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Type: passive

Read/write: read and write

Gen2 ISO/IEC 18000-6C

Material: PET (wet inlay ), PET+ paper( paper label )

Read Distance:1-25M (Depends on application/reader and environment)


Ultra-high Frequency (UHF) RFID tag is by far the most suitable technology for tracking multiple products at a time. If you weigh it up with LF and HF RFID tags, an UHF RFID tag has an incredibly higher read range. It is sensitive to interference because of its shorter wavelengths. Metal and water might disrupt the signal but there are mechanisms ensuring to track of any material.

A UHF RFID tag has frequencies from 300 MHz to 3 GHz. It can read a range of up to 12 meters or 40 feet. To comply with the global standard, you can use the 860 to 960 MHz band.

JLTcard UHF RFID tag spans anti-counterfeiting, healthcare, life science, manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical, retail, and transportation. RFID technology has different segments and this is the fastest-growing one. Additionally, it’s the cheapest tag to manufacture. This is a very good value-for-money type of investment in today’s world.

UHF Tags Series

The JLTcard would like to present to you the all-in UHF Tags Series. The JLTcard UHF Tags Series are manufactured for your specific purposes. Here is the JLTcard UHF Tags Series portfolio that you may choose from

UHF Waterproof Worm Waste Bin Tag

The JLTcard UHF Waterproof Worm Waste Bin Tag is manufactured to manage your waste bins. The JLTcard UHF Waterproof Worm Waste Bin Tag is used for its access control feature, effective garbage management, daily waste monitoring, and many others. The JLTcard UHF Waterproof Worm Waste Bin Tag is specifically for homes, garbage industries, offices, and schools as well


The JLTcard NXP UCode 8 UHF Tag is manufactured to ease the workflow in small or medium-scale stores. The JLTcard NXP Ucode 8 UHF Tag is used for its successful inventory management, high-performance reading feature, product identification, and a lot more. The JLTcard NXP UCode 8 UHF Tag is useful for retail and fashion industries.

UHF RFID Ribbon Seal Tag

The JLTcard UHF RFID Ribbon Seal Tag is manufactured to provide security for specific goods. The JLTcard UHF RFID Ribbon Seal Tag is used for its high-durability feature, effective sealing feature, and many others. The JLTcard UHF RFID Ribbon Seal Tag is designed for warehouses, production, factories, logistics, and offices

Paper UHF Sticker Tag
Paper UHF Sticker Tag

The JLTcard Paper UHF Sticker Tag is manufactured to track goods and to ease the logistical supply chain. Effective tracking features and easy product identification are JLTcard Paper UHF Sticker Tag’s greatest features. The JLTcard Paper UHF Sticker Tag is made for Warehouses, Factories, Logistics, Shopping Centers, and Retail industries.

UHF Washable Textile Tag
UHF Washable Textile Tag

The JLTcard UHF Washable Textile Tag is manufactured from fabric. The JLTcard UHF Washable Textile Tag is used for its consistent inventory tracking and is resistant to heat/cold temperatures. Hospitals, café, restaurants, and the fabric industry are a few of the industries that can get benefit from the JLTcard UHF Washable Textile Tag

UHF Industrial Anti-Metal Tag
UHF Industrial Anti-Metal Tag

The JLTcard UHF Industrial Anti-Metal Tag is manufactured to make metal surfaces resistant to RFID technology. The JLTcard UHF Industrial Anti Metal Tag is used because of its metal-resistant feature, long reading distance, and chemical-resistant too. The JLTcard UHF Industrial Metal Tag can be used by any industry with metal surfaces

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The Functionality of UHF RFID Tag

Businesses have evolved into a more highly technological and faster industry. Thanks to the help of innovations like a UHF RFID tag. Access control, inventory management, tracking of goods, and tracking of attendees in big events are easier than ever.

  • Access Control

    A UHF RFID tag is an advanced form of access system used in parking lots. Having your way to the parking lot without a hassle. It allows you to move in and out of the site with granted access using a UHF RFID tag.

  • Inventory Management
    Inventory Management

    There are industries in need of speedy processing of goods, assets, and automation of inventory processes. UHF RFID tags help complete your overall inventory system. It’s easy to use. Thus, it makes your inventory intact.

  • Tracking of Goods
    Tracking of Goods

    Fixed UHF RFID tag reads the movement and current location of goods. It works simply by assigning numbers of the goods and tracking their movement. With this kind of help, there’s no need for you to hire more manpower to keep track of the movement of goods

  • Attendee Tracking
    Attendee Tracking

    Busy companies can easily check attendance using a UHF RFID tag. It outstandingly receives data to base your employees’ attendance for the day. The tag is durable. You’ll go through the days without the burden of dealing the damage, loss, and brokenness.

