UHF RFID Wet Inlay

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JLTcard UHF RFID Wet Inlay

The JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay are some of the top sellers for us and it is because of their features and how well they serve clients. The UHF part means these inlays have a frequency operation range of 860 to 960 MHz, and the being “wet” means they come with an adhesive backing. This would make it easier to attach them to where you want them used.

JLTcard often recommends these RFID wet inlays for applications needing security and to streamline operations. Other than that, JLTcard promises quality products since we take our time to research and develop good solutions for you. Our turnaround times will also make you love our JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlays.

JLTcard UHF RFID Wet Inlay Series

Good products such as the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay will have a variety of the same. Below are a few options for the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay classified based on their chip types.

UHF AD-130 U8 RFID Wet Inlay

We recommend this one if you need a JLTcard UHF AD-130 U8 RFID Wet Inlay for tagging items in your retail store.U8 RFID Wet Inlay has been used in the fashion industry for a long time also to track boxed cosmetics. They come with a read distance of up to 5 feet with a handheld RFID reader.

UHF H9 RFID Wet Inlay

UHF H9 RFID Wet Inlay is also a nice choice for many RFID uses. With the read distance going up to 15 meters, you can also see why it is our top seller. It features data retention of 10 years, making it good for storing all your important information for various functions. It also has an anti-collision feature for increased performance and security.


This is another top choice for the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlays, as it makes your job easier. UHF M4QT RFID Wet Inlay features a durable substrate rather than paper, which is key for ensuring the best performance and durability. The adhesive is also high quality, making it usable in various applications such as asset and package tracking.

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JLTcard UHF RFID Wet Inlay Functions

The JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay is a top pick for most companies because of how it works. It is also a good choice because you get to understand its functions, as mentioned below.

  • Product Anti-counterfeiting

    The JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay can work well for the anti-counterfeiting process. Let us say it is a store selling high-end products; then it can have the UHF Wet Inlay to show that the said product belongs to them. This is to avoid people trying to return counterfeit products.

  • CompanyCorporate Secured Parking
    Automated parking

    Automation in parking lots will save you a lot of trouble and traffic jams. So, the UHF Wet Inlay would be mounted on the vehicle windscreen, and it is scanned as you approach the parking lot barrier. It will be scanned again as you leave so that the total cost of parking can be charged to your card.

  • Logistics
    Logistics management

    Managing transport and other types of logistics should be easy with the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay. It is the same thing as the parking lot automation, but in this case, you can know the number of vehicles in the fleet, their movement, and their current location. So, expect this to make the management process a lot easier.

  • Library management
    Library and archives

    Library and archives will remain a good pick for the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay because of their convenience. You can easily see how the UHF Wet Inlay would be handy for identifying the books in the library or knowing where the archives are stored. There can still be more functions for the same in such an application.

JLTcard UHF RFID Wet Inlay Features

  • Ultra-high-frequency (UHF) RFID Label

    The operating frequency of the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay varies from 860 to 960 MHz. With this type of frequency, many things become better than what you usually get with common RFID inlays. Here, you will get a better reading distance, quality, and more applications.

  • Password Protection
    Protection Class

    The JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlays are also made to be water-resistant. In this case, they are rated IP68 to ensure the best performance and reliability. We can easily recommend them for various applications knowing they will withstand the elements and work great also. Still on protection, they can work at high temperatures of 85 degrees Celsius and -35 degrees Celsius on the lower side.

  • Compact size

    The common size for the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay is 100 x 17 x 1.1 mm. This is a good size for those that might be in the market for compact wet inlays. Also, you can trust us to make high-quality wet inlays with a customizable size to suit your needs better.

  • Adhesive

    Since they are RFID wet inlays, they come with an adhesive backing. The aim is to make attaching them to the various surfaces easier and start using them. There are a number of options when it comes to the adhesive. Acrylic and water-borne adhesive are the most common, but we can get you other types of adhesives upon request.

JLTcard UHF RFID Wet Inlay Advantages

Long shelf life
Long shelf life

The JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay will serve you quite well for a long time to come. We offer a performance guarantee on our products, ensuring they can last you long without easily breaking down. In case of an issue, our aftersales team can help and get you a replacement package if necessary.


The JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlays are highly flexible regarding where you can use them. That is why you can get them to have many applications our customers want. Examples include retail, supply chain management, anti-counterfeiting, etc. So long as an application requires RFID inlays, this will work well.

