK4100 chip card often has other customization options, including size, style, and shape. You can also opt for ID number printing for ease of identification so that you do not confuse the cards.

The additional customization options include bar code printing, QR code printing, two-sided card printing, offset/silk-screen printing, and many more. We will always guide you better to help you see which custom features can help your company better.

Printing & Craft
Card Parameters

Card Parameters


Size  :   CR80 85.5*54mm as credit card or customized size or irregular shape

Thickness  :  0.84mm as credit card or customized thickness

Printing :   Heidelberg offset printing / Pantone color printing /

Screen printing: 100% match customer required color or sample

Surface :  Glossy, matt, glitter, metallic, laswer, or with overlay for thermal

printer or with special lacquer for Epson inkjet printer

Magnetic stripe: Loco 300oe, Hico 2750oe, 2 or 3 tracks, black/gold/silver mag

Barcode: 13 barcode, 128 barcode, 39 barcode, QR barcode, etc.

Embossing numbers or letters in silver or gold color

Metallic printing in gold or silver background

Signature panel / Scratch-off panel

Laser engraving numbers

Gold/siver foil stamping

UV spot printing

Pouch round or oval hole

Security printing: Hologram, OVI securiting printing, Braille, Fluorescent anti-counter feiting, Micro text printing

Why Choose JLTcard TK4100 Card

Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02

The biggest reason you may consider the JLTcard TK4100 card is because of the cost. Compared to other ID card manufacturers, you will get a bargain by buying the TK4100 ISO cards from us. The best part is that we will make the deal better when you are buying many pieces of chip ID cards.

Our TK4100 cards are also widely compatible. Since they work with RFID readers, it becomes easy to adapt them to an already existing RFID system. Let us assume it is a hotel. It would be quite fast to start using the TK4100 chip cards from JLTcard without changing your systems.

JLTcard does not make ID cards with smart chips that will stop working in a few months. We understand quality is important for all our clients. Despite our ID cards with smart chips being affordable, we make them reliable for all the RFID applications you might have in mind.

Customization of the JLTcard TK4100 ISO cards makes them useful for each company that places an order. Each chip ID card can be customized to suit the buyer’s needs. A good example is when we can print logos, serial numbers, barcodes, and more. We are flexible, and we can accommodate many customization options all the time.

JLTcard TK4100 Card Application

Attendance system
Attendance system

The use of chip ID cards for tracking attendance is nothing new. JLTcard makes sure that you have a more effective way of doing it. The TK4100 cards will help track work, school, or event attendance. Such applications give you an accurate reflection of the attendance.

Access control system
Access control system

Access control is the most common use for the JLTcard TK4100 cards. Running on RFID technology has made these cards easy to find where you can use them. We often get requests to make cards for events, library access, hotel rooms, and so much more.

Enterprise one-card
Enterprise one-card

JLTcard, an ID card manufacturer, often also recommends using the TK4100 cards as an enterprise one card. This simply means having a business integrate a single card with information such as employee identification, payment, access control, and many other users. This eliminates the need for having too many cards when all can be done with one card.

Membership management
Membership management

The JLTcard TK4100 ID card is still the best and most affordable option for those who want to have an easier way of offering perks to members of a club or even a gym. Only those with the cards can access certain facilities or even get into rooms. It also helps track who is in attendance.

Car parking system
Car parking system

The JLTcard, an ID card manufacturer, often recommends using the TK4100 card for car parking systems. The card is authenticated to allow the vehicle to enter the parking lot. Also, the same can tell the user how many parking slots remain when scanned at the parking lot entrance.

Security System
Security System

The JLTcard TK4100 cards can also be security chip ID cards in different firms. The idea is to keep some parts of the company premises out of bounds unless you have the right clearance. You can also monitor who accesses which section of the building from a central server linked to the RFID system scanning the cards.

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