JLTcard UHF RFID Tag Advantage

One can define that a business is innovative if it engages in RFID tracking. A UHF RFID tag is useful that encompasses many business applications. These applications are made possible because of the different advantages a UHF RFID tag has.

  • Extreme Temperature Resistance

    In case you’re dealing with high temperatures, you can use the UHF RFID tag. This type of tag can endure temperatures as low as -50° C or as high as 250° C. If your reason for inventory inefficiency is temperature, you can guarantee that your UHF RFID Label can stand on

  • High Memory Capacity
    High Memory Capacity

    A JLTcard UHF RFID tag has higher EPC memory. It’s so useful, especially for the increasing demand for data storage. You can successfully store service dates. Plus, you can save complete item identification in a UHF RFID tag.

  • Metal Adhesive

    A UHF RFID tag is fun to work with. Sticking your UHF RFID sticker on metals is doable. It’s not a single problem. It will give you a better read range.

  • UV Resistance
    UV Resistance

    Sometimes, a UHF RFID tag becomes too exposed to many UV waves. Be sure to choose a UHF RFID tag since it’s resistant to direct sunlight exposures.

The Four Memory Banks of UHF RFID Tag

There are different UHF RFID tag applications. You can apply them depending on the need your business has. Learn about the different memory banks so you will know which one suits you.

  • EPC Memory Bank
    EPC Memory Bank

    The UHF RFID tag has a rewritable memory with a minimum potential of 96 bits. You can fill an EPC memory bank with up to 496 bits. It’s advantageous for your business if you require to rewrite an EPC code many times.

  • User Memory Bank
    User Memory Bank

    A UHF RFID tag typically has a capacity of 512 bits. This is what you call a user memory bank. Users love it because it can extend up to 4,000 to 8,000 kilobytes.

  • Reserved Memory Bank
    Reserved Memory Bank

    Lock the reading and writing activities of your UHF RFID tag if you wish to protect confidential data. The primary purpose of a reserved memory bank is to secure data. This memory bank has an access password wherein you can lock or unlock the reading and writing activities.

  • TID Memory Bank
    TID Memory Bank

    If your business requires a simpler application of the UHF RFID tag, choose to have a TID memory bank. It keeps a unique identification number of the manufacturer which differentiates one tag from another. You can call this read-only memory (ROM). This means you can’t alter the data once it’s written inside the TID memory bank.

What Is UHF RFID Tag?

The UHF RFID tag has gained popularity these days. It’s a new innovative way of tracking large numbers of products. In case you don’t know yet, UHF is the acronym for Ultra-high Frequency. It’s a type of RFID tag the frequencies up to 3 GHz.

If you’re dealing with stressful logistics and inventory operations, this is an incredible solution. JLTcard’s UHF RFID tag is advantageous for a businesses like yours. Grab a handheld reader as an investment. Then, let it do the job of tracking your products.

What Is UHF RFID Tag


JLTcard UHF RFID tag pave way to end-to-end supply chain management solutions. To create an additional impact to your customers, maintain your branding. Choose a design, shape, and color that best fit.

JLTcard works with high-end machines and well-trained team. Therefore, your customization requests will come into reality. Additionally, we can send out samples for you to have an initial feel of the final products.

Why Choose JLTcard UHF RFID Tag

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02

We are one of the top UHF RFID tag manufacturers in China. We have produced hundreds of thousands of RFID tags for businesses across the globe. This makes us one of the most-trusted suppliers of UHF RFID tags.

JLTcard is open for UHF RFID tag customization where we value each of our customers’ preferences. Different RFID tags have different applications. We deliver good results without a doubt!

JLTcard UHF RFID Tag Application

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

UHF RFID tag is so accurate in terms of reading the patient’s information with regards to infusion, inspection, or surgery. It’s a meaningful tool in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry giving terrific benefits. It makes tagging handy and fashionable at the same time.

Apparel and Retail
Apparel and Retail

You’ll appreciate the use of a UHF RFID tag as they benefit apparel and retail businesses. It makes things sorted out smartly. Furthermore, you can guarantee a well-managed warehouse, inventory, and assets inventory with the use of this helpful tool.

Industrial and Manufacturing
Industrial and Manufacturing

Bigger businesses must have warehouse, vehicle system, and safety in order. The use of UHF RFID tag is essential because it gives real-time communication. It makes things faster and more efficient. You can really rely applying it in the business. Thus, it helps reduce cost and a possibility of errors.


There is an increasing growth in logistics businesses. A UHF RFID tag smoothens your operations. Given that you tagged the goods or locomotives, you will easily track on them.

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