Setup process
Setup process

The setup process does not involve much. Just ensure the area you are sticking the RFID wet inlay is clean and proceed to stick it. The adhesive backing makes your job easier as you would not need to get an additional adhesive separately. Also, good adhesive performance means the inlay will not fall off easily.

Product quality
Product quality

Here at JLTcard, we invest a lot in ensuring you only get high-quality products. Even the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlays are high quality, starting with the chip types we use, the substrate material, and adhesive backing. The result is having products with impressive performance for years without replacing them.

Materials For Making UHF RFID Wet Inlay

Our JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay can be made of different materials. You can have options such as PET substrate. This is the base material for holding the RFID circuitry and offers more stability, durability, and flexibility.

Other options for substrates include coated paper, clear PET, synthetic paper, and more. The coated paper is good, especially when you need to have some information printed on the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay. As for clear PET, this is when you only need the inlay to remain clear or transparent.

Synthetic paper is a good choice for JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay as it offers better durability and water resistance. This ensures you can use the same for multiple applications. Some can have an anti-metal layer. As such, the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay can now be used on metal surfaces with little to no interference.

What materials are used in Making RFID Wet Inlay
Can UHF RFID Wet Inlay Get Wet

Can UHF RFID Wet Inlay Get Wet?

Sometimes a client may ask if the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay can get wet. Yes, the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay can get wet, but this does not mean you immerse the inlays in water. These products are not fully waterproof but rather water resistant. So, they would resist water penetration for a while, but submerging them to water always will eventually damage them.

The JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlays are also not supposed to be always exposed to moisture. This would have the same effect as submerging them in water. Continuous water exposure degrades their performance, and the adhesive on the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlays becomes loose; thus, they can fall off.

If you ever want waterproof JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlays, talk to us for specialized RFID inlays. This is where we will work on creating inlays specifically designed to handle harsh environments, including being in the water for long hours.

UHF RFID Wet Inlay Cost Effectiveness

The JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlays are affordable for most clients. This is thanks to us using better production methods. Of course, you will get cheaper deals if you opt to choose bulk orders. These orders generally reduce the per-unit cost, which we pass on to you.

The JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlays are also cost-effective because of their compatibility. These products can easily be attached to different surfaces and will work amazingly. An example is attaching them on windshields for parking lot automation or to products for warehouse management. They just have so many uses.

If a business wants to upgrade JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlays, they can come in handy to save on costs. This is because you only change the inlays, but the readers remain the same. So, you would easily use the same readers without paying more money to upgrade them generally.

UHF RFID Wet Inlay Cost Effectiveness

Why Choose JLTcard UHF RFID Wet Inlay

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag02
Why Choose JLTcard RFID Tag01

JLTcard is a competitive brand but still has some of the best deals you can ever get on UHF RFID wet inlay options. Since we have a large production capacity, we are able to utilize technology to keep our production costs down. Our new and upgraded equipment means we can continue to deliver on the orders fast too. This ensures we do not fail to keep our promises.

You might not be sure which type of JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay type to choose. In that case, we are able to help you understand what each type has to offer. We do this easily, thanks to our educated support team. The result is that now you can rely on us to give you the right product you need.

The best part is that you can get all our services at a cheaper price, and we do not stop there. We still have the aftersale services to ensure the product works well for you and you like the results. If the package sent has an issue, you can follow up with us for quick help.


Use in Retail

The retail sector could use the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay for its operations, making them more streamlined. A good example is when the store tags its products using the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay, ensuring there is less theft and authentication is easier generally. As you can see, this is something that can be achieved fast.

Loyalty programs

The JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay can also work well for loyalty programs in stores. The store cards can have the wet inlay attached for ease of scanning. Once the card is verified, the customer card is updated with loyalty points. The customer can redeem the loyalty points for other products.

Media and Advertising

It is also a good media and advertising option when you get the JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay. Some brands can opt to have their information on the RFID wet inlay. In such a case, brand awareness exists, while the wet inlay can be used for other applications.

Inventory Management
Inventory management

The JLTcard UHF RFID wet inlay is also ideal for inventory management so you always know when to restock. Simply attach the RFID inlays on the products, and they will be scanned as they are moved from the store. Once the low limit number is reached, you can restock once more.

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